We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below.

Phoebe Clemens | Painter

When I was in junior high I read Kurt Vonnegut’s Slapstick, and a particular line from the book stuck with me: “Paddle your own canoe”. I recognize that it not quite an affirmation, however I find myself saying/ thinking it when I am feeling the pressure from outside influences that my work isn’t good enough. I love conversation and am open to criticism, but the language I want to create and the feeling that I want to portray through paintings is ultimately something that I get to decide alone. Read more>>

Brynne Rhodes | Now 12 year old girl who launched a nationwide campaign to end breast cancer when she was 7 and her mom was in treatment for breast cancer

‘Act as if what you do makes a difference, IT DOES.’ – William James. This quote means a few things to me: be confident and know that you can make an impact – even if you are only a kid. Understand that it is not just your actions that matter, but the example you will set for others. Read More>>

Bria Van Cooten | Wardrobe Stylist, Creator & Fashionista

One thing I have heard my entire life is “everything happens for a reason”, it is a saying that resonates with my entire being. We use this saying when something doesn’t go our way or something we want doesn’t happen. It is a saying that is used to comfort you in a time when you may need comfort because something disappointing has occurred. Out of all the questions, this one resonated with me because having a business and trying to grow it can be difficult at times, it is not for the weak. You go through many disappointments, and I have found myself using this saying when things don’t go how I want them to. After giving myself sometime to be upset or annoyed, “everything happens for a reason” is at the back of my mind. Read more>>

Lee Edwards | Interdisciplinary movement artist and storyteller

My favorite affirmation is “honor your path and respect your journey”. A friend gave me this advice after I had graduated college in 2015, and it has stuck with me ever since. This quote grounds me in the present, and reaffirms the confidence I have behind my choice making in all aspects of my life. It reminds me that my path is for me, and that journey out weights the destination. Read more>>

Suzanne Wade | Artist, founder of Rank & Sugar

“When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” That quote has been my touchstone since I began Rank & Sugar. The brand was created during a tumultuous period in my life. There were moments I didn’t think I could continue, but that quote was the thing that pulled me through. I’m a big dreamer, so it’s my battle cry. Read more>>

Percy Echols | Artist, Alchemist, Educator

The Breadth of All Things A passion, a flame. To tame the impossible;
an idea, a bolt of lightning. To observe the inner and outer worlds; You are inspired to show it. To seek knowledge and experience; You are compelled to build it. To hone one’s understanding; you are empowered to share it. To arrive without discord; Find overlap in connection. The Breadth of all things. -B.A. Mir Read more>>

Isaac aka “Izzy” Williams | Visual Artist

I quote that guides my daily that my dad always use to say is “You live to learn, then you learn how to live” & it always stuck because just observing my life I try to constantly learn new things that will prepare for what’s to come. Given life is unpredictable, but learning from what comes your way will constantly have you upgrading yourself and that’s the beauty of living Read more>>

Bridgid Coulter Cheadle | Serial Entrepreneur | Founder + CEO | Interior Design + Build | Philanthropy

One of my favorite affirmations is: “Be bold and trust your instincts.” Read more>>