We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Bibi Lorenzetti | Yoga Studio Owner, Yoga Teacher & Birth Doula

Community is of outmost importance for me. It always has been. Moving from Brooklyn to upstate NY made it really clear to me that I wanted to create a close knit Yoga community with people of all paths of life. Giving birth to my first child during the beginning of the pandemic made that calling even more important. I felt a need to connect and provide community for myself and others who like me thrive in being in community, helping each other out and inspiring each other along the journey of life. Read more>>

Emily Kane Miller | Founder + CEO, Ethos Giving

Truthfully, I never considered myself an entrepreneur. For the better part of a decade, I built a social impact career in-house, and always loved being part of a bigger team. In 2019, two things happened. First, I was pregnant with baby #2, and acknowledged that I wanted to continue to grow professionally and have more flexibility at the same time. Second, the social impact ecosystem had changed dramatically. When I began my career in 2004, giving back within a corporate framework was a “nice to have”. Read more>>

Ravynn Shanell | Self Clarity Coach

I never intended to become a life coach, it sort of just found me! I have been stuck working at a desk job for 16 years. I occasionally drove for Uber to supplement my income, being the head of my household. I feel that my life and schedule pushed me toward starting my own business. I was stressing at work one day feeling like I did not have a plan or true purpose, until one day I decided to take an online personality test. (INFJ-T) After figuring out my personality type, it suggested that the types of careers I should lean toward were counselor, therapist, and psychologist. I considered going back to school and becoming a psychologist, but being a single mom I knew this would be a challenge I could not face during that time. Read more>>

Ashley Mika | Librarian by day, blogger by night.

I wanted to do things on my terms. That’s a very basic response, but it’s true! I always wanted to become a writer, but life had other plans. Later on, I was able to write for a blog and I got a taste of what I’ve always wanted to do. In the end, it had its rewarding moments, but ultimately I was writing for someone else’s dream that didn’t align with mine. I stopped being as happy and fell into a dark place because of it. Read more>>

Ani Harutyunyan | Bread Baker & Entrepreneur

My love of bread goes way back to when I decided to pursue a career in the food industry. I was fortunate enough to apprentice at specialty bakeries in France and Switzerland in 2010 and not long after returning home to Yerevan, Armenia, I opened my first bakery called Crumbs. It took a lot of hard work and a great talented team for the sourdough loaves, pastries, and cakes to become very popular and loved by our customers, who are still devoted to Crumbs after 10 years. With the time, Crumbs grew into a chain of 3 bakery-cafes, and it still operates throughout Yerevan today. Read more>>

Charlotte Haigh | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I’ve always had an independent streak and have been drawn to doing things differently than what is considered to be “typical.” Even my journey to become a therapist was a bit unconventional – I started my career at a public relations agency and decided to leave the corporate world to follow my passion of helping others… right after I had been promoted! Once I began to gain clinical experience at different group private practices and community mental health agencies, Read more>>

Daisy Rodriguez | Business Owner

I started my business in 2021. I had always loved wearing gold jewelry, but didn’t want to invest in real gold pieces for many reasons. The gold pieces I was wearing would always tarnish on me, turn green or black, and I was tired of that. I told myself that there has to be something in-between gold painted jewelry and real gold. That’s when I learned about gold plated and gold filled jewels. These pieces are great quality, will last 1-2 years and are affordable. I began looking for vendors with the best quality- and spent months trying and looking for the best quality pieces. Read more>>

Corinne Brothers | Designer & Small Business-Owner

I love knowing how things are made. At Rule DD, we see apparel concepts through from start to finish, working with our clients and team to figure out all the details in between. Our clients have diverse backgrounds and come from all over the country, collaborating with these creatives is what makes our process so exciting and unique. Each project is different, and there is celebration in approaching the challenges they bring individually. Read more>>

Rachel McClusky | Founder of Recharge Wellness Co. + Creator of The Recharge Method

I always knew that I had an entrepreneurial spirit, I was going door to door when I was 9 years old selling lemonade because I felt it was better than waiting for people to find our lemonade stand haha When I look back at the earlier days of Recharge Wellness, my goal was to bring women together in a safe space to connect, unplug, and ultimately recharge. My goal wasn’t even to start a business in the beginning. The first event I hosted was a complete accident, I wanted to invite some friends over for an “elevated girls night” and all of a sudden I had 35 women who RSVP’d, Read more>>

Jasmine Guzman-Escobar | Real Estate Agent

The reason why I went into becoming an entrepreneur was because no matter how hard I worked at my office job, because of office politics, I never made the amount of money I had hoped for myself. I figured the only way to change that would be to go back into grad school and inherit a large loan and still run the risk of having office politics inhibit my advancement in a 9-5 or I could use the same 200k and put it into starting my own business. I opted for option B, taking a risk and chance on myself with Real Estate. Read more>>

Karima El-Hakkaoui | CEO and Co-Founder, Six Gldn clean skincare

I had spent years working in the beauty industry and grew more and more frustrated with their approach to skincare. I wanted to create a beauty revolution that is focused on developing natural, sustainable products that actually work. Read more>>

Marilynn Maldonado | Charolitasplayalarga owner

My thought process behind starting my business was, what is a way to be able to connect with people right now in this time? Food. During the pandemic everyone was developing a new hobby and mine was food. I started cooking for my family, one day my boyfriend suggested that we should sale mariscos. We were kind of on the fence since my mom is in the medical field until she suggested it as well. Once she suggested we went all in. Read more>>

Lusine Saakyan | Art Education Teacher

I thought I love teaching and I am passionate about painting so why not combine the two. In addition, I wanted the freedom and flexibility of how I would spend my time in the most creative and self fulfilling productive way. Read more>>