How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Charlie Powell | Actress, Dancer & Model

In my mind, giving up is the worse thing I could do. I couldn’t live with the fact I would never actually know what I’m capable of, and most importantly I wouldn’t be able to inspire others to keep chasing their dreams. When life gets tough, when obstacles occur and when nothing is going your way, thats when you have to push on. If your goals is hard to reach, all that hard work and struggle will make it so much more rewarding when you eventually succeed. Looking for support from fellow friends and family will help guide your way, but int he end, its YOU that needs to have the determination and drive to keep striving to reach for your short or long term goals. Read more>>

Jennifer Edmonds | Co-Founder

Being such a small business and growing brand it feels like we want to give up all the time! It is hard to celebrate the little accomplishments along the way, because we always know there is so much more work that can be done. The fact that we can continue to make a living doing what we love and creating new products and new fragrances keeps us going. We’d love to get bigger and continue to grow, so as long as we can sustain ourselves we keep going. Read more>>

Chris Anthony | Photographer & Director

No matter what venture you take on in life, at some point you’ll inevitably run into this question of whether to keep going or to give up. After years of experience and trial and error, it ultimately comes down to why you’re taking on the process you are contemplating continuing or quitting, and is it a process you’re willing to suffer through. Every skill, occupation and goal has a process. Choose which process you are willing to endure and learn to fall in love with that process. Read more>>

Thea Madeline Porter | Multi-Hyphenated Creative & Writer

I’ve almost given up quite a few times. With my life, my passions, my art. There were days I would say to myself “What are you doing? Does any of this make sense, does any of this matter? Am I actually helping anyone?” Then, that day, I would get an email or DM, or text from someone that says “Thank you for sharing that” or “Your blog post really helped me the other day” or “That picture made me laugh” and “It was exactly what I needed.” I’m always so humbled by these responses. Honestly if I’m just helping at least one person through my art and creative endeavors, then it’s worth it. My hope is that my forms of expression can cause a ripple effect, spreading continuous motion of people helping people become more creative and bring out the best aspects of themselves in the hope to heal. Read more>>

Yessica Sanchez | Actress & Writer

If you love it, you keep going. The advice I’ve heard the most throughout my life was to never give up. It’s easier said than done. Giving up has crossed my mind many, many, MANY times, and that’s ok. I think it’s part of the journey, and doubts can help you see what you really want in life. So the main question for me is: Do you still love it? Is this what drives you? If so, then keep going. It’s worth it. Read more>>

Amber Aisha | Photographer & Visual Artist

If you cant stop thinking about your dream and you feel its your purpose in life never give up. Sometimes we feel stagnant and don’t see any growth. It’s always okay to take a step back, look at the full picture and proceed. If we feel its draining us and we had enough then I say put it on the back burner and find joy in something else you love. You can always come back to it. Its been times personally I wanted to quit photography but I am always drawn back in. That’s how I know I can’t quit. We all reach success differently and we all have our own idea of it. With that being said less comparing helps with pushing towards YOUR goal and never giving up. Read more>>

Briana Muñoz | Poet, Writer & Story Teller

When you are no longer enjoying it, step away. Give yourself a break and return to it. If you’re having trouble creating, be patient with yourself. Don’t force creativity. I’d say, with writing and art in general, mental health issues, would be a call for giving up (even if temporarily). You know artists. We feel more. Read more>>

Susan Johnston | Media Futurist

It’s such a great question. Sometimes, you just need a break from what you have been doing, perhaps you will come back with renewed vigor or realize it is not something you want to continue doing. I think it is good to try new things often, or do what you have been doing from a different perspective. Read more>>

Charles Chudabala | Actor

“If it ain’t fun, I don’t do it.” This has become my mantra. And so far it has served me well. Spending many years, staying in work situations, or relationships far longer than I should have, I made the decision in 2014, to take control of my life and just have fun. I leaped from a previous career, into acting. I knew I wanted to make horror movies, and I also knew that life was way too short not try. Being on set, playing with fake blood and running from the killer, made me feel alive. I was living my truth. When the epiphany comes with buffet of truth, saying “this is what you should be doing,” it’s your choice to go towards it, or ignore. I chose to feel alive, and from that point forward, to always go towards what moves me. When the fun stops, it is time to move on. This is a great barometer to know whether to keep going, or to stay in a given situation. Read more>>

Rob Massar | Attorney & Consultant

If you love something and you’ve gotten whispers of positive feedback then don’t you dare give up. If you merely like something (or are doing it for external rewards) and you’ve received little positive feedback…SEE YA! And listen to life’s whispers – your intuition and the universe’s feedback – they never shout. When those whispers tickle your spine, you can be sure you heard them properly. Read more>>