We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Kolby Talbert | Owner of Free Minds Movement and Actor/ Producer

Free Minds Movement is more than clothing. It is a lifestyle. It is a way of life. Today we are seeing a lot of division. Between BLM, Left, Right, Up, and Down, there is a wall between people not oly in my community, but world wide. We try to give anyone and everyone a voice. Whether they are afraid to,, or are having trouble expressing themselves; our goal is to give that voice. We want to be more than just clothes but a movement towards freedom, free thinking, and unity through our same differences. Read more>>

Norma Vasquez | Artist

When I graduated college I realized that I no longer had an outlet to create and express myself. I would sit and talk with my friends about how I want to create work but didn’t like this idea to be “approved” or “good enough” to be able to be featured in a magazine or show. I remember thinking how cool it would be to have our own magazine so my friends and I can just do whatever we wanted. I remember watching The Punk Singer documentary about Bikini Kill, a band that Kathleen Hanna fronted and was blown away. Read more>>

Dr. Thomishia Booker | CEO/ Author Hey Carter! Books

My name is Dr. Thomishia Booker and I am the CEO and Owner of Hey Carter! Books (HCB). I started HCB, which is inspired by my son Carter after being disappointed in the lack of representation in children’s books for Black boys. While pregnant, I felt the heaviness of what it meant to bring a Black child into this world and I wanted to do something to shift negative stereotypes that exist for Black children, specifically Black boys. Read more>>

Laila Taslimi | educator, founder of non-profit community school

It’s hard to think about our non-profit community school as a business, but I appreciate the question about how we aim to help our community and the world. We serve families and our community by nurturing children’s social conscience in nature. Children play a vital participatory role in their community, and the community needs its children to be civically engaged. Read more>>

Anshil Popli | Photographer & Director

When you think about California, a lot of people have the standard sunset/ocean backdrop in mind. The tourist perspective couldn’t be further from the truth. I think a lot of times the way the average man lives goes unnoticed. We have high crime, terrible schools, entire sections of cities that are seemingly forgotten for “up and coming” areas or being renovated to price residents out. With my photography, I wanted to give a voice to a lot of what we see throughout various communities in California as a whole to let you know what it really feels like to be trapped in the rat race that exists here. I’m just trying to tell the stories of the regular person. Read more>>

Marina Stokes | Mental Health Coach & Entrepreneur

My business is centered around mental health. I am a strong advocate for mental health and reinforce support by creating aromatherapy candles that utilize fragrances that stimulate the brain. A scent that can help ease the impacts of depression, anxiety, and grief. I also host events that empower individuals and build them to follow their own God given purpose. Read more>>

Mia Young-Adeyeba | Teacher / Administrator of Distance Learning Educators

Distance Learning Educators is a global community of educators who came together during the pandemic to share resources and to support one another. Distance Learning Educators leverages the power of educators’ vast knowledge and experience to enhance the quality of instruction and digital engagement for students during this unprecedented time. Read more>>

Micki Krimmel | CEO and Founder of Superfit Hero

Superfit Hero is the world’s most inclusive line of premium plus size activewear. We believe everyone deserves access to joyful movement and to see themselves represented in a fitness context. Our website and our marketing feature bodies you don’t traditionally see celebrated by fashion or fitness brands. It’s our mission to welcome everyone into fitness and to celebrate bodies as they are not as they “should” be. Our small business is committed to slow, sustainable, ethically-made fashion that solves a real need for our community. You can learn more about our sustainability and ethics practices here. https://superfithero.com/pages/sustainability-and-ethics Read more>>

Vange Tapia | Actress / Producer and Founder of Actors Slash & Connecting Slashers

My company (Actors Slash) is not only a production company but a Co-Op. As a cooperative and thanks to social media and living in such a diverse city as it is Los Angeles, CA, I’ve been able to support creative people by showcasing the work of so many fellow actors, writers, directors, producers, cinematographers and content creators in general, in Film and Theater International Festivals and important cultural centers, not to mention via virtual conversations that can be seen anywhere in the world. This have led them to the opportunity to connect with other key creators to the point that they end up collaborating together as well. Read more>>

Kortnee Hull | Social Worker & Freelance Makeup Artist

My day job I work as a social worker, primarily focusing on children and families and I wanted to bridge my love for social impact and mental health with my love for makeup. I believe that self comfidemce and self care are two important aspects we forget a lot about and tend to overlook. I use makeup as a way to bridge that confidence and self care for people who just want to truly feel like themselves; no crazy enhancements just naturally them. By doing this for others, I feel that with a community who value and love themselves shows that same love to others. Read more>>

Edurne Fernandez | Costume Designer

One of the things that I like the most about film making is that you get to give a voice to those who don’t have the opportunity or are not able to raise it for themselves. What we do is tell stories and there are a lot of them that still need to be told. Creating a project about a specific topic like bullying, harassment at work or how hard it is for immigrants in a different country, just to say a few, puts the issue out there and creates conscience within our community. Read more>>

Carla Cabras | Graphic Designer

I like to create something that tells about certain situations, for example right now I’m focusing a lot on climate change. So I think it helps to tell and give voice to situations. Beyond that I think it helps to simplify the ideas that people have in their heads by making them visual Read more>>

Heidi Nicolle | Join Heidiisms’ mission to make Love go Viral

Through my Brand Heidiisms, I am on a mission to Make LOVE go VIRAL. I want at least one day in the world without hate. I am asking my community of “ISMSbabes” to help spread the Love by sharing a video using my LOVE filter on IG (stories) with your own message of LOVE. Make sure to tag me, @Heidiisms in your IG story so I can re-share with our amazing community to inspire others and spread love daily!! One day we will eradicate hate and truly make LOVE go VIRAL 💕 Read more>>

Amanda Meyer | Founder and Creator of Elia Parfum

Elia Parfum was born from asking myself a deeply honest question: “If I could do anything in life, what would it be and who could I help?” Right away, I knew deep down that I wanted to create a company that would benefit victims of human trafficking—a cause close to my heart. 10% from every sale is donated to A21—a 501(c)(3) global non- profit with 18 locations across 13 countries. Read more>>

Briana Harley | Musician

The purpose of Brain and Body Music Studio is to cultivate community healing through accessible arts events and education. Music, and other creative endeavors, activate both the left and right sides of the brain and communicate to the body an action or reaction. These benefits are only heightened and long lasting through formal education. We highly values creative experiences and consider it necessary to the healing and survival of our stressful or unhealthy lives. B&B is a seed of change in culture. Read more>>

Roberto Carlos Lemus | Philanthropreneur

Being that Affluent Hispanic Philanthropies is a 501(c)(3) United States-based non-profit organization, our main goal is supporting communities and other non-profits. Co-founded by Jose Diaz Romero and myself on March 2, 2017 we come together with passionate philanthropreneurs, and aim to make a difference by leading social initiatives and supporting different causes, such as those related to humanitarian acts, education, health, gastronomy, arts and culture. Read more>>

Chase Torrence | Award-winning Story Filmmaker

I have one mission when I am scriptwriting: underrepresented characters will always drive the narrative. I aspire to amplify and celebrate underrepresented voices and communities with my work. My goal in life is to change the world and make it a more compassionate and inclusive place. I actively find ways to incorporate my life experiences, skill sets, and background into my work in order to challenge society and rewrite what is considered “normal.” Read more>>

Virginia Katz | Visual Artist

Social Impact: how does your business help the community or the world? The intent behind my art work is to communicate our deep connection to the environment through association. Through a range of painting media, I hope to achieve in the viewer a heightened awareness and response to the environment that elicits a more nurturing view toward it. I believe that a reevaluation of our relationship to our shared landscape is one of the most important considerations of our time. Read more>>

Crystal Whiteaker | Inclusive Brand Consulting & Photography

I’m a Brand Photographer and Consultant, specializing in inclusive branding; so I work with entreprenuers and brands to help them ensure they’re building genuinely inclusive, empowered brands, rooted in core values through 1-on-1 consulting and mentoring and group programs. Read more>>

Chris Arzola | Host of the Chris and Jalen Show

The Chris and Jalen Show is a new weekly show that will be discussing mental health, financial literacy and digging deep into the lives of current and past athletes, mental health experts, and entrepreneurs a like. Our goal is to impact others by interviewing people on our show to discuss different matters such as mental health, financial literacy and digging deeper into matters that happen in the real world. We don’t get taught about financial literacy in school so my cohost Jalen Chatman has made it a personal mission of his to help younger generations learn about financial literacy not only through our show but also through his brand Ju$t Ca$h Clothing. Read more>>

TrustyScribe | Artist & Mental Health Advocate

When I started painting my messages on the street, I was working my way through a terrible depression while still in the midst of an abusive relationship. My first piece, “Please Excuse My Depression, It Has A Mind Of Its Own,” was a release valve for me, and a way to get my voice out at a time when I wasn’t being heard. Read more>>

Julie Gillespie | Pelvic floor therapist and yoga instructor

I feel that the work I do in pelvic floor physical therapy impacts the community by improving awareness of the connection we have with our personal power. The more aware people are of their pelvic core muscles and how to control them the more creative and successful they can be in their overall fitness program. Without good core connection people fall short of their goals. Developing a strong pelvic floor gives one a stable platform to launch Into new projects. Read more>>

Anna Krylova | Model & DJ

With the big changes in the world in 2020, I have decided to expand my business virtually and started livestreaming my DJ sets every Saturday. Weekends would go by, songs would get blended one into another, people kept coming back and it has become a community thang that we now call #mySaturdayISH. It is one of the biggest highlights of this past year for me personally. Read more>>

Jamal Bradley | YouTuber

The content i make causes people to laugh and be happy about life Read more>>

Ninon de Vere De Rosa | Internet TV talk show host on most social media platforms.

Hitting the high waves of entertainment, world affairs, and a touch of high society, Ninon host of the internet TV talk show Vegas Live with Ninon. We are exploding in Las Vegas with Vegas Live with Ninon hosted by Ninon de Vere De Rosa by creating your Image, brand and vision to becoming a reality that the world can offer, we venture into a new media on demand with Vegas Live with Ninon, sponsored by Quirky Minds Media. Read more>>

Andrew Weaver | Social Entrepreneur

The very foundation of BLVCK$FUND is social impact. After George Floyd’s murder, I realized Black people need an economic vehicle that’s solely focused on our needs without incorporating the government, politics, non-profits or greed. Black people deserve an economic ecosystem solely designed to invest in our future. Read more>>

Natasha Nguyen | Wedding & Event Florist

At Rosewater, bring eco-conscious is just something that happens naturally. We compost organic waste, sometimes we grow new flowers with that compost. We like to buy local flowers and source materials from local vendors. We donate to the National Park Foundation and charities that our clients choose, because we recognize that every transaction is an opportunity to cover external costs that are usually ignored. Read more>>

Tony Sheen | Musician

Music has a transformative power in society. It has the power to transmit messages, to inform, to keep alive traditions, to provide cultural exchanges. It can also be an important tool for social inclusion, education, in addition to having great power in mental health, and can act in the prevention and cure of disorders, caused mainly in situations as we face today with the pandemic of COVID-19. Ultimately, its transformative power in society can range from personal transformations to global transformations. Read more>>

Kanchan | Founder & CEO of Crumbs & Whiskers. Poet & Writer.

My cat cafes, Crumbs & Whiskers, saves homeless cats from euthanasia in shelters and gives them a safe place to live, play, and meet with potential adopters! So far, we have saved over 3,500 cats from euthanasia and found homes for over 1,500 cats in DC & LA. Our cat cafes also give humans a place in big, busy cities to relax, have fun, and connect with cats — which is a very therapeutic and healing experience for animal lovers. Read more>>

Cellista | Performance Artist

I am a performance artist and the artistic director of Juxtapositions an interdisciplinary publishing company. As a performer, I want to tell the stories and hear the stories of those around me. These voices and all voices are valuable and deserve to be heard. I am dedicated to providing economic opportunities to working artists through performance, education, advocacy, and professional development. My company is shaped by the very artists and audience members who participate and encounter it, creating an inclusive space for creative cultivation and community building. Read more>>

Dan Kincaid | Singer, Guitarist & Song Writer

Music is a universal language. It can bring us together, express our emotions, and provide us comfort or joy. The music we listen to is the soundtrack of our lives.  As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake”. Since I was a child, music has been my safe haven, my friend and my obsession. When I was alone, music was always there for me. Read more>>

Mary Price | Founder, Creative Director, ocean+main

ocean+main is a clothing brand that puts people, planet and purpose first. It is well documented that the apparel industry is the second largest polluter on the planet and I wanted to create a brand that moved away from that model. From our inception in 2015, we have been mindful at every level of production. Read more>>

Jacques-Pierre Cole | Founder/Director of Meditation & Mindfulness Institute for Humans

Community is the literal focal point of our mission statement. Our mission is to create a lifelong community of mindful humans utilizing principles of virtue, mindfulness and wisdom practices. Here at the Meditation & Mindfulness Institute for Humans (MMIH), we realize the overall importance of community. Humans are social beings, and the pandemic has forced us to isolate ourselves. The long-term global affects will remain to be seen, but what we do know, is that people are looking for unconditional support and connection within a community. This is what our school represents. Read more>>

Eric Hwang | Co-owner, Alissa’s Ocean View Bar and Grill

Back before last year, the answer to this question would have been a different story. But when we all got shut inside for months away from the people we love and the world we live in, it really felt like the places that we missed the most were our favorite restaurants. I don’t think we realized it until it was taken away from us, but going out to eat at a restaurant is one of the most vital ways in which we connect to the world and the community around us. Read more>>

Brooke Navarro | Co-Founder and CEO

Without A Trace Foods believe kids are superheroes, scientists in discovery and rockstars in the making. We refuse to let them be defined by their allergies. Our mission is to make all kids feel included and never ostracized or left out because of food allergies. We created delicious, fun allergen-friendly snacks that allow kids and families navigating food allergies and other dietary restrictions to enjoy snack time – together – and have peace of mind. Read more>>

Kate Movius | Disability Training Specialist for LA County

My job is teaching special needs de-escalation and communication tactics to first responders. Though my main focus is autism, these techniques apply across a wide range of situations, in which a person is in crisis, having a communication breakdown and unable to follow commands. Several years ago, I was inspired by my son (now 20) to create this program. Read more>>

Sandrina Bencomo | Founder of OrganycLove and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC)

As a wellness nonprofit organization, we eliminate the physical and financial barriers to health by making healthy living accessible to all. We provide free wellness services to support you with your health and life goals. My Care Village’s virtual, holistic, and evidence-based approach isn’t just about healing ailments but also about helping you live healthily and feel your best. Read more>>

Matthew Barry | Acting Teacher, Casting Director, Producer

Being a successful actor is one of the most difficult occupations to accomplish. Timing and luck play a major part, but first and foremost, talent is key. My job, for the past 25 years is to find that talent and give them the opportunities to succeed. As a top Hollywood casting director, and for the past decade, as a teacher. Read more>>

Tanisha Davis | Publisher/ Journalist

When I started FEMI Magazine, I created it with the purpose of providing a platform that would allow people of color from all over the world to finally be heard and have a voice to share their stories no matter their social status. This helps our communities because these individuals might have never been heard had they sought opportunities through more larger platforms. Read more>>

Daniel Leka | Creative Storyteller

In my opinion, with the way the world has shaped and conditioned us, we’ve been taught essentially that our stories seldom matter. The reason why I’ve come to this conclusion is because back in 2019, I lost my father to colon cancer. This incident happened on Friday, May 10 and before I knew it, I was back in school on Tuesday, May 14, handing in assignments and continuing to be “Daniel Leka,” someone who meant everything and nothing altogether. Read more>>