Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us.  Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Tiffany Barden | Business Owner & Cookie Decorator

The “Cookier” community is an amazing group of small entrepreneurs who support each other, feed off each other’s creativity, and look for ways to collaborate. When I started my business in 2018, I had no idea what I was doing, but quickly found that people were willing to offer advice, feedback, and lessons they’ve learned. The industry is definitely all about collaboration over competition, and I think part of that comes from the fact that many Cookiers are stay at home moms, like myself, who turned a hobby into a business. Not only are we connected through our love for cookie artistry, we also share the common bond of trying to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. What people may not realize is that many of us work when we’re off the “mom” clock, which sometimes means working late into the night. Read more>>

Shelly Fitzpatrick | Author, Animal Activist & Producer

The one thing about animal protection and the animal rights industry that outsiders are probably unaware of is how their food and beverage choices can harm and hurt animals or can help save animals’ lives, improve their own health, and save our planet. People have the power to save animals and help our planet simply by choosing a non-dairy creamer or non-dairy milk when they go to the grocery store or Starbucks to get their favorite coffee. Or how eating plant-based meats from companies like Beyond Meat or Impossible hamburgers to plant-based hotdogs by LightLife, and even plant-based eggs by Just Egg can make a tremendous positive impact on their health and energy levels. Read more>>

Aspen Leavitt | Animator & Illustrator

The biggest thing about animation that I find surprises the most people is the amount of work that goes into even simple projects. When I have opened up about the design process for something like the 24 Hour Animation Challenge, which I did in 2019, family and friends are usually shocked by how much time the team spent on the planning before we were able to jump into animating. There are all of these stages of design, sketching, collaboration, getting feedback from fellow artists. Then, once you have settled on designs, you have storyboarding, which is basically quick sketches of every shot or scene you’ll need. Depending on the medium, whether hand-drawn animation, stop motion, 3d, or a combination, you might have to spend time modeling puppets, sculpting tiny props or texturing sets. Read more>>

Stephany Campos | Homelessness Advocate

Working in the homelessness arena is unlike any other social service sector – it embodies on the most extreme levels of poverty, substance use, sex work, mental health, chronic physical health conditions, increasing youth and LGTBQ populations, and everything in between in terms of demographics. For the work and service provision conducted, this can take the form of a social worker, an advocate, a counselor, a lawyer fighting for tenant rights, fighting for social justice and police brutality, to medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and therapists. All of this is just a fragment of what homelessness touches. And so this is to say the one thing to understand about homelessness is that it encompasses nearly all other industries and life as we know. Especially here in Los Angeles. Read more>>

Kid Fish | DJ & Entertainment Services

Most people think DJs are all the same and don’t know that there are actually many different types of DJs who are skilled at different things. Some primarily play night clubs, some do weddings & bar mitzvahs, others play house parties. Although I’ve played all types of events, I really specialize in high-end events such as film premieres, private parties, and stylish corporate events. This market usually requires a team to put events together. It demands an expert level of service and a lot of experience to meet the needs of the client and create magical celebrations. Read more>>

Julie Dinh | Makeup Artist

1 thing that outsiders are unaware of being in the industry is it’s blood, sweat and tears. Everyone thinks it’s all fun and games and how glamorous it is. But sometimes it can be so tough. Our long hours on set, sometimes we don’t even sleep and work crazy hours to make it all happen. Everyone working together as a team trying to make the vision come to life and try to make it successful. But it’s definitely worth it once it all comes together! So people definitely don’t know what happens behind closed doors and don’t know how much time and effort we put into these projects we are working on. Read more>>

June Chiang | Pilates On Robertson Owner

The Pilates and movement industry really is about being willing to take the time and effort to build relationships. Getting to know our clients in a healthy positive way is so important to everyone’s success. If the relationship focuses on mind body awareness and the wellness journey, then anything is possible. Thus, working with the utmost integrity and empathy, is just as important as physical fitness. Read more>>

Dr. Ali Imad Fadlallah | Writer & Admissions Guru

We exist! In the higher education industry, people spend thousands on test prep tutoring and courses, but often fail to seek out professional help with their **story** – that is, personal statements, résumé’s, supplemental essays, etcetera. It’s a big mistake, but in communities like mine, people often don’t know that we – by “we” I mean admissions specialists – exist. I think that’s my new company motto: “We exist. Tell your story.” Those 5 words summarize what I do and WHY. As a first-generation Arab/Muslim immigrant, my absence on the census and the pressure I’ve faced to check the “white” box on applications reinforces an idea that my identity is not important enough to count. It’s a form of erasure: of my identity, my unique challenges, my story. Read more>>

Johnny Quintanilla | Art

You have to be comfortable & excited with your own company, environment & thoughts. Embrace your own emotions, that’s where your purest ideas are born. Fall in love with your own content don’t get too high on positive feedbacks. Always stay true to yourself because your not fooling anyone. Read more>>

Faline England | Actress & Acting Teacher/Coach

One thing that most people are not aware is that the entire craft and vocation of acting is about empathy. I have studied acting and teach under Diana Castle at The Imagined Life for years. Diana’s philosophy is Acting as the Art of the Empathetic Imagination. Most people don’t realize that we actors are professional Empathizers. Read more>>