Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Janine Forte | Founder, President & Yoga/Meditation Teacher

I think the most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is that I pay attention to all that I do. If I am designing a look-book for our new jewelry collection, I am focused on that look-book. If I am coordinating a photo shoot, I hone in on all the details of that photoshoot. If I am with a client, I make sure I am present for that person and listening to what it is that they may want or need. I make a lot of personal connections doing the work that I do, and I believe that is a privilege; therefore, I make it a priority to be fully present for myself, my brand, and my people. Read more>>

Sarah Reynolds | Singer & Voice Teacher

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is the ability to communicate clearly. This plays out in a variety of ways. Vocal technique is complex and the ability to speak about it in a proportioned and precise way spares it from becoming complicated. My teaching method is rooted firmly in the belief that our bodies are designed to sing. My role as the teacher is to make the coordination of that design more accessible to each individual student. My students will tell you that I often challenge them to describe their experiences—to put language to what they are noticing about their sound, as well as the sensations, intentions, and actions related to producing that sound. Read more>>

Leilani Patrick | Graphic Designer & Creative Artist

I think one of the most important factors behind my success as a brand is being able to give back to my community. It is extremely important for me to create a platform that accurately represents my culture throughout various forms of film and art. I want Black & Brown children to feel at home and inspired when they watch my animated films. I want to encourage Black women and men to create content that relates to their own personal experiences without needing permission. I want realistic representations spread across mass media. I want those who are apart of my community to become aware of the vast amount of opportunity that is present within the creative worlds of film and art. I want them to have access to those opportunities as well as other creative resources. I want to help myself, in order to help others. Read more>>

Sepideh Nasiri

There are many factors to success, a few to mention are resilience, consistency, having a good network, great work habits. Contrary to what most people think or believe success comes from learning from mistakes and failures. Throughout my entrepreneurial journey I have taken failures as lessons learned! I have grown as a person, as an entrepreneur, as a leader. It’s important to recognize how far we have come and which path has led us there. Women Of MENA In Technology’s success is consistency and professionalism. Staying true to our mission and brand, not getting distracted or sacrificing the mission and focus has paid off and created trust with our community, corporate partners and donors. In the past 5 years we have grown as a brand and are known for our work that has been consistent. It is important to not lose sight of WHY we are here and what we want to ACHIEVE with our work and aligning everything to it. Read more>>

Danny Royce | Actor, Host & CEO

Everything that I do revolves around inspiring, motivating, and excelling others. So, the most important factor behind my brand is SERVICE. I believe we were all put on this Earth to be of service to one another. There lies the true reward. Read more>>

Kasra Esteghamat | Travel Advisor & Agency Owner

Authenticity. First, we truly believe in having authentic partnerships with our clients, and the suppliers we use to service them with. With that comes an authentic relationship built on trust and expertise. Those are the cornerstones of the success of our business, but more importantly the satisfaction of our customers. The fact that we make planning and booking trips fun is a bonus… and all the added perks are just the cherry on top! Read more>>

Ian Keiner | Digital Content Creator

The most important factor behind the continued growth and success of my YouTube Channel is definitely the practice of putting the perspective of the viewer at the forefront of each piece of content created. That combined with a laser focused passion to continually up the ante in both presentation, delivery and overall polish of each video released has contributed greatly to the quality that many expect when they visit Peep THIS Out Reviews on YouTube. Consistency in both weekly releases as well as engaging with my audience on Livestream also has further helped leverage my brand over the now 7 years that I’ve been producing content. Nurturing the active community I’ve created around my brand that I consider my “extended family” has also helped me to connect in meaningful ways that create a deeper connection to my content and a more personalized experience as well. Read more>>

Brian Roizen | Co-founder & Chief Architect

One of the most important factors of our success is making sure we actually listen to clients and solve their problems. Even before we started our company Feedonomics, we experienced one of the biggest problems in eCommerce ourselves. It simply wasn’t easy for an online store to take their products and syndicate them to dozens of leading advertising channels like Google Shopping, Amazon, and Facebook. That led us to creating a solution to solve our own problem first, and then realizing other online retailers, advertising agencies, and eCommerce brands had the same challenges we had. With every new client we picked up, we tried to listen and truly understand the problems they faced, to see how we can come up with solutions and generalize them for future clients as well. Read more>>

Tom Berry | Guest of Rapture – Industrial/Metal/Darkno EDM

The most important factor for me for success is really just be tenacious. Focus on doing whatever you do and just constantly try to make it better. It seems clique, but there is wisdom in the quote, one becomes an expert if you do something for ten thousand hours not that I’m an expert by any means (TRUST ME I’M NOT) but I think the saying refers to the fact that people have to try and try and try again before they can find their path within a given subject or craft, etc. I am constantly making music, at least 5 times a week, which is what I’ve always done and honestly, have to do. Making music really isn’t an option for me, it’s something that’s constantly flowing out. It’s something I love and hate. It’s fun and frustrating, endearing and exhausting. Read more>>

Kirk Rogers | Inventor

I am the kind of person that has to have a system to get things done. I have worked with some pretty bright people but they can not think things out in an organized fashion, others expect to make something 5-10 times and go through improvements each time. That suck too. They didn’t know what they wanted. I am organized, I am successful. The most important factor I need to know before I go (understanding). I can say the second factor is making it go right. If I can figure something out, I can make it, I can see it, I can tell others about it, and I can produce it and get others to make it. This might take more than one attempt but improvements are always possible. Once I get a prototype I try to sell it, if it sells then I can work on improving thing it, I always listen to my customers, their feedback is vital. KR Ideas Inc. Kirk Rogers Inventor. Read more>>