We asked the community to tell us how they are keeping sane busy during the quarantine.

Juan Felipe Restrepo | Actor & Artist

I feel like quarantine came as a challenge to the artist in me and get to know myself better. I decided to try some new things like streaming video games, reading more often get singing lessons, among others and also create my own little routine. I’d wake up at 8 am have breakfast and then start working out at home with whatever it was at my disposal. After that I would get ready, make a smoothie and either work on my dialects or read for a bit, then I would take an online singing class, since I love musicals and I want to participate on one in the future, this was the perfect time to work on this skill. Read more>>

Jessica Louise | Recording Artist, Songwriter & Vocal Coach

My favorite thing to do in the quarantine has been to brainstorm how to pivot and adapt things that we were used to doing pre-Corona days to an online platform. I’ve always been so huge on community and during the quarantine created the opportunity to bring together the music community from all over the world through a collaborative album called “Alone Together”. It’s the first collaborative album ever created completely in self-isolation and is definitely a sign of the times. I’ve also been working on bringing the Independent Artist community together by creating new online courses and workshops for artists to cause a breakthrough in their music careers through online platforms. Read more>>

Kelly Dowdle | Actor & Entrepreneur

I am learning piano on a keyboard. It’s super therapeutic and I love singing and writing. It’s by far been the one thing in quarantine I am going to keep doing…. and I plan to finally start singing post-quarantine Read more>>

Aurora Rosselli | Influencer, Artist & Photographer

Thankfully I’ve experienced no changes in my work. I was already working from home, and honestly, my workload has increased o good 25% due to brands not shipping out of the country and lacking in the workforce. My main concern has been how this is going to impact smaller companies, and what the consequences are going o be once we reach a new normalcy level. We will face a new type of economy; we will have to wait and see. Read more>>

Devon/Juliette Young/Rossato | Co-owners

Yoga of course! We’ve been really expanding our home practice, as well as teaching online several times a week. Devon also teaches TRX and HIIT workouts online, and even though we can’t physically be together with our students, we are so grateful for the undeniable and powerful connection that exists through time and space, no matter where we are. With everything moving online, we were inspired to start creating a virtual retreat program, which we are hoping to roll out at the end of June. This is our way of continuing to share what we normally do on our international retreats all around the world. Read more>>

Beckah Jackman | CEO & Owner

In such a grim, unprecedented time thinking of the positives felt somewhat dismissive of the losses of individuals, families, and businesses, including my own. However, I felt it was the question I needed to really dig deep to remind me of the silver linings life has to offer. As a business owner, this quarantine has halted most wholesale orders and reduced retail orders. Yet, it has been amazing to witness what a support community we have when it comes to helping small business whether it be a shout out on social media or a purchase from my store. Read more>>

Stephania Vasconez | Entrepreneur, Writer & Philanthropist

My favorite thing about quarantine has been the refocusing on human connection which I feel to be an incredibly positive paradigm shift for modern society. It’s no longer an “I don’t have time” mentality, it’s more of how do I prioritize what matters to me. I’ve always been passionate about volunteering but the arising urgent needs of my community due to this pandemic, really compelled me to pull up my sleeves and help wherever I could. Thanks to having my own startup. Read more>>

Adam Browne | Casting Director

Im learning spanish! I am naturally a very busy person, I can’t sit still and do nothing. Also I moved during quarantine so now there are endless tasks to do around the house and backyard. To be honest I have not had any down time, we are still casting for some clients and this combined with moving and learning a language I’m busier than ever! The way I like it. Read more>>

Furaha Bayibsa | Writer, Director & Producer

Quarantine has been something out of the ordinary, but in all honestly I haven’t felt an impact to my ordinary life. My life hasn’t changed much at all this year; I’ve been working non-stop, just as I did before the virus broke out. I am currently in production for a feature film I’m producing together with the film studio “Humpback Whale Studios”. The film is titled “Cullinan”, and is written and directed by Andrii Lantukh. We were scheduled to shoot the final scenes during Easter this year, but the pandemic forced us to suspend the shoot. Read more>>

Harbin Harrison | Graphic Designer & Artist

Spend time with my wife. In days before this situation the work routines the time with her only was for the morning and the night. And this time with her is gold. Her love hug me every day :^) Always I´m busy in my graphic design projects, comissions, personal illustrations, and TV series that before I can´t see. Read more>>

Maura Knowles | Actor-Writer-Singer & Health Coach

Staying creatively “sane” has been my favorite escape along with my safe-morning power walks. Hope you enjoy a few of my “sprinkles of sunshine” now on my NEW YouTube channel. Short films include; Gloves Off, Riley’s Rainbow, Six Feet and a NEW web series, Confessions of a Corona-tined Morselist,  edited by my incredible editor, Taylor Lane. Read more>>

Amy Barnard | Professional Photographer

During this current world-wide crisis that we are facing I would first like to acknowledge how incredibly fortunate I feel. I recognize that although we are “all in this together” that we are not all equally affected. My fiancé and I are being very serious about adhering to the stay-at-home orders. We both work from our house and strictly follow mask-wearing, physical-distancing, and sanitizing processes when we do venture outside our home. However, I am glaringly aware of how many people don’t have the same ability to stay safe, and don’t have the same luxury of being able to pay for basic needs such as rent, food, heat, health-care, etc. Read more>>

Mike Habs | Artist & Painter

Well, as an artist I’ve had to become used to self-quarantining more and more to complete projects and prepare for shows. I paint, shoot, and edit all of the material so I have to go on lockdown pretty often to ensure it all gets done. My favorite thing to do during quarantine has been starting some of the projects I’ve been wanting and needing to do but didn’t have the time. I started making my own paint from scratch mediums and raw pigments, which really helped enhance my perspective on how to enhance and communicate in different ways with color. Read more>>

Ally Benton | Lash Artist

My favorite thing to do during quarantine has actually been cooking a lot of vegan food. I finally perfected vegan cheese . My boyfriend and I have been going on hikes , and FaceTime friends and family . I’ve also been trying to do the Savage dance challenge hahaha , and also some Chris Brown dances. Read more>>

Brett Grace | Writer & Creative Consultant

I’ve been trying to anchor myself by staying in touch with things I know to be certain, like nature. I’m not a very outdoorsy person in general, but I recently planted the first seeds I’ve ever planted in my life, and now we have a vegetable patch growing. The world right now feels quite a bit unhinged, but you can still plant a seed, and give it water and sunlight, and it will grow. And as obvious as it sounds, I guess that’s the point: things that are certain, things that are undeniably true, are giving me such comfort. I also try and meditate, but in LA especially, it’s a feat to find a meditation practice that isn’t somewhat of a cult. Read more>>

Chrxstal Sarah | Musician & Writer

My favorite thing to do during quarantine has been to revel in the wisdom of silence and stillness. I’ve committed to trying to do certain things daily like waking up earlier so that I can sit outside and meditate or read, and exercising to connect with my body. All of these things have allowed me to stay grounded and to really drink in the peace and gratitude that carving out uninterrupted time with myself brings. This has also been helping with my creativity a lot. Read more>>