We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Lillian Rowlatt | Co-founder

Kokoro Care Packages is on a mission to support local communities while having a broader positive impact on our world. We believe that food plays an important role in nourishing our bodies and connecting people over a shared meal. It also tells the story of the land and people who created it. We partner with local farmer and producers in Japan to offer their authentic and artisanal foods to people around the world. Read more>>

Jessenia Galvan-Lloyd | One-on-One Yoga Teacher, Life + Health Coach, Meditation Guide

My business was built with service in mind. I finished my yoga teacher training a few months before Covid hit and the lockdown started. I knew I needed to do something to share yoga with my community because it was and continues to be SUCH an important practice that helps me navigate the highs and lows of life and my mental health. So I started offering donation based yoga classes on Zoom weekly and the business has evolved from there. I trained to become a life coach for the same reason I went through yoga teacher training. I thought, “these tools are helping me so much, I need to share them with my community!” Everything I do in my business starts with the intention of serving my community. Read more>>

Jenifer Eddy | Owner – OC Sugaring & Skin

At OC Sugaring & Skin, we celebrate all body types and to us that means more than just being body-positive. We truly believe that your body does not define your worth. Hair, stretch-marks, cellulite…these things are not flaws.
We truly want each of our clients to walk into our space knowing that no matter what they think or feel about their body, we see it as beautiful. We don’t want them to simply accept these things about their body, we want them to be at peace with their body—even the parts they don’t love. Read more>>

Lindsey Pluimer | Founder and CEO of With My Own Two Hands Foundation

At With My Own Two Hands, we believe that every person has a fundamental right to clean water, nutritious foods, and economic access. With over 400 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa lacking access to clean water and women and children spending 40 billion hours walking for water each year, this simply is not ok. This is why we work to create water independence and sustainable agriculture solutions to generate economic opportunities in East Africa. For us, it all starts with water. Read more>>

Bianca Turner | Artist (Painter)

As an artist, I feel that it’s important to bring awareness to the world regarding different societal issues like the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the situation of the war refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan (the two major displacements of people that we had in less than one year), the gender discrmination that is still so common in many places in the world, the domestic violence and the “all type” of abuse against women, America’s gun problem, and the racial situation that affects everyone in our country. Read more>>

Mike Boss | Filmmaker

As an independent filmmaker, my wife and I help the community and the world by creating compelling and thought-provoking feature films that take the audience on an emotional and intellectual journey to be entertained, moved, inspired and changed with a degree of enlightenment. We are united by the viewpoint that consciousness-raising films that entertain and promote good values can play a larger and more meaningful role in today’s world. Many people might not be aware of the staggering amount of propaganda that can be detected in todays’s Hollywood films and TV shows (Disney being the latest example). Read more>>

Seth Dolan | Founder, Gladiator Productions | Producer & Magic-Maker

When I started Gladiator Productions, I felt it was imperative that we create a set of values authentic to who we are as individuals and how I wanted the Company to make an impact in the world. Our 6 core principles guide everything we do – and it became clear from the onset, if something doesn’t align with those principles – we let it go. This includes values like Better Together, Good Vibes Only and Level Up. Myself being LGBTQ+, and my initial team being an incredibly diverse and eclectic group – we only want our projects to set waves of positivity and inclusion. Authenticity is critical. Read more>>

Tracy McCullen | Community Ambassador of Health & Wellness

OPTIMISM OASIS, featuring the Track of Optimism & Field of Dreams (to be attached to Boys & Girls Clubs and/or inner city parks across America) is a unique 4 acre edutainment park providing children, youth & young adults with an abundance audio/visual simulation promoting a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset, inspired with confidence to go out into the world with a desire to make a powerful & positive impact in their community. Read more>>

Jamar Rogers | Meditation Teacher

Since I experienced a lot of childhood trauma, I grew up to be very rigid and controlling. My interpersonal relationships suffered because I didn’t know how to give or receive love, and chronic stress had my nervous system in a perpetual state of fight-or-flight. Basically, I was a mess. Once I learned how to mindfully experience my breath, I began to make friends with my mind; peace became a state instead of a trait. Read more>>

Inka Winter | Director of Erotica & Sex Educator

Inka Winter’s social activism is rooted in changing existing repressive social norms that cause harm to individuals and subsequently society at large. She believes that porn heavily influences, amongst other things, perspectives on sexuality, gender norms and womxn. With her erotic films, she wants to change these perspectives to be more feminist in order to create a more consensual and sexually liberated world. ForPlay Films is an independent, all womxn production company creating erotic films through the female lens. Read more>>