We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Amanda Kassar | Founder

My business has had a positive impact locally and around the world for two different reasons. Before the pandemic, my studio was not only a place where my students came to exercise, but also a place they came to be part of a community of strong women and men. So many of my clients met at my studio, and they now are best friends, go to mommy groups together, vacation together, and some have been been in each others wedding party. It’s so gratifying having a studio where my students are genuinely excited to see one another. Once the pandemic hit, I had to pivot my business to online. I was able to reach people from all around the world who were obviously going through such a difficult time. So many people had difficulty transitioning their own workout habits since all gyms closed down. Read more>>

Jennifer Raphael Komsky | Employment Law Attorney & Partner

While I would never deign to convince others that my work makes a visible social impact, like the movements we see today, I take pride in the small ways my work as an employment law attorney, advising and representing employers, makes a difference to an employee’s worklife and the employee morale. I consider a job well done when I educate clients to ensure they are properly treating their employees. More than that though, there is often the legal answer to my client’s questions (“can I?”) and then the realistic, or moral answer (“should I?”) Helping my clients navigate the space surrounding these questions is the value-add that only 20-plus years of experience brings. Aside from advising and representing employers, I regularly lecture, provide sexual harassment avoidance training, and lead workshops covering various employment law topics. Read more>>

Skander Ladjimi | Founder & CEO

Initially the French Conservatory was created to bring access to higher music education to students in the Los Angeles area. It quickly expended from Beverly Hills to La Jolla, Pasadena, Los Feliz and Berkeley.. Since the implementation of the new online systems,, we are no longer limited geographically and now have students from out of state and abroad. It seems there is a real need for for the type of rigor and structure in music education the conservatory is offering. Read more>>

Abigail Lopez-Byrd | Founder & Executive Director

One of our grounding pillars at Color Compton is “community.” We were very intentional about thinking of the ways this work has a larger impact on our local and global community. Our mission at Color Compton is to bring young people of color in the Compton and surrounding communities together and explore the histories of BIPOC folks and use art as a tool to create their own histories and narratives. We, unfortunately, as a community have had limited access to wide narratives around what it means to be someone from this community. Our students, don’t hear, see or learn enough stories that represent and reflect their own stories and that’s what we are trying to change at Color Compton. Many students begin to learn more of their own history and do identity exploration once they are in college or move out of their community, and this becomes the catalyst for their own identity development. Read more>>

Daydree Horner | Good Love Coach & Reiki Master

When the pandemic began my dear friend and business partner, Amy Honey and I wanted to help out on a global level. We decided to start a program that would create more community during a seemingly isolating and unstable time. This program would launch folks into greater wellbeing and hopefully a little more joy, while they were safe at home. We came up with DnA Wellness, a live, online program offering fitness, meditation, coaching, healthy food tips and cooking. No virtual people, just us! Read more>>

Paula Gardner | Restauranteur & Publican

Great food and ambience and camraderie. So many folks have said how much better they feel upon leaving, than when they walked in. This is very important, especially in these times. Read more>>

Sylvia V. Reid | Minister & Life Coach

As I minister I have a spiritual responsibility to help mankind. As a woman of color, I have a passion to assist women find, foster, and follow their creativity to lead them to their destiny. I sincerely believe in the points of light construct to illuminating the world for good. When we see better, we do better. Each woman that I help to discover more of herself has more of herself to give. Each woman I help find peace with how and who she is, is a woman that can be a force of nature in her own environment. Change is an individual and very personal journey, that when embraced and shared can change the world. The key is to embrace change that is inwardly true to your better nature and outwardly impactful for good. Read more>>

Emily Chang | Kindermusik Educator &Piano Teacher

I’m very glad I was able to continue teaching my piano and Kindermusik classes online during this pandemic period, seeing my students’ big smiles as we make music together. (Kindermusik is a group music and movement class for young children.) Every week, they are all still able to learn, have fun, and feel a bit of normalcy throughout this special time, and for the Kindermusik children, see their friends virtually, talk about what they’ve been up to, and show us what books or toys they have been enjoying these days. With the enrollments of new families from cities further out from the San Gabriel Valley that don’t have Kindermusik, we are able to meet them, become friends, share parenting ideas before and after class, sing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday girls and boys, and help toddlers who were not ready to wear masks yet to begin wanting to wear them after we’ve sung the “Your Mask, My Mask” song in class, with most everyone wearing his or her masks! Read more>>

Ethan Gold | Songwriter, Performer, Composer, Videographer & Poet

In recent years I’ve become more open about my political beliefs, which for me are all rooted in my love of the biosphere. Having a livable biosphere, this is the abode of beauty, of grace, of anything we could hope out of existing. And I want to speak, or shriek, for the creatures that can’t vote. So, while not everything I do is environmental or political, I definitely include that core spirit in some of my songs and videos. Especially in the last couple years as the voice for the creatures has been actively attacked by those in power. And it’s amazing to me, trying to make musical messages that increase understanding and love of the earth, how even then it pisses some people off. I step up anyway. Read more>>

Phillip Dane | Co-Founder & Director

In 1991 I started the Flea Market on Melrose at Fairfax High School. I was a lot younger than I am now so my motivation was a bit different back then. I was always starting businesses that attracted me as something I enjoy AND could perhaps make a living at since the age of 14. It was never in my thoughts that what I was doing would or could impact the community but it became more and more evident that what I was doing did in fact impact the community and 30 years later, thousands of mom and pop businesses as well. Now, 30 years after starting the first Flea in Los Angeles and with hundreds if not thousands of events under my belt, I see how what we do here can impact the community, our sellers, and others that are either directly or indirectly involved in our business. Read more>>

Celeste Baker | Founder

BreadHead is a community based non profit, dedicated to alleviating food insecurity in low income households through food literacy classes and workshops. But, it’s more than that…BreadHead is a space open to all. BreadHead’s mission is about nurturing and strengthening individuals and families through community. And in turn, strengthening the social architecture of the community as a whole. Everyone deserves a chance to be seen and heard and food literacy and healthy eating is a right, not a privilege. We work to support this ideal in a welcoming and loving environment. Read more>>

Ava Masoumi | PhD in Microbiology & Indoor Air Quality Consultant

I am a PhD in microbiology and my company name is Healthy Indoor Professionals. My education and experience in inspecting thousands of buildings for environmental issues such as microbes, chemicals and biological and non-biological air particles have enabled me to help people especially with health problems such as asthma, sinus infection, allergic reactions, chronic fatigue and headaches in Los Angeles county to improve their indoor air quality and improve their health. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I have been consulting my clients to test their cleanliness of their buildings after Coronavirus cleanup. I have completed the WHO Environmental Cleaning and disinfection training and have offered the City of Los Angeles volunteer work relating to Coronavirus. Read more>>

Debbie Stogel | Baby Proofer and Child Safety Expert

I am a baby proofer…and who would have thought that after six years of doing this type of work, I would find that my primary focus would be to save the lives of infants, babies and children and to keep them safe from harm within their home. But I do! This type of work clearly helps the community and the world. Prior to starting my business in 2015, I worked for a civil rights agency doing anti-bias and diversity training. While doing that work, the goals were always the same, raise a future generation to become aware of bias and discrimination and to become social justice advocates and change agents. When I left that work after 25 years to start my own business, a baby proofing and child safety company, I did so with the hope that I would continue that work of saving the lives of children, so they could grow up to become those social justice advocates and change agents. Read more>>