Shoot your shot? Take a chance? Society bombards us with messages, phrases, examples and stories of how taking risk is the key to success, but is anything ever that simple? We asked some of the brightest folks we know to tell us about how they think about risk. We’ve shared their responses below.

Lily Chumas | Dancer & Creator

Taking risks throughout my life has continuously led me to important experiences; whether the outcome of that experience was immediately good, or I failed in the moment and learned a positive lesson from it later on, I feel taking risks are the first steps into becoming a more elevated, tuned-in version of myself. Read more>>

CK Steele | Actor & Producer

I try to live by the old saying “fortune favors the bold.” I have found that some of my greatest achievements so far have come from stepping out of my comfort zone and having faith that everything works out exactly how it’s supposed to in the end. Read more>>

Audrey d’Erneville | Artist & Art Director

I simply wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t taken huge risks. In june 2019 I quit my last corporate job with barely any money saved up and no plan other than knowing I was unhappy and that I needed to make a change. Read more>>

Jamal-Akil Marshall | Photographer & Videographer

Through my experience risk is the missing link that connects your true self to your creative expression. Being yourself, standing in the light that God has gifted you with requires taking a step out on faith. Read more>>

Hannah Gross | Fitness Trainer

I often approach a situation head on, so there’s almost always risk involved. Change is scary, but nothing is scarier to me than coasting and living in a comfort zone. Taking a risk is an integral part of growth, and if I fail then I learn from my mistakes and try again. Read more>>

Mei Tang | Event Creator, Mind Body Energy Coach, & Dancer

Risks is something that I’ve always taken a chance in… I always saw myself as being the outlier from my peers, my family, my parents, etc. Not because I wanted to, but truly, most of the things I wanted to try, commit to, experience, were too “much” for most people. Read more>>

Mikhaila Alyssa Smith | Composer, Orchestrator & Pianist

This is wild! As I was on my run this morning, a building I passed had a sign that said, “take the risk,” so this question feels quite suited to the moment. One of the reasons I am where I am is because I took risks for the very thing I love most. Read more>>

DeJarra Sims | Dr. DeJarra DJ” Sims

I have always taken risks in my career since leaving college and choosing to go to on “the road less traveled” and attending Naturopathic Medical school and then moving from the south to California to start my medical practice. These decisions have all been life altering in the best way. Read more>>

JulezP | Producer/DJ/Entertainer

Risk taking to me is pivotal in separating yourself from other artists. I pride myself on taking a risk every performance wether that is playing out new tracks, interactions with the crowd, and/or the way I go about my set. Read more>>

Dakota Bleu | Singer/Songwriter

my career and life is all about taking risks! you will never know the outcome of anything if you don’t follow that voice in your head, telling you to do that, make that move, drop that song, etc. I’m a very impulsive guy, and when I want something, I normally do anything in my power to get it. Read more>>

PIYUSH THORAVAT | Cinematographer/ Filmmaker

Well! I took a considerable risk of shifting my career from engineering to a cinematographer. I guess, that very well explains my POV on taking risks. But, I always like to tell that I took that decision after thinking for almost 2 years. Read more>>

Whit Spurgeon | Actor/Director/Producer — We Make Movies, Inc.

Risk-taking is vital in a performer’s career. If an actor is unwilling to take risks, their characters and performances will be dull and lifeless: the most compelling performances always come from actors who are unafraid of looking silly and making wrong choices in search of the more interesting ones. Read more>>

Cameo Cole | Co-Owner & Studio Manager

When taking risks, you have to keep a focus on the potential gains. Yes, you can fail, but what if you succeed? When you dream big, a lot of people will tell you it’s impossible, or to wait, but life is too short to wait or to doubt yourself. The bigger the dreams, the bigger the rewards. Read more>>

Trevor Stanislaus | Movement Artist & Martial Artist

Risk are very significant to me in my life. There are times people will tell you of risk, or attempt to convince you to go the non risky route in certain situations. But often, they over look the importance of risk taking and what taking risk does for deeper understandings of life. Read more>>

Megan O’Dell | Photographer, Artist

I think about it like this: When it comes to taking risks, you have to believe in yourself. You have to realize that feeling, that voice inside of you that’s pushing you to take this risk is there for a reason. You know that you deserve more, and in order to get it, you have to take the risk. Read more>>

Tyler Conway

Growing up I always challenged the idea of what society wanted my life to look like versus the vision I had for myself. I have chosen to venture off from the traditional path. I moved to New York City, took a gap year after my sophomore year of college and pursued a career in hospitality to fund my dreams. Read more>>

Jennifer Rose | Choreographer, performer, director and educator

I left my home, my family, my friends, my city and the comfort of simply knowing what is next. I started traveling while performing on tour with renowned dance companies which sparked my desire to dig deeper into the smaller corners of the world. Read more>>

Bom Kim | Christian & Musician

I think of risk as another way to get a chance of winning. In my view, taking on the opportunity to do music at all was a big risk for me. However, the potential that I saw in a music career far outweighed any losses that I might incur along the way. Read more>>

Asher Marcus | Architect, Developer and Owner of Hubo Studio.

Imagining the future is implicitly risky. I was recently told by a major client that they enjoy working with me as I am comfortable in the unknown. Read more>>

Sormeh Attarzadeh | Co-Founder

I can look back and see how much time I wasted by not taking risks. I am thankful I learned a lot sooner, however, I regret not having the courage sooner. I was always so afraid of taking risks. I didn’t want to deal with rejection and I cared about what others would think about me. Read more>>

Matt Campanella | Multipotentialite: Education Consultant | Actor/ Writer/ Director

I think in this day and age there is so much pressure to fit into one box, one category. To go outside of that norm, against the grain, is taking risk and I definitely identify with that. I’ve always considered myself a multipotentialite: someone who has several passions. Read more>>

Jeanette Getrost | Artist & Director

I believe risk taking is rather vital in order to have more purpose, or direction in life. It’s something I think about a lot and have learned to treat it like a practice. There are perhaps greater risks than others, but so long as you aren’t harming anyone, a risk is essentially a leap of faith with an immediate reward— Read more>>

Weijun Chen | Composer & Orchestrator

For composers, each note we put down is a risk itself. Does it work within the melody? Does it strike the right tone emotionally? And for film composers, does it work with the storytelling on screen? Even after the music is finalized and approved by the director, we are not able to control the audiences’ reactions. Read more>>

Jarrett (PIZOOKI) | Artist | Singer, Songwriter, & Music Producer

Risk is something you deal with every day. There’s no way around it. Every decision you make comes with a risk, just at different levels. There’s also taking smart risks and/or just diving off the cliff (so to speak lol). Read more>>

Astrid Williams | Lifestyle Curator

You must learn to take inspired action or risks in your career. It’s often the things that make us a little uncomfortable that grows us most. Read more>>

Brittney Dear | Author & Communications Specialist

If I hadn’t have implemented risk, I wouldn’t have published a book at the age of 15. While I don’t find myself particularly brave, I’m most certainly a risk-taker; I enjoy testing my limits, proving myself wrong. This doesn’t always mean you’ll make it, or get what you set out for. Read more>>

Leila DeAngeles | Singer/Songwriter

I’m sure every artist knows how it feels when it’s time to show everyone what you’ve been working on. It’s scary to show the piece of art you hold so close to you. It’s almost as if you are giving a part of yourself. To be so vulnerable is a risk in itself. Read more>>

Alarke | Artist-Entrepreneur

A few years ago I did something I never imagined I would’ve done. I booked a month-long trip to Cuba to dive into the unknown, learn Cuban piano and percussion, paint, practice Spanish, unplug, travel, relax, and challenge myself to see if I really could go after a wild dream. Read more>>

Olugbenga Osikomaiya | Cinematographer

Risk is an important part of growth. For me the most growth has happened outside of my comfort zone. there is also the idea of the bigger the risk the bigger the reward so the more out of your comfort zone you go the closer you could be getting to what you want is how i think about it. Read more>>

Prairie T. Trivuth | Production Designer, Art Director and Scenic Designer

To follow your passion in art and design is to take a risk, but that is the only thing that I had on my mind when I decided to switch my design career from architecture to film and to move from Thailand to California three years ago. Read more>>

Marisela Oropeza | Artist/Art Instructor

Ever since I was a child, I was very passionate about the arts. It was my pastime and I’ve been very dedicated to making art all throughout my life. When I was older, I learned that it was difficult to make it out in the art world, especially since I lived in a small town in which the arts were not a priority; not a whole lot of people were able to afford it. Read more>>

Steph Campos | Founder & Chief Storyteller of Latinas Create

Without risk, there is no reward. I am always working from a place of having nothing to lose. So if I take a shot and don’t get it, sure it’s not fun—but I’ll know I tried and I am always proud of that. Read more>>

Lola Adeleke | Author, Artist & Musician

Taking Risks has played a pivotal part in the growth and expansion of my brand. Every endeavour, started with me having to make a choice between taking the safe comfortable path or taking a risk. In choosing to take risks, I carved out a very unique path for myself. Read more>>

Joshua Sutherland | Music Coordinator

I attribute a lot of my success thus far in my career to being a calculated risk taker. I’m always searching for the next opportunity that will make me a better me as an artist, community member and overall human-being. Read more>>

Richard Soriano | Software Engineer & Screenwriter

Who’ d want to watch a movie about special needs adults and zombies? The French disability film, Entr’2 Marches, in Cannes would. They loved it so much that I received the best screenplay award and the actor, Joshua Warren Bush won the best actor award. Read more>>