We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Namu Williams | Ultra Handsome Photographer

I’ve got a challenge for you that I know you’ll fail. Try to go an entire day marking down every time you see a photograph. Be intentional about it, carry a notebook, make sure you write legibly. Sounds easy? After an hour or so, you’re going to give up, lol. Why? Because there are trillions and trillions of images in society. 1.7 trillion new images are created each year. They’re everywhere you look – in ads, on TV, in the movies, on your mantle and walls, in the papers, on social media. Photographs are ubiquitous. Read more>>

David Dennis | ventanasurfboards.com | Co-founder

We started Ventana Surfboards & Supplies with the goal of creating the most environmentally responsible surf company in the world. We donate 5% of profits to ocean conservation organizations in California, and we have an incredibly high bar for environmental stewardship with our products. We’re a very small company, but we’ve inspired many other businesses to take the approach we do…turning other people’s trash into high quality products. Read more>>

Amanda Chase | Founder & Creative Direction

ōSHen is a creative space for conscious entrepreneurs. One of the biggest pain points for creatives is the lack of community in the space. Being a creative myself, I experienced a lot of competition and scarcity within the beliefs of creatives and one of my main missions is to create a space of connection, support, and abundance. When I noticed that a lot of entrepreneurs were seeking to be connected with others that were going through similar challenges in their growth, business creations, and personal development I decided to create The Tide community. Read more>>

Adrian Rashad Driscoll | Immersive Media Expert

I think when you start any new venture the though process has to be more about the lasting effect on your audience than the money to be made. I have found that through Immersive media we can not only change the mood of a user (through an exciting experience); but we can actually create more opportunities for people around the world. Our mission from day one was to create powerful stories all the while creating a more inclusive landscape that everyone can benefit from. Read more>>

Glen Farrelly | Artist

As an artist I am always trying to convey a message or tell a story whilst hopefully putting a smile on the viewers face. I work with only abandoned, discarded and unwanted materials – many of my most recent pieces are made with storm fallen tree limbs. With the materials I try to show how we can reuse materials, stopping them from going to landfill. Read more>>

Desiree Sanchez | DesiBoo Creations – Muralist and Arts Instructor

My business as a muralist and community art instructor impacts the world from the roots. This line of work is essential to the well being of us all. In our neighborhoods, backyards, and cities. People of all ages thrive on encouragement and love and inspiration; and my style as an artist is to showcase all of that! To spread it! Read more>>

Charniece White | Founder/Creative Director Pinecone Row and B a r k w o o d

What my brands offer to the community, and soon the world, is multidimensional. It is both tangible and intangible and so much more than the clothing I provide. Not only do my pieces fit a more diverse range of bodies than most brands, but I believe the culture I am creating and the ethos of my brands is where my business most serves its purpose. Read more>>

DeAnna Allen | Founder & Owner

My business helps the community by providing a platform for other local small business women of color an opportunity to retail their products inside of my storefront boutique. When I purchase their products wholesale, and retail them inside of my store, they receive access to a wider audience and have increased exposure to potential new customers who desire to shop and support local, small businesses within their community and beyond. Read more>>

Ayomide Awobajo | Creative & Visionary Founder of Faith Love Optimism (FLO)

Today’s world is full of so much hate, greed, and many other evils. A lot of this is attributed to the fallen nature of man. Growing up, I would hear people commonly say phrases like “we just have to go with the flow”. As I grew up and began to understand the flow of the world, it became clear to me that I didn’t want to be somebody who just follows the “flow” of things. I didn’t want to follow the flow of being someone who sees people struggling or being oppressed and not lend a helping hand. I wanted to be someone who stands up for those who barely stand and most importantly spreads love to all. Read more>>

Sandy Salazar | Founding Owner & Director of Client Services

When people think of virtual tours they see them as marketing materials to showcase their business, venue, or space, when in reality, virtual tours provide much more than that. Virtual tours allow businesses to connect to their neurodivergent clients. It provides access for people of all abilities to see the business before attending in person. We allow them to mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare themselves before entering a business. Read more>>

Emma Gilbert | Muralist and Oil Painter

My art work is aimed to help spread awareness of mental health but to also bring an uplifting and vibrant mural to communities that lack the resources to purchasing their own art. In todays world, our society is battling depression and anxiety like never before. With social media being the main cause of self doubt, harmful thoughts, and body dis-morphia, my art aims to help someone feel understood when they leave my social media page(s). Read more>>

Mike Miller | Film Producer, Writer, Director and Actor

I believe the goals that I have through my production company can help make a difference by producing different film projects that can hopefully help people to better understand how we live as people and the better world we could have if we all looked inside of ourselves a lot better and why there are so many problems in our society and how we can be part of the solution and making things better while having a better understanding of themselves as well as others. Read more>>

Calvin Goah | CEO of Rivrb: Software engineer by day, startup founder & musician by night.

Rivrb, taken from the word reverberations, is helping to build a more informed online community by outsourcing research to AI automation and human experts. The impetus for Rivrb originated from the observation that social media has become the primary medium through which most people receive their news. In fact, it is usually the first place people learn of current events, not via typical news broadcasts or articles, whether online or via newspapers. So then, what is wrong with receiving news primarily from social media? Read more>>

Maclovia Martel | Documentary film maker/writer

I feel that times have changed. Today is so much different from 2 years ago. I believe it’s Of utmost importance for creatives who can provide a story, tell an inspiring and uplifting one, to engage and help the world create a new image. We all come from the same house. We need to work together so tomorrow can be a better day. If we can change it through an inspiring story that helps others -that’s a good day. I think documentary filmmaking is the best Avenue for this. Read more>>