We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Erika McCall | Author, Entrepreneur & Humanitarian

My organization helps the community by helping high-achieving youth with limited resources, achieve their dreams. By helping them achieve their dreams, they are prepared to make a huge impact in the world. Read more>>

Tracy Komlos | Co-Founder of The Multiverse

At my company Pangea Dreams, we lead educational retreats for women entrepreneurs and thought leaders all over the world. We gather together like-minded women and empower them to realize their fullest potential by teaching them how to start, launch, and scale their own digital businesses. For years, we traveled to places like Bali, Mexico, and Greece, with a shared intention to learn, get inspired, and be part of a supportive community. Read more>>

Carissa Begonia | Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consultant, Business & Leadership Coach, Founder of CONSCIOUSXCHANGE.

We are collectively being called to co-create a society that empowers all of us, not just some of us. My work through CONSCIOUSXCHANGE helps answer the questions: What would happen if we interacted with one another and the world with more purpose and intention? What are you going to (e)XCHANGE to make a positive change in your life and the lives of others? Read more>>

Trisha Beher | Founder & CEO, The Art Shine Foundation | Activist, Author, & Entrepreneur

The Art Shine Foundation is a global, youth-led nonprofit organization combining service and activism with artwork. We focus on impact-based art advocacy to drive social change and awareness in order to benefit communities and improve lives. We have launched several initiatives since the launch of ASF in April 2020. Our Black Lives Matter Gallery, which we curated last year, advocated for marginalized communities and racial inclusivity. We received work from youth contributors across the nation, their messages resonating with not only the ASF community, but with hundreds of people around the world. Read more>>

Christian Cintron | Founder of Stand Up 4 Your Power

Stand Up 4 Your Power is an intersectional, spiritual, self-improvement stand-up comedy class. And that’s exactly how my business helps the world. I’m Puerto Rican so I’m black, white, and indigenous. I’m queer. There’s rarely a room I’m ever truly comfortable in. I’ve learned to code-switch, translate experiences, and alter my behavior. But that’s draining. Comedy was my salvation. Comedy helps ease tension, relieve pain, and talk about dark emotions and tense subjects. After a year of racial unrest, a Pandemic, and the fear, anger, and ton of unprocessed traumas bubbling to the surface after a year alone the world needs to laugh. Read more>>

Kalman Szili | Actor, Poet, Video content creator,

Nowadays the gaming industry evolved so much. They have all kinds of different games and my favourite genre is interactive movie ones. One of the lates game I was playing is “Tell Me Why” by Dontnod Entertainment. It’s the first major video game that has a transgender main character. I posted my gameplay on YouTube and TikTok and I see so many comments from people all around the world, appreciating the game. The representation of the trans community and the educational value of the game. It’s amazing how games are becoming much more than just time killing entertainment, but something that could actually educate people and make the life better. Read more>>

Marion CELLIER | Image Consultant & Coach

Image Consulting helps soothe body and mind. It’s about making peace with yourself, accepting yourself as you are. Personal image is essential today. We are seen before being heard. Image has become a real communication tool. Communication is key, but are we communicating in the right way? How can we be sure to convey the right message through our own image? Read more>>

Kacie Margis | Artist, Model, Writer

The social impact of my work is what brings me the most fulfillment. When I began livestreaming my art process, it started as a hobby. It wasn’t until people began reaching out to me asking where they could purchase my pieces that I realized I had talent. I’ve found that when I create art in the darkest moments, it seems to have the greatest impact. After surviving the Las Vegas Mass Shooting in October 2017, I decided to use my work to advocate for gun control. Read more>>

Teresa Spencer | Avid Horse owner, Entrepreneur, Author and National Public Speaker

We benefit the equine industry with top quality affordable safety products and information through partnerships and a growing network of interrelated businesses; providing visible, safe, easy to use products to equine communities here in the US and internationally. Read more>>

Nicole Rademacher | Artist | Founder of Acogedor | Art Therapist & Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Acogedor was started as an intimate project space at my home––the events took place in my front yard. It is meant to be an inclusive and supportive space, particularly for marginalized communities such as BIPOC, queer, disabled, female-identifying, gender non-conforming, and the adoptee community. Read more>>

Edgar Cortés Campoy | Director/Writer/Producer

I think that filmmaking, like any other artistic medium, gives us an opportunity to touch upon delicate and specific subjects that can bring all of us together. Although we all in different realities, given that we all have unique stories that builds us, there is a factor that our own life gives back and affects everyone, anywhere in some level, and I truly think that makes us able to empathize with each other and with stories that not necessarily show or talk about our own perspectives or situations, but transmit emotions that everyone can relate to and feel. Read more>>

Layli Toth | Founder & Creative Director

I created Remnant Bikinis to make sustainable, yet trendy and stylish swimwear more widely available on the swimwear market. We are a small and young brand, but we aim to make sustainability and ethical practices in Fashion more mainstream. How are we sustainable? Conventional swimwear fabrics are made out of synthetic fibers (primarily nylon) that take hundreds of years to break down. Read more>>

Vincenzo Carubia | Owner Skiptown Playhouse and Singer / Songwriter for Rock Band Lunarcode

Skiptown Playhouse is an intimate 36 seat theater that creates a unique experience for creative individuals. Whether you are filming a music video, short film, or doing a live comedy show, we provide a space where you can accomplish your goals. We started an international film festival which opened up opportunities for filmmakers from all over the world to share their art at any level. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, the film festival is an excellent platform to network and meet like minded individuals in the film industry. Read more>>

Raz Azraai | Musician // Photographer

I believe with my passion of photography and music including my photography business is : inspiring people to truly be themselves with no remorse. the art of truly embracing your personality by having me take your pictures in a very unconventional and edgy way. the art of taking the risk and explore your creativity on top of having to have a day jobs etc. with the music that I create, it helps people embrace their emotions, with the photographs I make, it helps people embrace their true personality with no holds barred. Read more>>

LaToya , Julius Johnson, White | Personal Trainers and Fitness YouTube Couple

The amazing thing about our business is that we can reach people all over the world. We have people in our community of YouTube subscribers from all parts of the world; in fact, only 46% of our subscribers are from the United States. We love that we have such a diverse community because it allows us to get such a variety of feedback from so many different ethnic backgrounds and cultures, and allows us to create content for everyone! We also love that our YouTube videos have such an impact on family. Read more>>

Max Gengos | Fashion Designer

“When will you start your own business again?” That was a question that stayed with me when I moved to Los Angeles from New York in 2016. Friends and family constantly would ask me that same question, and my reply was always the same. “When I think of something that addresses a white space and something that can do good.” The fashion market is already so oversaturated, I did not want to make something that is already out there and create more waste. Read more>>

Darci Gordon | Founder/ Tinsley Palmer Braids

We hope to change the world one braid at a time with our brand. We help spread the message of disability awareness & to our customers. We like to feature models with real disabilities. We also give back 5% of each purchase toward a charity so we can help the community in a meaningful way. Our goal is really to change how the world views people with disabilities and help them to be more inclusive. Read more>>

Andrew Souto | Owner/Music Curator

Our events give people a much needed release from their everyday lives. They can come to our party and escape whatever stress is going on with work, drama with others and just get lost in the music for a night. Starting in 2021 we started a blog where we’ve been able to connect people with the music we love and help promote artists we believe in. Read more>>

Ashley Brabham | Creator, MAKTUB Studio Candles

MAKTUB Studio is a music culture lifestyle brand based in Inglewood, CA, which has been home to me since relocating to Los Angeles from the east coast in 2014. I chose to be a part of the Inglewood community because it’s one of the few thriving Black communities in Los Angeles. As a Black-owned business, it’s important for me to have my business in a community where I feel seen and supported, and where I can remain connected to my culture. Read more>>

Isaac Brickner | Director, Upside Down/Jews for Jesus LA

There was nowhere in our neighborhood where the community could just “be.” At Jews for Jesus, we’ve had our LA branch office in Westwood Village right across the street from UCLA since the early 90’s. We’ve seen this neighborhood go through a lot of change–positive and negative. At times there was a lot of animosity between UCLA students and business owners/residents in the Village, and so much unused/underutilized space. Read more>>

Lauren “Lo” Burchill | Blogger/ Social Media & Marketing Manager

When I first started my blog Lo’s Los Angeles almost 4 years ago I was excited to share all about the people, places, events and activities that make this city so special. While I still love to post about all of those things, I’ve found the content that most resonates with my audience is slightly more personal, raw and real. Through sharing about my day-to-day life—post-grad adventures, wedding planning, building my career, experiencing pregnancy during a global pandemic— I feel I’m really able to connect with my followers on a deeper level. Read more>>

Chantal/Tatiana Guerrero/Lubanko | Content Creators

The ideation of Distance Assistance LA started as a school project at USC. Quarantine had a big impact on our mental health, and we noticed we weren’t alone. With our digital media skill set, we wanted to create a space that helped the mental health of LA natives by recommending local small businesses and activities that helped them get out while staying safe. Everything we feature prioritizes the safety of their consumers and staff. Read more>>

Unika Noiel | Chef/Founder LUVN Kitchn

I strive to make home-cooking and using cannabis as medicine, accessible through free virtual cooking classes, tutorials, demos and education sessions. Many people have questions that range from, “what exactly are cannabinoids?” and “will this get me high?” to “can you teach me how to make biscuits?” and I’m here for all of it! Read more>>

Lauren Chavez-Myers | Producer & Filmmaker

In a world where billions of hours of content is at our fingertips, and where we also witness extreme forms of systemic inequities in our own backyards, it’s important to me that the media content I create serve a higher purpose: Make the world a better place. As cliche as that sounds, having that mission as my north star directly impacts every decision I make as a producer: Who is telling the story? Who is the story for? Who will see themselves represented in this story? What communities will be impacted by this story? Read more>>

Cassandra Scerbo | Actress and Activist

Ensuring I find a way to create social impact has always been incredibly important to me. While on the show “Make it it Break it” I was eager to find a way to amplify this mission using my growing platform. I was then approached by an anti-bullying organization called Boo2Bullying to come on as their Girls Youth Ambassador. From there, I worked my way up to West Coast Executive Director and now serve as Vice President. Read more>>

Lisa Papple | Owner of Tessa May Greeting Cards & a Senior Dog Rescuer

My business helps people stay in touch and communicate with the power of a handwritten greeting card. Cards have the power to make someone smile, feel loved, and to feel important. I started my greeting card business because I was taught the importance of helping others and giving back. You never know when someone needs a simple card of encouragement to make their day better. It’s a great way to stay in touch, especially during this last year. Read more>>

Alison Sieh | Director of Music at Aspect, Founder of Virtual Charity Trivia & Bar Method Instructor

Through Virtual Charity Trivia we’ve been able to bring people together in a safe way but still allow people to have fun. We’re also able to highlight a new organization each week to bring awareness to what other members of our community are doing for others. It is amazing what we’re able to accomplish when we work together! Read more>>

Jamie Sameshima | Co-Owner of Lokels Only

Our mission is to provide ongoing support for local chefs, artists and musicians by providing a community space where they can test out new ideas, learn from one another, and be shaped and supported by the community. Read more>>

Helena Walsh | CEO and Artistic Director of Helena Walsh Voice, Acting and Empowerment Studios

The studio’s mission is to empower a “clan” of artists to use the arts to foster more compassion in the world by embracing difference – their own and each other’s. Our difference is what makes us unique. Yet, to be different in this world – and comfortable with one’s difference – takes an enormous amount of courage. That’s because many systems around us tempt us to be the same as others. We learn to stand in our own power, when we wake up to what it feels like to be in another’s. This is no easy feat. Read more>>

Chris Medina | Celebrity Psychic Medium

I am all about evolving and growing. My sessions help so many people do just that. It’s all about putting the power back in your hands. I like to start with whats blocking you presently. Forget about the past, there is nothing we can do about it. As for the future, you won’t have much of one if you’re constantly self sabotaging or holding yourself back. Remove whats in your way currently and start from there. Its usually you that’s in your own way. Read more>>

Hello Stranger | Indie / Alt-Rock Band

As an artist, it’s easy to get self-centered and think inwardly. And there’s a lot of great art that comes from that, but Hello Stranger has always been communally-focused. From the beginning, our songs have addressed specific political and social issues that we care about deeply. Our perspective is that music becomes the soundtrack for movements and helps shape the thinking of leaders and activists. Read more>>

Davin Tong | Actor, Comedian and TikTok-er

Social impact can be measured in so many ways. In conceptualizing my content, I normally execute an idea or a thought simply to get it out of my head; this is usually something I find funny or will provoke thought. From there, how the audience reacts to the content is up to them, and over the years, people have shared with me that my silly videos helped them get through a tough day which is always very rewarding. Read more>>

Bobby Amaro | Music Instructor

Kidz Rock helps the community by providing a safe, unique, creative experience in a young child’s musical journey. The issue in our community is that most music schools will not offer lessons to kids younger than 7 years old. Kidz Rock’s mission is to bring the benefits of music to kids in our community starting as young as 3 years old filling this gap. Read more>>



Bob Baker Marionette Theater | Pulling the strings of family fun since 1963

Bob Baker Marionette Theater is unlike any other place in the world. It’s a place in which kindness is always the underlying ingredient and imagination dwells. With the onset of the pandemic, Bob Baker’s ability to instill joy in the world was established in new ways. With audiences quarantined, efforts were made to quickly revamp a more than 60 year old company and create access points to happiness at home. Puppet performances were debuted weekly and funds were raised to create a traveling “Marionette Mobile Read more>>

Jeli Daniel | Vinyl Dj & Curator for International Radio Music Broadcasts

I like to feel that my business helps the community and the world by healing through music and sound, as a form music entertainment! I have been fortunate enough to become involved in local non profit organization events and fundraisers for St. Joseph Center and S.P.Y (Safe place for youth) these organizations provide hope and sustainability for low-income and homeless in the LA county! Read more>>

Piaget Ventus | Actress

As a Black Actress in Hollywood I want to help broaden the representation of brown women. Hollywood is thankfully starting to be more inclusive when it comes to POC and giving us more diverse roles. We however are still not seeing enough darker skinned women with leading roles it’s still often light skin or biracial looking women who seem to be the representation of all Black women and I want to help give other deeper toned women their person to aspire to or see themselves in as well. Read more>>

Liz Marrero | Movement Artist – Dancer, Choreographer, Director

My business is based into providing educational tools and real life experiences for the dance community evolution, elevating our level of work ethic, creativity and reliability as professional dancers/choreographers and as artists who belong and represent the entertainment business and artistic community. Read more>>

Takara Beathea-Gudell | Clothing/Accessories Designer – Trend Forecaster

I’ve found ways to impact the community with art accessories that initiate action. During the election process, I created a VOTE Collection that ship nationwide. Knowing the importance of the “Woman’s Vote” I created a series of accessories using the “O” in vote as the female sign, similar to Prince using the male sign. We used the VOTE Collection to mobilize the community and beyond to get out and vote! Read more>>

Chelsea Stephens | Cofounder and CEO of Vinstinct

Vinstinct was founded to help new, Black wine lovers build knowledge, confidence, and connection through wine education and experiences. Wine education and communication are the gateway for social and professional mobility in America. However, like many institutions in America, wine culture is elitist and Eurocentric, excluding many people of color, especially Black Americans. Read more>>