We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Erika Banks | Minister, Wife, Mom-trepenuer, Esthetician

I have a few habits that have helped me succeed, Number One is Getting Up Early. Slow feet don’t eat, the early bird gets the worm two of many says I have lived by over the years. Being slothful and lazy has never elevated anyone in life. You have to get up and spend time with God, and look ahead of the day; look at your schedule and see what the day Intel’s. Set your intentions for the day, what will today bring how much closer are you to a goal. Number two is pre-planning, and having a calendar. Everything has to be on calendar, planning my days, my weeks down to every minute. It keeps me task and holds me accountable. Being a Wife, and a mother of four, Business Owner my life HAS to be planned, Read more>>

Angie Quidim | Producer

Celebrate small successes, when in doubt factor how this decision will affect you a year from now 5 years from now, etc. Listen and be aware of your surroundings, Keep an open mind, Do everything with kindness Remember no man is an island and remember that you are where you are with the company you keep. Lastly success is about balance. Read more>>

Anthony Sayo | Actor

Taking bold steps amidst uncertainties. Uncertainties are ever present in every great undertaking. But in order to move forward, you gotta take bold steps to move closer to where you want to be. I am a true artist, and I would say that in many life-changing decisions in my life that I had to take, I let my heart rule over my head. The mind can simply perceive too much problems, even those that do not necessarily exist. Taking bold steps is the only way to move forward. Read more>>