There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Ally Helman | Artistic Director & Choreographer

Discipline is one habit that has brought much success to me personally and to Ballet Project OC. The skill to push forth into mundane or grueling tasks serves all individuals well. This grind produces perseverance, confidence, and results. Another huge factor that has helped me succeed is humility. To accomplish all I set out to do with Ballet Project OC, I can’t do it all on my own. Having a team who shares common goals and passions creates a great synergy while increasing our efficiency. Read more>>

Andrew Zaragoza | Freelance Creative Professional

I think some of the habits that I feel helps me succeed is a solid sleep routine. There were times where I would stay up 20+ hours and crash the following days. Though it helped to get a lot done, I was not at my best and hit some exhaustion points. After changing that and making some healthy cornerstone habits, I’ve been at my best. Being a dual job holder and master’s level graduate student can be daunting, however, I find success in these domains each time I have a restful period. I’m a big believer in successful routines and eating habits. In addition to heavy self care such as reading, leisure time, and converting all my passions into streams of income, I enjoy the grind so much more. If someone told me that I could get paid to help people and create at the same time, I would have kicked it into higher gear and develop these habits much earlier though I’m very grateful that I have them at the age that I am now. Read more>>

Kendall Rayne Billie | Actress and Model

Being humble has definitely taught me how to be successful. How we treat others in our highest point of success says a lot about how our future will succeed. Read more>>

Lasheeda Perry | Owner and Pastry Chef of Queen of Flavor

As a teenager, it was instilled in me that you have to work hard! Having a strong work ethic is vital. You can be taught how to decorate a cake but no one can truly teach you the ideals of self discipline and hard work but yourself. I truly believe that a strong work ethnic has helped me succeed in my career because it’s an essential habit that impresses your employer, peers, staff, and guests alike. Read more>>

Genice Gonzales | Owner and Esthetician

Being a business owner in the beauty industry has taught me a few key lessons: 1) Professionals are EVERYWHERE. How are you going to stand out while remaining true to yourself? I learned this is done by honing in on what i am passionate about in esthetics. I continue to try and master them, continue to learn something new, stay on trend and bring the best quality results to my client. 2)Because of the saturated market, I have learned quality will trump quantity and low prices. Very few of my clients are locals. My clients travel from all over the area because what I offer gives results and I have become really crafted in building client relationships. 3)No cutting corners. Little details do matter, like a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, including little things every once in a while when you have time. 4)Not all money is good money. I feel this is self explanatory for many reasons. Read more>>

Casey Jackson | Producer/Director/Writer

Elon Musk. Ernest Hemingway. David Mamet. Three fellows. Three habits. Three mantras. These are the daily practices that made completion of my first feature film “Dinner Club,” possible. ‘Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is.’ (Hemingway, 1952) During each phase of the production process we’d run into trouble: insufficient funds, malfunctioning equipment, limited time. In each instance I was able to draw my focus away from the apparent lack, and direct it to solve the puzzle with the available pieces. Each and every time a problem appeared the habit was to focus entirely on solutions. This kept us moving forward, encouraged collaboration and ingenuity, and ultimately led to success. Read more>>

Lindsay St. Laurent | Director & Screenwriter

As a creative, my mind wonders from project to project. As a independant filmmaker, I need the ability to balance multiple projects in different phases of Pre-Production, Production and Post Production. Balancing the two can be tricky. I’ve found great success in organization. Making sure I have meetings booked and time blocked off to tackle small steps towards moving a project forward within a reasonable timeframe. Knowing myself and my own tendencies and trying to work within my natural flow. I really recommend everyone look at the way they work, what stresses them out, and make choices to keep the passion alive for what we chose to do. Read more>>

Tarek Zohdy | Actor, Writer & Consumer Rights Attorney

In my personal life I have developed habits over time that I have found personally furthered my success. These range from the most practical to certain methods of carrying myself. Practically, I make my bed every morning without fail; I start every morning with a large glass of water and I have breakfast every morning to make sure I don’t start my day weak; I have set times and set days or exercise and I make sure to adhere to that; I am determined to get the maximum amount of sleep I reasonably can and prioritize that over such things as late night partying; I treat alcohol as an accessory when I am socializing and not as the purpose; and I don’t allow anything to languish (pay my bill son time, check my mail daily, respond promptly to emails, etc). On a more philosophical basis (i.e. how I operate and carry myself) I also have certain habits. I never overstay my welcome. Leaving a party, dinner, event, etc earlier has always been my modus operandi. I try to listen to people before I speak. I respect others’ eccentricities, don’t judge and try to always find another person’s humanity. I never partake in violence or accept it, walk away. Read more>>

Tiffany Jung | Multimedia Artist & Yogi

It’s more of a philosophy than a habit, but being the type A – cancer, I tend to overthink or follow my emotions in situations. When I feel myself doing that I try to tune into myself, my intuitions, and trust the process. The philosophy of trusting the process is definitely one of the key factors that continuously allows me to be an artist. Being an artist means constantly breaking with routine, changing your perspective, taking risks and ignoring doubt and facing fears. As a creative, I’m constantly thinking of ways to break away from the past ways of thinking, creating, etc. That being said, self doubt is part of the process and I learned to trust in the foundational principles I hold and trust it will guide me no matter what situations, “blocks” I face. A process is how a journey comes to be. Even if that means not even knowing at that present moment. Read more>>

Rachael Sofia | Model & Content Creator

Some habits I know helped me this far in my career are learning to keep a positive mind in the times where it can be hard to remain positive. I’ve always had a lot of skills in optimistic thinking and I’m so grateful for the people around me who support and add positive energy to my circle on the daily. Read more>>

Amber Navran | Producer, Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter, Member of Neo-Soul Trio Moonchild

– setting deadlines – asking for help – working through fear – doing things you don’t think you’re capable of – goal setting – self forgiveness – taking intentional time to rest and refuel – supporting your peers – finding a community of people in the same position and talking through your experiences together – journal often – finding ways to quiet the inner critic and trust your own judgement. Read more>>

Kiara Nguyen | Artist & Founder of Artistas de Color Unidos

I’m a super organized person, which has definitely helped me a lot considering I am also a full time college student. I have three wall organizers: a whiteboard with monthly reminders, a weekly class schedule, and a monthly calendar full of personal dates, academic dates, and business dates. On my desk itself, I have an academic planner and a bullet journal. While the planner is technically academic, I write down all the tasks I have to do, whether it’s school or business related. I use the bullet journal for daily tasks, and larger items such as ideas for social media content. The bullet journal is also where I keep my list of newsletter subscribers. The last thing I use is the digital calendar on my phone for appointment and other reminders. Overall, my skill for organization and time management has helped me succeed. Read more>>

Sarah Steben | Choreographer/Dance Educator & Artistic Director

I developed the habit of discipline through playing on sports teams when I was younger. I played soccer, and a bit of Rugby before I decided to audition for a dance crew in Montreal. These team sports taught me a lot about collaboration, discipline and leadership. Showing up and consistency are also habits that I developed that I feel helped me succeed. One of my best friends Jess Cummings really helped teach me about the art of showing up and putting the work in. Another habit I have that I feel helps me succeed is staying in touch with where I am from, and giving back to my community as much as I can while still filling up my creative cup. We can’t pour from an empty cup, so in order to succeed we must fill ourselves up as much as possible and then share as much as possible!. Read more>>

Siti Lu | Animation Director, Story Artist, Animator

The most helpful thing I always tell myself is that finishing is better than being perfect . That helped me get stuff done. I figured human brain is a super critic and it already wants more. It’s important for me to get stuff done if I just tell my brain that finish is better than making something perfect. Another habit that helps me the most is always focus on what I’m doing in the moment. Difficult task becomes much more easier if I take it step by step and only focus what I am doing now instead of thinking one million steps in my mind. Starting by doing something small, and focus on each small steps, eventually I turn back I’ve already climbed a mountain. Read more>>

Carlos Ojeda | Filmaker

I feel that my determination and consistency are what make me successful. There are many times when it felt easier to just give up when things just did not go my way. Many times I wanted to give up and then out of nowhere a customer would call needing my services and that would remind me to keep on working. Because of my determination, I am now the Director of videography for the Orange County Fashion Week. I am responsible for all the filming projects that have to do with OC Fashion Week and the programming. My career will continue to only grow from here and I am excited to see what the future holds. Read more>>

Suzanne Colucci | Managing Partner and Creative Director

Success is defined so variably from person to person, but in the traditional sense of success, I feel like my consistency, persistence, and mindset have been the main 3 factors in making my business thrive. I’ve literally had to deal with every possible scenario of uncertainty and push back throughout the last 3 years and always looked at each situation as an opportunity to pivot, grow, learn, and do Better. The first habit I’ve implemented in order to maintain progress is consistency in action. I keep a routine, very much as if I worked for someone else. I go to be bed each night, jotting down the top priorities for the next day so I can get them out of my thought,s while winding down to sleep. I go to bed at a “decent” hour each night and focus on getting good, restorative sleep. I honor myself each morning with what I like to refer to as a “slow”morning. I give myself the time to wake up, not at a scurried pace, but rather at a natural pace. Read more>>

Italia Woodson | Sound Meditation Healer

Growing up, I always thought success was partly contingent on your abilities but mainly dependent on luck and good timing. The moment I changed my mindset and thought process on success, everything I wanted began to flow into my life. While I believe everyone’s idea of success varies, no matter what you want to achieve, your thoughts are the key to attracting what you want. The moment I began to give thanks for the things I wanted (even before they came into fruition), they always happened. I read something a few years ago that stated, “the subconscious mind is literal. It attracts the words you speak and the thoughts you think.” When you give thanks for the things you want to attract, your subconscious mind believes these things are already yours. When it’s already yours, success flows into your life with ease. Read more>>

Gigi Chen | Fine Artist & Illustrator

As a fine artist, I do not always have deadlines. This was especially true at the very beginning of my Art Life before I started showing my work in galleries and taking on commissions. I would start a painting and think “I have all the time in the world!!!” That is not realistic if the ultimate goal is to create a full and coherent body of work. I had to learn to treat being a painter as an actual JOB. I had to learn to put in my hours and make sure I was working as much as I could to complete a piece and to plan ahead for other works that would be in a series. Creating artificial deadlines, even with some wiggle room built in, was really good practice for when Real Life showed up and I actually had to meet Real Goals. Read more>>

Gillian Rae Perry | Composer & Songwriter

I’ve found that I personally work best with a routine. This has helped my composing significantly as I have a set amount of time that I write everyday. This keeps me from falling behind on my writing and also gives me peace of mind. Read more>>

Jake Faun | Guitarist

Just make a start, no matter how small of an action it may be. Repeat this process over and over again. The idea that successful people have a moment that launches them into fame and riches is rarely the case. For every overnight sensation there are years of work that often gets overlooked as it is not exciting, interesting or enticing to hear about, people would rather hear that a huge opportunity will land on your lap if you’re lucky enough. That opportunity only comes if you repeatedly put yourself in situations where it is likely to arise. In other words, make a start, work, do this over and over again and watch your career grow steadily and sustainably. If you’re further along your desired path today than you were last year, you’re doing the right thing. Read more>>

Nisha Asnani | Recording Artist/ Musician

Meditation! Having some time for myself every morning has changed the game. It also led to so many other benefits. I’ve found that creating a foundation of healthy habits is the most effective safety-net that support me as I face the challenges of being an artist. Read more>>

Ari Thurin | Creator

The habits that felt help me succeed are staying true to myself, being willing to take advice/criticism and grow from that. Also believing in myself. Read more>>

Andrea Joy Tucker | Associate Producer

Persistence! This industry is not for the faint of heart, and in many ways our career depends on the risks and chances that we take. It can always be scary starting something new or a new position, but like with anything the more time you spend doing something the better you’ll become. Read more>>

Chris Carr | Hyper- Creative Multi Disciplinary Artist

The habits that I feel have helped me succeed – not in order of significance. 1. Persistence and Work ethic: Every day I put a good amount of time into my work. I am a hyper creative – I make stuff all the time, My interests all require time for research, inception, practice, presentation in market, marketing/promotion, networking and project management. There is never enough time. As an emcee and producer, I work on raps/instrumentation daily; either writing, rehearsing, recording, mixing, performing and etc. Every day, No days off. I don’t pressure myself to do one more than another, I try to follow an organic developmental order of operations. Do what feels right..but make sure I do something everyday. I go through periods where I do more mixing and promotion and other times I am writing and touring…but my habit for years has been to work on the music every day. Read more>>

Juliana Blazuk | Founder & CEO of HUSTLE House

Habits are so powerful, and maybe it’s the Capricorn in me, but I love a good daily routine. For me, movement, a mindset practice and investing in myself have been habits that have really changed the game for me. Movement and exercise have been a very consistent part of my life since I was a teenager. I love anything endurance based and usually have some sort of race (half/full marathons, triathlons, etc.) on the books. I like the routine, commitment and physical benefits that comes with training. Exercise is both mental and physical, and it’s really helped me push myself beyond what I think my mind and body are capable of. Read more>>

Erika Ancien | Wellness Coach, Trainer and Yoga Instructor

Having a solid morning routine that sets my intentions for the day, and the vibration of my thoughts. It took me a while to figure out the right balance of free-flowing and rigid, and it finally feels like my own. Meditating every day, and a quick movement routine have become non-negotiable no matter where I am! Also, calendaring and time blocking everything as much as possible. I do this digitally, but also use a paper diary to assess the wins and areas for improvement at the end of the day, as well as set up the tasks for the next day. Read more>>

Deena Popper | Dancer, Creative, Artist, Athlete

I’m going to be cliche here and go with prayer, self work, and commitment. Starting off with prayer- kind of the obvious one to those in touch spiritually, however by far the most important. I truly believe God is the reason for my success in all areas of my life, career included. Over the years I have built a personal relationship with Him through prayer, intention, and honesty. Sometimes in the entertainment industry its easy to compare your success with others- “why didn’t I get that job”, “I fit that job perfectly” “he/she is always working” etc. We’re human, thoughts like this are normal, however I find that if I truly believe that everything for me cannot be taken from me, and that God’s blessings for me have my name on them and my name only- then thoughts like this clearly contradict my belief in Him and I knew I wasn’t okay with that. Read more>>

Josh Rotholz | Music Producer, Drummer & DJ

Being autodidactic from a young age – taking it upon myself to be intellectually curious and soak up as much information as I can on things I’m interested in, whether it be music, history, art, politics, philosophy, economics, foreign cultures, religion, you name it. The flip side of that coin, though, is taking time off from learning and soaking up information to focus back on one’s self and apply the knowledge one has gained. Read more>>

Shani Moslehi | Founder & President

I wake up early and before getting out of bed, I spend some time on my social media and update it. I also have a habit of being consistent, organized, and reliable! I answer emails promptly and follow up with people who ask questions. I am always in a giving mood! I help people out not to be rewarded but because it is my nature. Read more>>

Alex Oren | Artist, Producer, Curator

The most important habit to success right now is consistency. Growing the grounds for a good fanbase is just that simple. I find people tend to overthink it so much and its a big downfall for a lot of artists but at the end of the day it just comes out to putting out dope shit. I like to think in rules of threes, so if an artist drops three fire songs I’m a fan its really as simple as that. Secondly you need to have persistence, your gonna find that most great opportunities rarely pan out, so take everyone as a shot but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Read more>>

Ashley Featherson | Food Scientist & Psoriasis Awareness

There are so many habits that lead to success but the top ones that contributed to my success are organization, prioritizing, self-care, and reading. 1)Organizing- When I set goals and make plans to accomplish those goals, I get more done and feel less stressed or overwhelmed. I write everything down; something as simple as grocery lists can lead to success. For example, I waste a lot of time looking around the store without a list versus having one, getting the groceries done quicker. I now have more time to put towards personal or career goals. 2)Prioritizing- This is in line with organizing. We all have things to complete and sometimes we may put a lot on our plate. Taking the time out to arrange tasks by priority helps productivity. 3)Self-care – this is so important because success doesn’t last without maintaining overall health. A few of my self care activities include exercising, meal prepping to maintain a healthy diet, and meditating. 4) Reading- increasing knowledge is a major key. There’s always more to learn. Read more>>

Ky Schultz | Founder

Definitely persistence — for both myself, my team and my business. There have been so many times that so many challenges were thrown our way in which being persistent, digging deep, and truly believing in our own mission carried us through. Sometimes, when faced with certain challenges, I would begin to second guess if everything I am doing is really even worth it? But after pushing through, I inevitably feel I am making the right decision by persisting. Looking back on 10 years of business, I am happy with all the time I spent trying to solve problems time and time again until I engineered a way to make it work. Owning a business is very hard. In my first few years I did not plan for taxes properly, understand how to track or manage multiple clients projects, know how to build a website, or even what direction I was really trying to steer my company. But, persistence prevailed. I struggled through learning the ins and outs of taxes. Read more>>

PHAR (Raphaël Dargent) | Film Composer

As a film composer, it is sometimes challenging to take a real break and not feel guilty about it. I used to feel that I needed to spend every minute working as hard as I could to achieve my goals. Turns out it is a lot easier if you’re able to draw a clear line between your job and your life. The latter is where you get all the inspiration from. Read more>>

KLD. | Recording Artist / Music Producer z

I feel like once I finally felt confident in the path I had decided to go on, the biggest help was the consistent work ethic. Since home recording and production was a newer concept around 2011-12, it was much harder to find exact information and tools to do so. Because of that missing information it forced a creative to truly inspire themselves and continuously create something totally from nothing , which in some cases is still prominent today. Another habit of many independent artists in the industry such as myself, is to stay in touch with many of their favorite artists and see how seriously they take their craft. That above anything was really heavy motivation for me to continue every week to create something that was ground-breaking. Read more>>

Josh Opper | Storyteller (Producer/Director/Actor/Photographer

To succeed, I have had to manifest daily goals, which help pursue larger goals I set throughout the year. Because the nature of being a freelancer, new projects come up out of the blue, which temporarily pushes my goals to the side, adding new goals along the way. In my days of starting out as a storyteller, I am thankful to have had the humbleness to give my time freely, learning on a wide variety of projects. Being a multi-dimensional storyteller allows me to apply my experiences everything I work on. Doing what I love helps me keep persevere through all opportunity costs. Read more>>

Michael H. Forde | Public Health Professional & Author

The habits that I believed helped me succeed were consistency, determination, and association with people who want to see me succeed. Consistency looks like doing the same thing every day, but in small, manageable steps. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with big projects and goals from the start, but breaking things down piece by piece will pay off in the long run. Determination for me looks like not giving up when I feel like I want to throw in the towel and to keep trying to make things work – it’s only a matter of time before it happens. And last, being around the right people can make the difference between your success and your failure. Have people in your corner who believe in you, who inspire you to be better, who want to see you win. Those three habits allowed me to be where I am today and will continue to take me to more places in the future. Read more>>

Jeremy + Mariko Wang | Owner: Jeremy + Mariko Wang | Cleaning

While being a hard-worker is very important, I was also taught the value of being a smart worker. We implement cleaning techniques that are not only done is an efficient manner, but that result in a more superior cleaning. Having strong moral values is something that is important to each one on our team, and we try to deal honestly and fairly with everyone. Read more>>

Quandell Wright | Designer

Some of the habits that helped me succeed was waking up early. Getting up around 5am every morning for the last 2 years has helped me stay ahead. It gave me time to mediate, pray, and work and by noon I’m done with taking care of me and assignments for my brand. Read more>>

Nili Askari | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

One of the biggest habits that I feel as though has helped me on my road to success has been being okay with making mistakes. I have changed my narrative of looking at my mistakes as failures, instead I have always looked at it as what is the lesson that I have learned from this. I have also adopted the habit of making sure I don’t let anyone cross the boundaries that I have obtained for myself, no matter what part of my life it occurs: work, home, and relationships. Read more>>

Andy Toy | Musician

This may seem like an oversimplification, but being a good communicator and putting people at ease goes such a long way! There is no substitution for effective, concise communication. If you can send a text or an email telling someone exactly what you need and expect, it can save so much time and stress for everyone. Likewise, the ability to make people feel comfortable, relaxed and good about themselves around you in a genuine way is an essential skill. After all, there’s hundreds of people (and probably robots!) that can do what I do, but emotion and personality make us human. If you always have a kind word and can put anyone at ease, you’ll stand out in any line of work. Read more>>

Jai’Lyn Spivey | Entrepreneur and Content Creator

The habits I feel that has helped me succeed are creating morning routine , being consistent , and proper planning. For me creating a morning routine has been my holy grail. I like to start my day with meditation and intention setting which allows me to be grounded and focused. Secondly , being consistent with my goals allow me to have a clear and precise understanding of what I desire to accomplish. Lastly , proper planning with creating content keeps me on track with social media posts and keeping my ideas fresh and innovative . My favorite motto is ” Stay ready so you never have to get ready”. Read more>>

Aisha Dillard

Manifestation, alone time, discipline, spending time with people that accept and make me feel good about myself. Dancing, smiling and fellowship, and sometimes giving in to the bad days. Feel all of it, so you can have gratitude for the good ones. I feel like I am a magician of sorts. When I practice the above fruitful, wonderful, inspiring and needed opportunities come by way. Read more>>

S’von | Musician & Producer

One of the most overlooked habits that everyone should possess for success is, follow through. It sounds simple. However, a lot of us (especially creatives) don’t value or do it. Return all texts, phone calls and emails. Just being consistent with follow ups makes you stand out and it is so easy to do. A lot of times, people only respond according to their enthusiasm about the project or situation. We don’t realize that this is your first impression. We don’t realize that there were several calls out to multiple people for the same spot. We don’t realize that everyone is busy. The more eager and enthusiastic you appear to be, the more a person that is making the decisions will lean your way. Don’t inundate people with multiple calls, texts and emails…just follow up promptly and consistently and you will be surprised how many people will notice that and remember you. And, it doesn’t cost you anything. Read more>>

Jasmine Gayton | CEO & Mentor

Being persistent and staying motivated to reach the end goal!. Read more>>