There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others.  We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Arielle Miller | Renegade Badass Bitch

One of the most important factors behind the success of my brand and the work I do is authenticity. For me, being completely true to others about what I am experiencing, whether it’s to share in success, or be honest about my life’s struggles is important in the role I play in this world and how I connect with others. I believe that what people need is a dose of honesty that is often lacking in our day to day interactions. I think my openness about my triumphs and challenges resonate with people because I am real–my social media isn’t just a highlight reel. It’s REAL and in today’s world; we crave genuinely connecting with others through the stories of our lives. Read more>>

Monique Figueiredo | Founder

Our partnerships. Compostable’s foundation is built on value-aligned partners. We cannot grow without ensuring their growth as well. This is how all company’s should be developed, to foster collaboration and mutual success. This creates a interconnected web within our communities that ensure diversity and resiliency. Read more>>

Jenn Reno | Reiki Healer & Meditation Teacher

I believe the most important factor to begin was my willingness to be completely open and vulnerable about myself and everything I had been through. When I stopped trying to filter my journey and make things look or sound “pretty” I not only found myself experiencing the greatest shift in emotional and physical healing but my path became really clear and I started attracting clients. These clients are on a journey that is similar to me they just need to be seen, loved, and understand that they are exactly where they are supposed to be. I always try to meet people where they are & in our work together either through Reiki/ Energy Healing or Meditation we create a clearer vision of what is to come. Read more>>

Tiffany Henderson | CEO, Founder & Certified Extreme Execution Coach

The most important factor behind my success is having a relationship with God and believing that with prayer and grind; I can do anything I put my mind to. Secondly, most important factor is consistency. Making sure my brand is consistently visible by offering consistent programs year around and a consistent social media presence. Read more>>

Arsineh Hoonanian | CEO

The most important factor behind the success of our brand and business, has always been the ability to push forward and never give up. When we first started Little Artist Party over 10 years ago, we were faced with endless challenges, as most startup businesses do. Whether it was figuring out how to balance work and personal life, developing the right business strategies, or simply believing in our brand, the process of getting to where we are today, was motivated by our long term goals and vision. Another important factor behind the success of our brand and business is truly the amazing clientele and partners we’ve worked with over the years. Read more>>

Christinna Chauncey | Actor, Coach, Studio Owner & Motivator

Great question, easy answer. Being “purpose-driven” as opposed to “profit-driven.” Yes of course turning a profit matters greatly! But it shouldn’t be what drives a business, otherwise that lack of substance may ultimately lead to the business’s demise, or at the very least, people will feel it. For me personally, I didn’t set out to build a studio teaching actors audition technique. It all happened very organically. I was an actor out there beating the pavement like so many others trying to book work, and then out of the blue in 2000 I had the unique opportunity to work in network television casting, and that experience blew my mind. Read more>>

Breece Justice | Illustrator & Presentation Designer

This is an incredible question! I believe there are two factors behind the success of my brand and work. 1: The impact on the audience. 2: If I was challenged by the mission. The first most important thing to me as an illustrator, presentation designer, graphic designer, and artist is how my work makes others feel. If my work inspires someone, makes them more confident with their message, or makes them feel understood… that is GOLD to me. 🙂 It is my mission to understand what others are incapable of visualizing, and then telling their story. Read more>>

Piero Desopo | Art director & 3D Artist

My education. I’ve been fortunate enough to study art in a way that wasn’t specifically focused on computer graphics. This allowed me to have a broader view of the means of communication. The studying of music at a Conservatory trained me to be disciplined. The methods taught were quite strict and you had to follow the rules, something that was hard to do for a kid like myself at that point in time of my life, but now I’m really grateful that my parents gave me that opportunity. That life experience set the foundation for my method, discipline, and consistency that carried over into my professional career. Read more>>

Ryan Butler | Chief Executive Officer & Founder

There have been many factors behind my personal success: my skills, positive mental attitude, creativity, mentors, authenticity, open-mindedness, but, I’d say my passion champions over it all. I have a passion not only to see my self succeed but to see those around me succeed in their goals as well. If I have the power to bridge my circle to achieve a goal or connect the dots for them to excel, I’ll do all within my power to help them accomplish their endeavors. As far as my brand, Espada Creative Agency, our success would be due to the execution of our client’s projects. Everyone on my roster is highly skilled, talented, professionals in their fields, and we all come from different walks of life. Read more>>

Elena Jacobson | Gallery Manager & Curator

Gabba Gallery has a warm and welcoming vibe. Much of the art world can be intimidating so people really appreciate how comfortable they feel at Gabba, especially if they are new to the scene. We have built a vibrant community of artists and art-lovers who are fun to be around. Our openings are lively and unpretentious with a DJ spinning groovy tunes and a taco stand outside. Our prices are affordable and always posted on the wall, no need to ask for a list. We believe art is for everyone and strive to make Gabba feel like home to anyone who cares about art. Read more>>

Jeff Jackson | Mixing Engineer & Owner

The most important factor behind my success is my resiliency. My ability to take a loss, learn from it and keep going. In many ways it’s automatic. Read more>>

Ken Joseph | Composer of Music For Film & Television

I think it’s the integrity of my work. If I promise I will deliver a score by a certain date then I will do whatever it takes to adhere to that delivery schedule. Deadlines and quality are extremely important to me. For most clients, the project is something that they have been working on for many years through development, financing, production, and finally post production. They have already put their own blood, sweat, and tears into the work so I need to approach their project in the same manner. Read more>>

Diana Shannon Young | Multi-disciplined Visual Artist & Aritst Beyond Bounds PopUp Gallerist

The ability to not take yourself so seriously and the determination to perservere through darkness and light, no matter what, has lead the way to a successful Creative career. As a successful multi-disciplined visual artist….I live for the excitement that each morning brings. I find it thrilling and satisfiying to just try everyday to be better than the person I was yesterday… A better, artist, a better business person, a better family member, just a better human being. .. My brand is of uptmost importance,. The collectors of my Art, the ones that follow my work understand my intentions, that’s my tribe, my muse… As an artist I strive to inspire, motivate and enlighten the viewer through the use of color composition or abstract reality. Read more>>

Viviana Escobar | Wellness Advisor, Breathwork Practitioner & Trainer

Integrity, discipline, love for what I do, optimism, authenticity, openness, resilience, consistency, all have been very important for me but in my experience, to succeed in business the most important factor is passion. When your heart beats with purpose, you’re unstoppable. Passion is a guarantee that you’ll persevere when things get complicated and when passion is combined with integrity you can be even more successful in the long run. Read more>>

Laura Buenrostro | Hairstylist, Color Expert & Freelancer

One of the most important factors that has impacted my career is, I have had peers with many years of experience in my industry that have taken the time to teach and guide me through this artist industry. I’ve taken every lesson that has been taught to me and apply it to my career. It has helped me grow in my business and my brand. Read more>>

Lorraine Salazar | Founder

The most important factor behind my brand is authenticity. I use authentic nontoxic ingredients in my candles, the scents are authentic, and my story is authentic. I think this is the most important quality in a brand. I just make a product that is true to me, my life, and that I think will relate to my customers. I keep them in mind when creating new scents and try to give them something they can appreciate. The candles I create have special meanings such as a memory, time, place, or idea that resonates with my customers. I never stray from this formula or make something that isn’t true to what I believe in or what I can stand behind. I don’t because I know that if I do, they will see right through it. It would be cheesy! Read more>>

Kenny Azama | Founder

The most important factor behind my success and the success of The Wander Club is that I’m okay with not being perfect. There’s this mantra that I picked up from a Navy Seal Officer named Jocko Willink, and the mantra is simply, “Good.” I repeat that to myself whenever I’m faced with an obstacle and it helps me reframe my mindset to a more productive one. For example, my website’s not ready to launch yet…Good. I can publish it now and collect valuable feedback while my traffic is low. I haven’t figured out my fulfillment flow yet…Good. I have an opportunity to create operating procedures as I learn what works best and what doesn’t. My product launch totally flopped…Good. Now I know what doesn’t work and can focus on what does. Good is better than perfect. Read more>>

Shere Ermilio | Creative Event Services

The most important factor behind the success of Vita Perfetta is the people. That means a few different things. The talent we work with and who are part of the Vita Perfetta family make the company what it is. They bring their skills and their creativity and make us super unique. The other factor when it comes to people is the people that we serve. Our customers push us to continue to innovate and come up with awesome, fun, creative ideas to make events seriously unforgettable. Without the support of our clients and their passion for making amazing memories, we’d be lost! Read more>>

Sherry Sanvictores, MSN, NP | Dermatology & Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

The habits of engagement such as attentive listening, taking time to talk, showing enthusiasm and appreciation, being approachable and available, and collaboration, I believe have all contributed to my success as a medical provider. The strategies mentioned comes with ease since I love what I do in providing care and this drives me to perform at my best to give my patients great outcomes. In doing this, the connections I’ve made have resulted in long-term relationships and referrals that have been invaluable to my practice. Read more>>