There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Colin Klein | CEO of Fleet Feet Burbank and Encino

I am firm believer that change is good and we must continually evolve in what we do and how we do it. Our customers expect more out of us each year and we need to rise to the challenge to stay relevant. We are a specialty retail store focusing on the active lifestyle, specifically running and walking, while also creating weakly and monthly events that bring the community together. Read more>>

Connie and Jakki Wong | Founders, Sisters

Wee Monster is big on our philosophy – KIDS SHOULD BE KIDS. Sure, we focus on high quality styles like 100% cotton pieces, knit and sewn in Los Angeles, pre-washed/pre-shrunk… the list goes on. But it’s all about how the kids feel when they put Wee Monster on! We want Wee Monster to create space where kids don’t need to fit into a box or shape. An opportunity we didn’t have growing up. Your monster wants to learn to surf while eating tacos? Read more>>

Sergio Barbasso | Founder and Festival Director at Vegas Movie Awards™

No doubt having created our Film Festival with a mission that everyone in our industry says they pursue but then no one really seems to care about: treating filmmakers as human beings instead of numbers. To really want to empower the person behind the artist, to really listen to their needs, and proudly show our own vulnerability and values such as GROWTH, EMPATHY, and CONNECTION, which are our own values in private life. Read more>>

Amy Jarman | Director of A&R at Production Club

I would have to say that the most important lesson I’ve learned from my career so far is to know what you don’t know! Be aware of the skill sets you don’t have or the certain areas of your industry that you don’t have expertise in and make it a mission to either learn more about it, or make sure the experts in these areas are involved when they should be. I know in the music business, and probably in many different industries, people end up wearing many different hats, which I know is often unavoidable, Read more>>

Alexis Rhone Fancher | Photographer/Poet/Editor

Passion, planning, persistence. That’s what the left side of my brain shouts out. Inspiration, creation, the magic that happens between photographer and client, my right brain insists. Oh, yes. There’s trust. Both sitter and shooter enter into a contract: The sitter will open their soul to my camera, give me a peek to what’s inside. The photographer will honestly record what I see, searching for the client’s inner truth. Read more>>

Joy Voltaire | Savings Strategist & Edutainer

The most important factor behind the success of my personal/business brand, is our shared ability to be relevant and relatable to our audience (community) when presenting topics in the area of financial education. When I create or post content for my personal brand (Trendy Savings), I often become more transparent or vulnerable to speak to the pain and needs of my community from a real & relatable place. I also love to use dance and my comedic personality to ease them into, what can be considered difficult but necessary conversations. I believe my heart for people, passion for teaching and desire to build community is what ultimately makes my brand successful. Read more>>

Nishaun McCall | Father/Husband gym lover, one who loves to be love and give love.

The most important factor behind my success is surrounding myself with individuals who will keep it always real with me never stroking my ego. The success behind BODIEDBYMAC is proven results, i find that individuals believe in me because they know my story. They know that my results didn’t happen over night and watched the transformaion. Read more>>

Falon Foss | Owner & Designer

I would say the most important factor behind my brand/success is authenticity. I try my best to make sure in every interaction, piece I create and post I make to be genuine and authentic. I will say that I think my return business/clients come back because I am honest, relatable and informative, but most of all because my business and pieces are authentic. They are what they say they are, I am who I say I am and I really do genuinely…well, give a shit. I care about how they feel, I want to make sure they have the very best service and experience. Read more>>

Nikola Botha | Online entrepreneur and freedom coach

O, this is an interesting one, and I think there are so many factors that play a role in ones success and it is not always one thing that gets one there, but the small, seemingly insignificant things that we do consistently that show results. The things that are easy to do, but also easy not to do, but over time led to the success that you are looking for. So I’ll have to say consistency is key! And the one thing that has led to our success. And then also, AUTHENTICITY. It is so so important! And being your true self and speaking form a place of realness is the best you can offer! Read more>>

Jeff Shelton | ARCHITECT

There are endless important factors that have to work out to have a project be successful. The first is to define what successful is. In my case, a project needs to be a joy to design and build, for both the client and contractor, no matter the struggles and setbacks, because the attitudes and relationships during the whole design process are ultimately reflected in the walls of the building, and in the end, the building needs to sit comfortably on its site as if this building was the only building that could have occupied the space, Read more>>

Gina Clarke-Helm | Head Chef- Owner of Malibu Seaside Chef

There are many factors behind my success and the success of my brand. I believe success comes in many forms and starts from a vision, goals, planning, preparation, failures and a learning for others. For me, being authentic and approachable to my clients gives them a sense of connection to my brand. There are many great chefs in our industry, but what I pride myself on is giving my clients 5 star service and attention to the smallest details. Success comes from commitment to excellence and understanding the importance of a meal beyond the food, but as an experience. Read more>>

Stephanie Lyons | Personal Trainer, Life Enthusiast & Online Content Creator

The most important factor behind my success is consistency. Consistency first and foremost with myself. In how I take care of myself and nourish my heart, mind, soul and body daily. Next, consistency with my business both online and in person with my clients. My YouTube team and clients all depend on me to show up every day and each day they know exactly who they are going to get and what to expect from me, our conversations and workout together. I am dedicated to not only help my clients an online community get strong but I want them to feel good and proud of who they are after our interactions. Read more>>

Sarah Torres | Textile Waste Enthusiast

The most crucial factor of Camas Lilly Company is my approach to textile waste. I view discarded materials and cutting scraps as opportunities to make something beautiful. My slow fashion production uses Deadstock fabric. These are textiles that more prominent brands and fabric mills have abandoned. I avoid excess waste by manufacturing in small batches and using made-to-order models. Patterns are cleverly laid out to minimize cutting scraps, and whatever is left over is upcycled into additional products such as scrunchies, headbands, and filling for pet pillows. Read more>>

Kayli Sandoval | Editor & Graphic Designer

I think the key part to becoming successful in your craft is accepting failure. As a creative, I view myself as my greatest adversary and challenge. Overcoming the fear of failure and “what would happen if XYZ doesn’t turn out the way I want it to?” leads to the discovery of new approaches to something that is no longer working. Read more>>

Shiva Negar | Actress & Producer

Persistence and perseverance! Pursuing an artistic / creative career as an Actor I believe is one of the most challenging, competitive and difficult fields to be in. I don’t say that because of the actual work that goes into a performance and portraying characters and telling stories. Yes that can also at times be draining, physically, emotionally and psychologically. However I think that is in fact the best and the fun part of it all, where you get to play and dive into your roles and immerse yourself in the stories you tell. Read more>>

Mike & Celine Frausto | Jiu Jitsu Academy Owner | Instructor

The most important factor behind our success is simply understanding that our industry is a very small and tight knit community. We do everything that we can to maintain that community and family vibe when you come in to train with us, whether you are a member of our academy or not. We still have to be very mindful of the people coming in to train because we don’t want any of our own students getting injured training with visitors, but we’ve been able to keep the positive training environment that most people are looking for. Read more>>

Sara Gabriele | owner & sommelier

The most important factor behind the success of Gabi James is, without question, passion. Everything we do here comes from our hearts. We care deeply about every beverage and dish that we serve and about making sure that our guests truly enjoy their experience at Gabi James. Read more>>