There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Glenn Marsden | CEO & Founder

Consistency In building the imperfectly Perfect Campaign to an international level within 12 months, it was being consistent at being consistent daily. For 12 months straight I was almost regimented in my schedule. My schedule was mapped out and any white gaps were utilized to explore further areas that I needed to build the campaign authority within its niche. A typical day for me would consist of: 4am wake up 4:30am gym whilst simultaneously listening to audiobooks and podcasts on marketing, branding, public relations, networking 6:am ( I did construction 6 days a week 12 hour days for those 12 months) 7pm: Get home and spend 2 hours with the family before they went to bed. 9pm: Networking for 30 minutes 9:30pm press releases / media kits out international to spread the IPC global message 10:30pm Prepare the next days social media platform posts / record podcast episodes with US market (timezone worked well. Read more>>

Landon Asbury | Broker Associate & Realtor

Having integrity has helped build the business. I am always transparent, serve my client’s needs first. The money will follow. Read more>>

Christopher Brown | Portrait & Fashion Photographer

The habit of staying consistent and working on your craft everyday single day. I am someone that learns by actually doing so watching youtube videos isn’t that helpful for me unless I’m physically doing the work. If you are relentless and passionate about something and work at it every day, no question you will get better. Focusing on one thing at a time and being patient with your progress is not an easy thing to do. You have to celebrate the small wins as you go and really ask yourself if you’re actually enjoying the journey or just want the end result. If you enjoy what you’re doing you should have no problem setting a time every day to work at it. Consistency has always been my strongest attribute to photography. I’ve gained the ability to build habits and sticking to them as part of my creative process. Read more>>

Robbie Joseph | Director & Photographer

I found I was asking myself all the time what is the key to success. What individual skill or tactic was going to push me to succeed. Over time I began to learn that it wasn’t just one singular thing that would provide that breakthrough, but rather a collection of different things. The first one for me was being kind, attentive and as much of a good person as I can be. Making that an active pursuit of doing business but being a good person while doing it was critical in me receiving many of the opportunities afforded to me. The second I found was always being ready to work, work and work some more. There were months where I would work every day in that month, be it on productions or in the photo studio on the weekends when I had a 9-5 during the week. I was and still am always ready to jump at the chance to work. Read more>>

Lindsey Zizzo | Co-Founder & Owner

Perpetual mindfulness, gratitude and confidence. Your perception and thought patterns affect your energetic vibration which ultimately influences what you attract into your life. Read more>>

Tanya Kormeili MD | Board Certified Dermatologist

Humility! I always ask others for help or at least try to see how others do things. By being open to others ways of doing things, and their wisdom, I either learn new things to get reassurance that what I am doing is just fine! I never take it for granted that “if it is not broken don’t fix it!” I look for improvement and inquire from other smart people how things can be done better. I learn so much from just about everyone. I also find very good friends as I am also willing to share and help others grow! Read more>>

Alma Batista | Pianist, Composer & Educator

To be successful and self-sufficient as a self-employed musician, the most important habit that has helped me has been to adapt quickly to my environment. When the pandemic first hit, I had to close my music studio and stop in-person lessons. To this day, all of my teachers and I have continued teaching virtual voice and piano lessons online. We lost many of our students. However, some chose to join us in the virtual adventure. Those students have been able to adapt to this new normal, that although not perfect, has allowed us to continue teaching them to become better musicians. Video conferencing technology has been in place for some time, but we had never considered it until we had to do so. We adapted quickly, and now we teach students that are hundred of miles away from us. Read more>>