While it’s inspiring to read high level summaries of success stories, we think it’s just as important to learn about what drove the success and made it possible. We’ve asked some of the brightest folks we know to open up about what they believe was the most important factor behind their success.

Marissa Tuer | it’s peachy | Cultivate & Conquer

The key to success of both it’s peachy and now Cultivate & Conquer, has everything to do with ONE important factor… core values. I’ve built it’s peachy on a system of values that have carried through to my next business. Our culture tends to overlook the importance of having a strong value system and I wan’t to be a part of that change. My business is built on integrity, honesty, genuine relationships, kindness, hope, commitment, loyalty and philanthropy. Everything I do in business is based on these values. Read more>>

Sabino Sernia | Lawyer

Talent and perseverance. Talent is something you are blessed by so help to speed up any achievement in your life, but perseverance is very important, too. If you have a dream or a goal, you never have to stop chasing it. I have seen a lot of people and colleagues in my life giving up their goals just because they did not believe in themselves. I totally agree with Steve Job said “Stay hungry, stay foolish”: you always need to be hungry, even if the success has came because there is always something more to gain…and to be foolish, because a fool is a person able to see beyond the normal life… Read more>>

Nick Kandelaki | Celebrity Manager and Live Event Producer

I would say persistence.. I am very persistent when I want something badly… There is no way to stop my desire or detour from my desires. My family and my wife know thats :). I think persistence helped me a lot in my life. I am from the country of Georgia (Eastern Europe) and seeing myself now in Los Angeles is a miracle. My vision was always to study and to work abroad, to be succesful and to make my country proud through entertainment industry. I always saw a bigger picture and I was ambitious to achieve bigger goals in life. That is how I raised the funds through various sponsors to study in London and later on in Los Angeles. Read more>>

Josan Iracheta | Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success is my perseverance. I never give up, no matter what. No matter how big the obstacle may be, I always find a way. And I’ve been like this since I can remember. If you want to succeed, you need to have full faith in yourself. Whenever I start a new project, I know I’m going to succeed. And I remind myself of this during the hard times where it feels like everything is going against you and doubt starts creeping in. Read more>>

jordan greenfield | ceo founder hoo.be – cmo founder aloe attiva

Any success I have had I attribute to the people I have surrounded myself with. If I have one trait that differentiates me from others it is my ability to rally the brightest minds and the most passionate individuals around a common mission and goal. Individually, I would say the trait that has kept me passionate and committed to the ultimate goal through the unavoidable hurdles you face as a founder, including surviving a global pandemic, that trait would without a doubt be persistence. I refuse to lose and that is a mentality my team has embraced and embodies on a daily basis. Read more>>

Jason Hsiao | Real Estate Developer and investor.

It’s about putting people first and the personal connections. A big developer probably would’ve came in and made decisions that were driven by profit and led to a very different finish product. We could’ve also just left everything up to the architect and broker to have a cookie cutter building and tenant mix. Instead we pour over every little detail and worked hand in hand with our tenants to design and build out the space of their dreams. Read more>>

Cassandra Costello | CEO + Founder I MoonLab Productions

Transparency. Since I started MoonLab Productions, I wanted to make sure that we stayed true to our values by giving the best guidance to our clients throughout the decision making process, even if the final decision or suggestion is not favorable to MoonLab. Over time, this honest approach cultivates a high level of trust from our clients and blossoms into what some would call a partnership. By investing time to understand their brand and team structure, avoiding in-line markup on hard costs (so our clients know what they are actually paying for), and being honest with our capabilities, MoonLab often finds itself being treated as an in-house agency for our top clients. Read more>>

Lillian Farzan | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Owner of Grounded Therapy

Integrity has been a guiding factor in my pursuits as both a therapist and business owner. Clients and those in community with me typically report feeling connected to me due to my integrity and relatability. Though there may be an implied power dynamic in traditional therapeutic relationships, i.e “expert,” and client, I lead instead with the perspective that my client is the expert of their own life. I find that this helps mitigate feelings of intimidation or nervousness that a new client may experience. Read more>>

Stephanie Reading | Bar Manager/Program Director

Although I believe the success of my cocktail programs can be greatly attributed to my palate, ultimately I think the most important factor is my attention to detail. Admittedly I’m a little bit of a workaholic and perfectionist and I think the combination of the two are the driving factors behind my work ethic, ethos, and ultimately success. If I’m going to do something, I’m going do it 110%, make sure it’s done right and that it is the best. This applies to everything, from the cocktails themselves to how I run the bar and my team. Read more>>

Marika Beroukas | Branding & Creative Director

At my last corporate position, I was hired as the first person in that role which allowed me freedom to build. I was able to succeed and fail at a lot of things over the years that instilled really important skills in me. When I moved from corporate to freelance full time, taking risks felt like a regular part of doing business. Rather than being scared of the unknown, I approach new opportunities knowing it may not work out the way I’d like it to and that’s alright. In fact, a lot of my best results have come from an end product that shifted a lot during the process. I believe that to be one of my best business qualities – adapting to the direction that feels right, even if it’s unfamiliar. I have a vision for where I want to be professionally, but I’m not glued to a specific path and I think that’s important. Read more>>

Rochele Jones | Natural Hair Stylist and Natural Hair Care Product Maker

The most important factor behind starting my business was to prove to myself that it could be done. I follow my dreams and tackled my goals and everything trusted God for be bought to become my reality. Read more>>

Jameelat Bakare | Speech Language-Pathologist, Entrepreneur , Influencer/Content Creator

I believe the most important factor behind my success and overall brand is being unafraid to be myself. In the digital/ social media space sometimes its easy to get lost in trends and trying to keep up with the joneses. Ive learned through the years of being a content creator/influencer that there is power in my authenticity and uniqueness. As a black muslim woman, The way I share my thoughts, my values, myself, resonates with people who need to see me show up as me. It has helped me find my online community of individuals who are inspired to do the same. Like wow, if she can do it so can I. Representation matters especially as a Black muslim girl/woman. My success / brand is nothing without their support and love. Read more>>

Morgan Absher | Two Hot Takes Podcast Creator/Host & Occupational Therapist

I would have to say the people I have in my corner. I may be the one running the show and content creation, but it is the quality people I have on the show that make it so successful. A big motivator for me starting this podcast was my partner Justin. He finally had enough with me talking about it, and just went ahead and bought the equipment for me that I needed to get recording. All my guest co-hosts lend authentic, unique takes to the show and bring their spin to the stories–Justin, Jerry, Lauren and Alejandra all bring so much to Two Hot Takes. Without these people the show and business wouldn’t be as successful. Having quality people is the basis of any successful business, especially on a podcast show like this. Read more>>

Raina Lee | Artist Working in Ceramics

To make work that doesn’t look like any one else’s and to not be afraid of making pieces that aren’t “beige” or safe sell. In making ceramics, you spend a few years purely learning technique, and to excel at anything you start by imitating the greats, learning the method your teachers make things, and learning and even copying peers, all for the sake of extending your skill set. You don’t really get comfortable in your own skill visually until you can master technique– for me it’s form making and glaze making. Only then can you push the limits of the material and get the outcomes you want, versus mistakes just being wabi sabi. Also, when I look to see what’s out there in ceramic art and interiors in general, I can see trends and aesthetics that have taken over. I feel it in my gut that I don’t want to make things that already exist, so for me its instinctual to try to make something else. Read more>>

Adesijibomi Owoseni | Influencer and Content Creator

I would say that the most important factor behind my success and success of my brand is constantly telling myself and keeping it at the back of my mind that everything I do is trial and error, if it fails I get to figure out where I went wrong, fix it and get better at it. Read more>>

Tony Rocks Estrada | Media & Artist Relations / Publicist

Always follow your Passion! Make that extra effort, no matter how hard it takes to accomplish your goal, this is necessary to get what you want. And Deffinitely , be consistent. Is The Key. Read more>>

Jett Black | CEO and Founder Sweet Release Agency, Award-Winning Adult Industry Publicist, Sex Worker & LGBTQI Activist

The success of my career as a Marketer and Publicist comes from valuing people and their impact in my life, fostering strong relationships with honesty, transparency and great communication. I am a big believer in the transference of energy and that surrounding yourself with positive influence and maintaining a healthy, active and stimulated mind always finding the positive in everything that you do, increases your success rate. Read more>>

Amanda Fletcher | Writer, Editor & Coach – Founder, HALO Holistic Wellness

The concept of the wounded healer. I first heard this from my writing mentor, Samantha Dunn. She applied it to the memoir I have been working on about breaking my neck in a diving accident in 2002, I think she referred to the narrator (me) as the “wounded sage”. Now I know that the wounded healer has roots in Greek mythology and Jungian psychology, but what really resonates is the meaning. That the desire to heal is born out of our own wounds. Read more>>

Ramiro Marziani | Guitarist, Composer and Instructor

It all comes down to preparation. I think of brand as everything you represent and the process behind it. When you choose a path, in my case a studio and touring guitarist, you become an artist in defining yourself so that you can be seen in the music industry. For me it comes down to always being ready for any situation and staying sharp on the most fundamental musical skills. Not only technique, but spacial awareness and sensitivity to sound and time. Read more>>