We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until you’re clear on what your values and principles are. Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult. Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Brent Moon | General Manager

Just believe. If you don’t believe in something magical in this world, then you might spend your life without wonder. Magic is nothing more than changing reality through belief. The magician performs their illusions by making the audience suspend their notion of possible, if only for a moment. In that moment there’s wonder. Believe. There is still adventure and possibility in this world and so much Hope. Read more>>

Yingka Chou | Principal Planner & Designer

I value hard work, being humble and kindness to others. All of these are important factors in a personal preference, but especially for my business and the events industry. I’ve found that the strongest relationships I have with others in this industry are those who have built their business with their own two hands, sleepless nights, and struggled. To be able to keep in mind that everyone has their own hardships and path to overcome means that when I’m coming to them for business, they’re not out to make a quick buck or exploit me but looking out for one another and building a relationship. These values also mean that if I’m in a bind or vice versa, we know who we can turn to for accountability and know that we have a safety net. Read more>>

Brett Miller | CEO

Integrity is my highest value in life and business. To me, this encompasses honesty, accountability and hard work. It give me the confidence to take big swings as I believe most anything is possible if it is seen through with integrity. Read more>>

Ryan Jordan | Founder & CEO

The value of integrity. I believe that honesty and authenticity are the driving force behind my personal and professional choices and the way I parent and lead. Doing right by people is important and having conversations from a place of love. Having integrity means doing the right thing even if it’s uncomfortable. Doing the right thing whether anyone notices. Keeping promises. Being accountable for my actions and admitting when I have made a mistake. Growing, learning, and being responsible for the choices I make. Showing up every day from a place of truth. That’s the good stuff. Read more>>

Rebecca Lemme | Dance Maker, Educator, Facilitator & Founder

In both my personal and professional life as a dance maker, educator, facilitator, and performer, my guiding principle is to try to meet people where they are–to understand and love them for their uniqueness and to create opportunities for them to feel seen, heard, and important–to nurture spaces where people can come together to learn from each other and grow in empathy and compassion. This has been a value of my company, Acts of Matter, since its founding in 2014. Acts of Matter is a project-based performance group with a mission of revealing and reveling in our greater humanity through investment in process and collaboration. The work of the company is grounded in an unfettered willingness to attempt something while accepting the possibility of its failure. This physical exertion—this act of trying—is the core of humanity in the work. Read more>>

Sophie Malahieude | Ayurveda Wellness Consultant & Yoga Teacher

Honesty is one of my moral values. Living up to this principle is sometimes challenging because I have to ask myself profound questions but on the other hand, I am enjoying my life more. As a teenager I wanted to fit into society, with my friends. I wanted to please my family and teachers. I was pushing myself in directions to be like them but I was not really me. At some point I asked myself who I really was and what I wanted to do. I discovered that I wanted to become a yoga teacher to spend time with others and share this knowledge. This epiphany brought me to the path of an honest life, professionally and personally. If you think about it, honesty starts with ourselves. For example, If you go for a run with your friends to please them. you are not honest with yourself and with them. Read more>>

Natalie Feinblatt | Licensed Psychologist

I’d have to say balance. While I work with a lot of different clients who have a lot of different issues & challenges, balance is honestly the element of healing that comes up with pretty much every single person I work with. Most people who struggle with mental health challenges live life in one extreme or the other, or bounce back and forth between both. Healing is about bringing balance into your life. And balance can be really tough to achieve! It takes time & patience, trial & error. But it can be done, and it feels really good. Read more>>

Stephanie Evans | Online Dance Instructor

The most important thing to me is providing a kind, interactive, safe space for children to try out or practice their art. I truly love getting to know my students, and believe that now is a time where they especially need positive interactions. I try to build in time to ask questions about their week, and see how they are feeling. I have students from all over the country, and it’s especially great for the kids (and me!) to gain new perspectives and hear about different life experiences. While I do have many seasoned dancers, a lot of my students are kids who have always wanted to try a style of dance, but have been too shy. I’ve had brothers peek in on classes, only to join later. I have students who turn their cameras off, but still come every week, and use the private chat feature if they have questions or need clarification. I think it’s so wonderful that kids who wouldn’t usually take dance classes are dancing every week! Read more>>