Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Carlos, Mike Soto (Carlos), Arbanas (Mike) | Founder and CEO (Carlos), Co-Founder (Mike)

Carlos: I am originally from Costa Rica, which is a rum drinking country and really only discovered tequila when I moved to California for college. Nosotros began as a college project back in 2015 after a professor told the class to come up with a business idea that was not technology-based. Not only did I discover tequila in college, but I also met my friend Mike, who is my Co-Founder. Read more>>

David Ely | Artist & Musician

I grew up in Southern California (San Diego), so I was always surrounded by the D.I.Y. surf, skate, punk, and art underground culture. They set a great example for all us youth. If you have a vision, pursue it at all costs. You don’t need a budget, you just need to build a pure, honest rep and word-of-mouth spreads. Read more>>

Alexzandria Dr. Slay” | Hair Stylist: Business Owner”

My thought process for starting my own business came about because I have always wanted to serve others. Most importantly the small amount of friend’s hair I would do and the smile I put on their face was worth it all. Read more>>

Melissa Minh | Mixed Media and Installation Artist

I was working for the art department for a retail company for 7+ years when I realized that I was feeling creatively stagnant. I had stopped learning new skills and did not enjoy the corporate schedule and its demand to feel inspired and creative during a set 40 hour work week schedule. I realized that the place I maintained my creative spark and passion was in the freelance work I was doing on the side. I was feeling inspired and passionate about every job I took and that’s when I decided it was worth the risk to start my own business. Read more>>

Shayley Madison | Fashion Designer & Celebrity Stylist

The thought process behind starting my own business was that ever since I was a little kid, I would design clothes that I thought looked fun, and growing up, I had a lot of fun making those clothes come to life and having really anyone who liked the designs wear them. Read more>>

Qiana Williams | Professional Writer, Digital Marketer, and Data Analyst

The thought process behind launching my business was a slow yet steady one. I was trying to figure out my path after experiencing a failing economy in 2009, where I had worked in the fashion industry in a corporate executive role but was laid off. I began working as a writer and journalist, interviewing people in various sectors. While the benefits were attending major events and press passes, I was taking unpaid or low-paid assignments for the experience. Read more>>

Amber & Arielle | Women’s Ministry Founders

Initially, becoming an actual ministry wasn’t the goal. We loved God, saw a need, and attempted to meet that need by serving the people immediately around us. Creating bible studies and hosting small groups was initially motivated by sharing what we were learning with our friends. Read more>>

Josh Miller | Founder of Columbus, Ohio based marketing agency, Matchbox Ltd

I jumped into adulting super fast. After 3 weeks of college I dropped out, moved in with my girlfriend and by the time I was 20 we had our son to take care of. During those early years I worked low-paying manual labor jobs. Working in warehouses, doing construction, landscaping, etc. So when you’re waking up every morning to a job that you hate and making $12 an hour trying to support a family of 3, it’s an easy decision to see what starting a business is all about. Read more>>

Taylor Watson | Founder and Owner at SKETCH

I started SKETCH in 2008 initially as a means of self-expression to combine art and design styles that I gravitated towards with my passion for skateboarding. Growing up skating I always supported more independently owned brands or chose graphics that were different from what everyone else was skating at the time. After a while I wanted to design my own board graphics, so I started testing blanks from different manufacturers and painting on the boards by hand. Read more>>

Lovesbond Sterling | Art Director & Photographer

Well…. it wasn’t supposed to be a business. The arts have a special place in my heart- it’s got something to do with the human condition. about understanding and expressing our humanity. it makes us unique- and we get to do that in different mediums. Photography for me was just the beginning of my “artist” journey. Over the years I’ve begun paring it with different subjects- my favorite being fashion, abstract, and architecture. Being somewhat good at it- the opportunity to turn it into a business became a no-brainer. I hope to see how far I can take it. Read more>>

Sofia Nelson | LUMIA Dance Company Director & Pulmonary Physician

I started LUMIA with the vision of bringing flow arts to the stage and theatre. Flow arts, or prop manipulation, is well-known in the festival and Burning Man community, and performers can be hired as entertainers at parties, private events, and other gigs. However, at the time, there were no performance opportunities available for flow artists outside of those avenues, and I felt that what we do is so unique that it deserves to be put on a stage. Read more>>

Ksenia Kalinichenko | Newborn and Maternity photographer

When I first opened Wonderland Family Photo Studio, my intention was to be just a business owner. However the team of photographers that I picked wasn’t trustworthy and reliable and I had to cancel on my clients. It was then when I first took a professional camera and learned all the tricks. I realized that sometimes you have to jump over your head, to hustle, to keep going in order to be successful. Read more>>

Connor Pritchard | Coach for Screenwriters and Storytellers

I got sick of being stuck in development hell! It takes over a year to sell a TV show and you have to assemble a skilled crew and a perfect ship while braving the turbulent seas of Hollywood. I started OnlyWriters because I’ve been stuck in development hell for the last few years and really struggling to find my path as a creative. Read more>>

Jamal Buckhoy | Clothing designer

I was tired of doing the same things. I wanted something timeless, versatile, and original. Aside of that, Worth the Weight isn’t just a brand name with a distinct logo, it has a deeper meaning that pretty much everyone could relate to and that’s the bigger picture. Read more>>

John Zenes | Transportation Business, Sports Card Business and have built global distribution companies in the past

I come from a background where I only have a 9th grade education. I needed to do something more that look for a “JOB” Read more>>

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson | Motivational Speaker & Transformation Strategist

I needed to make a difference. I know that is what everyone says, but I feel as if I have been given crazy events in my life because I am chatty. From my miscarriage, to going viral, to my husband’s unexpected death, to my chronic pain, and now my breast cancer “journey”, I speak about the things that others don’t want to. I want others to know that they are not alone, and if they feel called to do so, they can also turn their pain to purpose. I am happiest when a person says “I needed to hear your story today. Thank you.” Read more>>

Jacqueline Pruitt | President and CEO

My thought process was to be my own boss and be able to provide career opportunities to those in need. Read more>>

Osvaldo & Yuli Medrano | Founders and Operators

Targeting our customers was or biggest challenge. We referenced several marketing techniques and we focused on quality and going above and beyond. Read more>>

Dylan Kendall | Small Biz Owner. Foster Mom. Vegan. Volunteer. Teacher.

I believe in play. I think we all know how it feels to dance with each other, to sing in our cars, to join in colorful, vibrant cultural celebrations. This is the power of play and, while frequently excluded in conversations and support around human development, the power of play, whether acknowledged or ignored, is critical to both healthy communities and healthy human emotional well-being. Read more>>

Madison Ruff | Visual Artist

I first started my own business because I wanted to work for myself and make a difference. I wanted to beautify the world and make it a more interesting place to live with accessible artwork. I created my own business out of necessity for my independence and continued creative work. Read more>>

Coreen Sheehan | Vocalist, Vocal Coach, Music Educator, Published Author

Starting my business was many years in the making! I’m a vocalist and songwriter who loves to record and perform on stage. I’ve toured and recorded domestically and internationally. Having a career as a musician/vocalist has been a dream of mine from a very young age. My father was a huge inspiration for me. Read more>>

DeMaya Berry | Chef & Business Owner

Honestly when I started my business I didn’t know what I was doing, I just did it. I graduated with a degree in sports medicine and I opened a restaurant, two total opposite fields. Read more>>

Christian Resendiz | Founder of Blue Maverick Media

Some people dread losing everything and starting over from scratch. Once you hit the bottom, there’s nowhere to go but up. Every business owner knows the risk that’s being taken when starting their own – no steady paychecks, no benefits, no days off, and no one to blame other than themselves for everything that happens within the business whether it be positive or negative. My mindset was pretty simple – treat every obstacle in my way as a learning lesson, as long as I don’t make the same mistake twice, I’m growing, and eventually, I’ll get where I want to be with patience and a strong work ethic. Read more>>

Isaac Miranda | Territory Director, ONErpm | Founder, PLAIN PACK

When I first got into the Southeast Asian music scene as a musician, and as a music journalist, I quickly learned that there was a gap in the market in terms of industry professionals on the independent side of the business – particularly when it came to English music. There was a lot of talent (and still is!) in Malaysia and Singapore, but not enough people who were keen to help grow artists and bring them to the next level. Read more>>

Char Modelle | Branding and Instagram Expert

My thought process behind me starting my own business: I want to work remotely, and I want to work for myself. I started thinking about the life I wanted to have, a long with the impact I wanted to make. I knew with the experience I was building I was good working with social media, and creatively with content and branding ideas. Read more>>

Artem Nuzhin | Media Content Producer

I had to go a long way Perhaps here you can compare any person with a child. And even when you are an adult, in some situations you act like a child without even noticing it. Of coure, the processes of becoming oneself a personality occurs in different ways for different people Read more>>