We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Jarad jtouch Reed | Beauty Enthusiast & Master HairStylist

When I envision my own, personal, legacy; I envision a world in which I have left a mark on generations to come. My legacy, my imprint upon the world; is to know that once I’m gone, no matter what life will take you through, no matter how hard those life obstacles may seem; you are never too weak, to take it on. Never let anyone influence your perception of yourself and how you have lived your own life. In times like the present, with the worldwide pandemic; Covid-19, I have told people that it takes a strong person to get through these many obstacles and prosper in these unparalleled times. Times like these show us who the true warriors, and the true Gods, that are willing to fight and get what they need to survive. Some of us start life at the bottom. When you‘re on the bottom; you are more inclined to go through obstacles. Read more>>

Christina Hamlett | Playwright, Novelist & Script Consultant

The bulk of my playwriting credits (and I now have 225 published works) has been for aspiring teen actors. Although I have written novels, business books and squillions of articles, the teen theatre market is the most dear to my heart. Theatre teaches so much more than just memorizing lines. It’s about building confidence, exercising leadership, being part of a cohesive team, honing speaking skills and–in the case of scripts with historical backdrops–appreciating the context of manners, morals and social interactions through the prism of time and geography. There’s also nothing quite like the energizing and addictive sound of applause for a job well done. I never acted in any plays in high school or college, primarily because they were the same productions year after year; i.e., “The Crucible,” “Arsenic and Old Lace,” and “Our Town.” None of them really interested me. Read more>>

Arthur Mendoza | Acting Coach

Stella Adler was one of America’s premier acting teachers. She taught Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro and countless others. Her teaching was based on the work of Stanislavsky and comes from imaginary circumstances. When I met her I had already graduated from UC San Diego (the inception of the La Jolla Playhouse, were Alan Schneider after he left Juilliard) with a MFA in acting. I auditioned for her in New York and we connected immediately. After my short stay, I moved back to Los Angeles to pursue an industry career. When she opened her original Los Angeles location, the “Stella Adler Conservatory West” (on Argyle and Hollywood Blvd) I trained with her again. After the end of one of Stella’s summer sessions, she was leaving to go back to New York and I asked her who I should study with when she left. She told me, “No one. Rely on all I taught you. Read more>>

Kendra Minadeo | Illustrator & Designer

My mother died when I was thirteen, and no one knew anything about her. As I grew up, I wanted to know who she was, but she didn’t keep a journal, there weren’t many pictures from her past, and her family had very few answers. I always wanted to be someone worth remembering but the hole my mom left pushed me to impulsively leave a paper trail, creative bread crumbs, and volumes of journals of who I was in any given moment. I’m always creating with an audience in mind. All creative work is autobiographical, so the more I make, the more someone can know me. So I hope the legacy of my work will bring answers to those who wish to know me better after I’m gone. Read more>>

A. John Aouad Aouad | Restaurant Owner & Master Chef

Most people think of a legacy as being property or an inheritance but I think it’s more than that. I believe that the values I live by are worth more than any material possessions I own. I want my children and descendants to know my personal story about how I overcame the challenges I was faced with to do what I never knew would be possible until I did it. I want to be remembered as a person who didn’t quit in the face of adversity, but kept moving toward my dreams, even when others told me I couldn’t do it. My hope is that my children will follow their dreams in the same way and live the lives they choose, regardless of what others may say. To me that would be the best legacy I could leave. It would honor the life I lived. Read more>>