We asked folks we admire to tell us about what they want their legacy to be. Check out their responses below.

Sharmond Tanner | Recording Artist

When it’s all over and I’m reflecting back on my life, I want my legacy to be filled with tales of inspiration. I simply want to know that I’ve inspired someone to chase their dreams regardless of their odds. In the future, I feel my career will serve as a story of persistence and dedication, and I want people to truly remember me for that. Never giving up, despite the obstacles. This journey hasn’t been easy, but I will do it all over again to show that it is possible for someone like me to be successful. Read more>>

Christian Ojore | Actor/Writer/Producer

This is a question I’ve often thought about. The reason being is mainly for my children. That I could leave a legacy that they would be proud of being a part of and continuing on. As for as what I want that to be is that I was example of what it looks like to have faith in God for something and he provided. Also that I cared about more than my personal success but the success of those around me. That I want people to remember I gave, cared and loved, as a husband, father friend. I want people to remember that I did it the right way as an actor/entertainer the best way I could. I want to people to remember that even in my flawed human self they saw what Christ did for me, in me and that through me many were blessed with careers because of that faith. Read more>>

Nidheya Suresh | Screenwriter & Filmmaker

That I’m someone who went after what I wanted, despite the monumental obstacles that stood in my way. But truly, I want it to be my work, the films (and hopefully in the future, books) that I have and will write. I have always been so deeply influenced by art – books (my first love), movies and television. Stories in all these forms have transformed my life, inspired me and brought me out of the worst funks. I sometimes recognize various points in my life based on what bit of fiction I was consuming then. So I just want my work to emotionally impact people. I want people to read my books, watch my films and laugh, cry, curse and eventually rejoice. I want to live on through the art I’ve left behind. Read more>>

Phillip Van Nostrand | Photographer and Coach

That I inspired others. I encouraged and lifted up everyone I came in contact with. Read more>>

Cyndi Akel Flagg | Healing Alchemist🕉Transformational Breath®Facilitator🕉Sound Facilitator🕉Empowerment Coach🕉Priestess

What do I want my Legacy to be? What do you want people to remember you by? In January, 2017, my family discovered my mom was terminally ill with Hodgkins Lymphoma. The doctors gave her no longer than 6 months to live. She had no clue she was going to die. My mom experienced a lot of pain, abuse and suffering in her life. She walked with a mental illness and dementia. Even with her painful past, she had an inner childlike innocence of pure Joy and Sweetness. She loved her dog, God and her kids so much. Everyone who met my mom, loved her and they all said she was the sweetest and kindest women. What wasn’t known was the pain and suffering, abuse my mom had been through which was a pattern that had been passed down in our family system. My sister and I brought our mom home from the hospital for home hospice care. We wanted her to be the most comfortable and know how much she was loved and adored. We wanted to share as much time with her as possible. Read more>>

A.C. Lamberty | Filmmaker

I want to leave behind a legacy of truly subversive work. For me, one of the few positives to come out of COVID and lockdown has been witnessing how the film industry tries to adapt to this new world, and realizing that box office numbers and awards shows maybe don’t mean everything. As I find myself less and less constrained by notions of commercial success and the awards machine, and more compelled by filmmakers who embrace the controversial, I now feel that I want my life’s work to focus on subversion, complicating our neo-liberal notions of representation and tackling intra-community LGBTQ issues. To be able to have enough money to make what I want to make would be amazing, yes, but to create work that will shock and cause conversation for years to come is the bigger goal. Read more>>

Andrew Williams | Survivor Coach and Aspiring Dietitian

I want to be remembered and renowned for bringing light, hope and identity to people’s lives. What I mean by that is I want people to awaken to the fact that they have a unique light of their own; to never give up but know it’s ok to slow down and to discover their identity by awakening their true selves. I pursue bringing forth a movement of healing and progressive undertakings of growth, knowledge, Faith and health in all aspects. Read more>>

Honey Blu | Singer/ MC/ Songwriter

I want people to know that my mission is fighting for the liberation of the African Nation and African people throughout the diaspora. Whatever ways I can help build Black Power domestically and internationally, then I will be apart of the movement to make that happen. Read more>>

Adrienne Hope Hite | Yoga Instructor & Pursuer of Creativity

Authenticity is something I strive to constantly bring to the forefront of everything I do. As a result of this, I want someone to feel, not only comfortable, but safe to be his/her authentic self around me. After someone has spent time with me, whether in a professional or personal setting, I want them to feel acknowledged and truly seen by me. I want them to feel lifted up, feeling better than when they first arrived. I have worked hard to know who I am as ‘me, the person’, not attached to any roles or specific confides. I hope when people are in my presence, they sense that rest I have with who I am, and as a result, they feel invited to truly rest in their authentic self as well. Read more>>

Keiera Bradley | Chef & Teacher

My legacy will be rooted in truth and passion. I want to leave behind an impression of faith in self and true care for ones self. I want to influence communities to open their minds and relearn what it means to love for ourselves through our every day practices. When people think of Keiera I want them to think of someone who motivated, healed, and loved them through their process of reversing disease and changing harmful cycles in their family. I want to continue to be the first introduction that many people have to healthy living and natural foods. I am so grateful for those who came before me and as I learn more everyday about health I get more excited about teaching others. My legacy will live through my business, my advocacy for access in low income communities, and my future children who will embody everything I stand for. Read more>>

Felipe Alcalá | Mexican-American Actor, Filmmaker & Cinephile.

I want to be known as that person who everyone knew would succeed. I want to be a world class actor and filmmaker and for people who have known me all my life to say “I knew it… no surprise there.” Something that has always characterized me is my confidence & the fact that I’m the most comfortable when I’m not comfortable. I come from not 1 but 2 cities where comfort is a powerful presence amongst society. Most people don’t leave more than a 4-5 hour drive from home, and that’s okay. Everybody is entitled to their own happiness, that’s just not me and I want that to be a notorious factor in what I show in my person and in my work. I don’t want my surroundings to describe me but what I did with them to determine who I am. I’ve always been a person that loves “special” & “limited” edition things: clothes, shoes, video games, etc., in other words, being the first (or only) person to posses a certain thing. I’m a first generation Mexican-American in my family and you have no idea how proud that makes me. Read more>>