We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

D2 stori Artist & Entrepreneur | Musician & Entertainer

I want my legacy to be bigger than me and great enough to outlast my children and benefit my community. When I think of leaving a legacy, I think of my father and grandfather’s work and the work I have to do. I want to be remembered for my fatherhood, work ethic, determination, and relationship with God. Selflessness is also important for my legacy. It speaks volumes to help someone for nothing in return. Read more>>

Kyle Colton | Actor & Storyteller

I want my legacy to be…that I never compromised my integrity. That I was a part of different projects because they intrigued me and the adventure of playing those characters made people feel something I want to be remembered for the characters I played, not whether I ticked off the checklist items on society’s list. Read more>>

Natasha Ellis | Entrepreneur, Actress, and Laughter Yoga Teacher

I think about this question all the time because it is one of those questions that drives your life. Until about 8 years ago I was an only child to my mother and up until that point I lived for myself to fulfill my desires and to evolve into what i truly believed my purpose was. Now that I have a sibling that is trailing behind me I know what it feels like to have an elevated purpose to want to leave a legacy behind for your youth. When i look into my little brother’s eyes i want to reflect back to him by the way he is witnessing me live my life that no matter what life hands us we will overcome and that we are powerful beings. I want to leave behind a legacy of unconditional love and making the most of your personal potential. I want to leave behind the legacy of leaving the world just a little better than you found it. I want the world and my baby brother to regard me as a human being that kept daring to show up in life and gave and did her best in all she did and had loads of fun along the way. Read more>>

Jas0ff | Artist

I want my legacy to be of an artist that pursued music and made it in the industry based soley off his genuine love for music . I come from South Central Los Angeles where you either make it out or you don’t . I want to be able to reach the same level of success as the artist that I look up to like XXXTENTACION, where even after his death brought people together simply for the love of his music, or Kid Laroi who’s so young and is breaking crazy records and making songs with huge artists . Music will always be there for me, but I eventually also want to branch out and try different endeavors, I really enjoy fashion and clothing so that’s something I definitely want to pursue in the future. Now putting music and my career to the side, on a personal level I want to be remembered for being a good person and showing the people that support me as much love as they show me, I want people to see me and my story and be inspired to pursue their dreams no matter what other people say or think. Read more>>

Denisse Dabul | Fashion Blogger & Creator

I want my legacy to be my work and all the creative content I’ve shared. I want to be a role model not only in the country I was born and raised but also a role model here in the United States. When I was a little girl I used to hear a lot this phrase that hits me: “women should give up stuff once they become mothers”. I never shared this and I never accepted this as something that should apply to me. I love my kids, and just because I love myself doesn’t mean I don’t love them. And that’s exactly what I want people to remember about me, how I love to encourage women and moms to pursue their dreams and to choose to do what they love doing. I want all moms to know that you don’t have to do the first thing that comes up just because you are a mom and a breadwinner. Read more>>

Sam Webb | Actor & Mental Health Advocate

My life’s legacy has been dedicated to creating a mental health movement that will outlive me and my children’s, children. After losing my good friend to suicide in 2013, his death change my life and so I have made it a life mission of mine to stop that from happening to other people in this world. I want to inspire those struggling in silence to reach out and ask for help no matter what point in their journey they are at. Empathy and compassion will save lives. Read more>>

Matthew Eugene | Founder of Rooftop Tunes

I don’t want people to remember me as the person who founded Rooftop Tunes (although that would be nice), I want people to remember me as a risk taker. Someone who stepped up to the plate follow their dreams and made it to reality. I want people to remember me as someone who’s brought good back to the communities that I grew up in creating that loving and caring environment. Simply said I want to remember as a successful Entrepreneur. Read more>>

Ana Estela | Spiritual Consultant

What do I want it to be? Well, it already is. My legacy is love. I am not interested in how people will remember me or if they will. All that matters to me is how you felt in my presence. Did you feel heard? Did you feel accepted? Did you feel renewed by the love I helped you discover within yourself? That’s love. That’s the legacy I work on every single day. Read more>>

Stephanie Portugal | Wedding + Elopement Photographer

Welp, if I’m being honest, it was a lot more difficult to put this into words than I thought it would be because, dang, this is a pretty heavy question. The kind of question that left me in deep thought for hours before writing this post. Being in the photography business for more than half my life has taught me a thing or two about people and has had a monumental impact on me. I have worked with some the happiest and saddest people i’ve ever seen in my life and it really puts a lot of things into perspective when experiencing these moments of joy and sorrow with them. So, what do I want people to remember me for? At first, a lot of things came to mind. Some superficial, some vast. But there was only one thing that really mattered to me: I want to be remembered for being a kind person. Read more>>

Christine Rose | Culinary Creatrix + Magic Maker

My hope is that folks will remember me as someone who brought sprinkles of joy and magic into their life! In everything that I do, I always want to bring a smile to peoples face. Whether that’s through biting into a delicious culinary creation I made and having that moment of pure bliss when all the flavors hit just right, or finding a moment of magic and wonder at one of my gatherings, my hope is that people walk away from their experiences with me with a beautiful memory and the spark to continue to seek out as much joy as they can even after our paths have crossed. Read more>>

Tatiana Quiapo | Blogger, YouTuber & Actress

I want to inspire people who look like me and see that there are opportunities for them (even if you have to make them yourself). I want to inspire girls who see themselves in me, and see that it’s not just the same demographic of women who succeed. I want people to remember me as the caring, sweet woman who is equally ambitious and triumphant despite every difficult struggle that has come my way. Read more>>

Claudia Six | Escape Artist (Mixed Media Artist)

I want to be remembered for the world that I created and for the comfort that it gave. Since I started working creatively I always thought of myself as an escape artist and my biggest hope is that I create something of value for other people. A place where they like to follow me to and creatures that somehow touch them, make them feel something. Of course I started doing what I do out of my own need to escape and out of my own motivations to somehow manifest my imaginary worlds and imaginary friends. But in the end I still would hope that what I create is a place for a lot of people to go. A world that is surreal and irritating but is also welcoming and magical. I also would love if people would remember the empathy that came with this world. The empathy that you need to have in order to feel that my creations are alive, in order to relate to an inanimate object and I would wish that this empathy somehow bled through into our real world. Read more>>

Kamini Natarajan | World Music and Kirtan Singer

I want to be remembered for demystifying Ragas and use of microtones in Indian Classical Music. I would like to be remembered for creating music that connects, inspires and engages with listeners. Read more>>

Olivia Baptista | Actor, Writer, Nerd

“I own who I am. I am easily forgotten, but that’s okay because I think I’m pretty memorable in the moment, and that is where I try to live.” I can’t say I’ve thought about this question very often. I try to approach my present with conviction and passion, openness and humility. I don’t always get it right, but I always try. So today, I will try to venture this. I think legacy might have a lot to do with certainty. The qualities or things people really see, feel, latch on to. I guess as an actor and writer, or “content creator,” I’m always leaving a piece of myself behind — breadcrumbs, roadmapping the person I am growing into and hope to be remembered as. All the little certainties for people to follow. It’s complicated, ever-changing, and often messy. But legacy is only as good as the road left behind. Read more>>

Rebecca Whitman | Author, Coach, Thought Leader

I want my legacy to be love! I want people to remember how I made them feel. I want people to feel that my authenticity made them feel safe to be themselves. I want my legacy to be a kind word or encouragement when someone needed it the most. I want people to say she believed in me before I believed in myself. I want people to say I made them laugh! I want people to say that the say the world in a whole new perspective after talking to me. And that perspective is that being human is messy, beautiful and imperfect and that we are perfectly imperfect beings!. Read more>>

Takai | Writer, Director, Storyteller

As an artist, leading a life of creativity is one that is very personal. I create for my own wellbeing, but I also create for the wellbeing of others. I enjoy being able to positively impact people with a little piece of myself, that they then can take and use for themselves. I strive to lead a life of love and service to others because I believe I have everything I need to live a happy life. I want to be remembered for my service to others by way of storytelling that allows people to change their human behaviors toward one another. I strongly believe we all need to be more loving toward one another to create a better world for all of life. My legacy will be creating a positive shift in our human behavior through the powerful medium of storytelling. I am at the beginning of my journey, and look forward to all the experiences that will allow me to live my life in purpose. When it is all said and done, I want people to remember me for the stories that I am telling and the lives that they will change. Read more>>

Jared Deiro | Writer & Director

I want to be apart of something bigger than myself. The day-to-day life of a 20-something trying to make it in LA is as generic as it gets. I don’t want to fall into a “general” hole. I want my stories to outlive me, I want my films to connect and hopefully resonate with people that are going through something adjacent to my protagonists. Each story I tell is just an over exaggerated interpretation of encounters or people in my life, or visualized thoughts and emotions I carry. Each film is a part of me, each one giving a lesson I’ve learned about myself, or maybe something I’m trying to understand in that moment – but instead of me just telling you or explaining half drunk in some back booth at a loud bar, I want to show it through a medium that transports the viewer somewhere out of their daily lives. Read more>>

Jaszmin Kuhner | Director/Actor

My legacy will be how Jaszmin K. Productions helped change mass media in a positive way. Focusing on promoting positive messages and allow creators of all kinds to have a voice. I want people to know that I didn’t have a blueprint on how to figure out creating success for myself, I just went for it and continue to learn everyday. I studied media production in high school, then graduated from college with a broadcast media degree, then moved to California to work in the industry, then started my own production company. The journey is not always easy but if you are passionate about your art you will continue to find a way for things to work out for you. You have to believe in yourself and know that dreams do come true, so be patience. I also have a wonderful daughter and my legacy will also consist of being a great mother. If we raise our kids with love, knowledge, and give them a voice they will be also positively change the world for the better. It’s about coming to get her in unity and doing what we love so we can live happy prosperous lives. Read more>>

Elaina DeVoss | Singer/Songwriter

The last time I did one of these interviews, I focused on veganism and my impact on those around me. This time, I really wanted to introduce readers to another side of me. If I had to chose one thing for people to remember about me, it would be how my music made them feel. I put a lot of passion and heart into my music, and it has taken a lot for me to finally become vulnerable in my writing. I really hope that with my vulnerability, I can connect to a lot of people. I want my music to speak to people who are going through the same things that I’ve gone through. There’s always a moment when you listen to a song and it completely aligns with your situation. I want that to be my legacy, to be known as a girl that writes music that speaks to you. Read more>>

Natalie Salvatierra | Founder of a Mental Health Organization & Author

I want people to remember me as a kind person with a big heart and as a person who is nice to everyone. I also want people to remember me as the teenage founder of the mental health organization, Solely Sunshine. I hope that when recipients of Solely Sunshine letters think of sunshine, they are reminded of the time they received a letter of encouragement from my organization. Like the sunshine, spreading love and encouragement can light-up someone’s day. I want people to know they are not alone in their mental health struggles, and instead that thousands of people across the globe are thinking of them. Read more>>