We asked folks about legacy and what they want people to remember about them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Jimmy Villa | Recording Artist & Songwriter

If you would have asked me this question a year ago, I know for a FACT my answer would have been full of fear masked in a loud ego. My focus today is in being my absolute best. Like my father always told me growing up, “whatever God puts in your hands to do, do your best.” Being involved in the entertainment business can get tricky at times with a high risk of losing yourself to things that truly don’t even matter. My heart is for my family. My desire is to be a courageous leader and a light for my future generations. Read more>>

Genna Moroni | Choreographer, Teacher & Dancer

As a young choreographer, teacher and dancer, I would like my legacy to be one that inspires people to believe in themselves, to support and encourage their peers and to harness the power of perseverance and self motivation. The journey of a creative is often met with more rejection and disappointment than ease and praise. I am constantly faced with this reality. Even when I’ve been privileged with forms of success, I am still met with a plethora of challenges. Instead of allowing the challenges or fears of failure limit my actions, I choose to run head-first and learn along the way. Read more>>

Lynique Browning | Concierge, Travel Agent & Event Planner

I would like for my legacy to be remembered and known for being a super woman who built an entire empire and for providing platforms for other minority women. Someone who’s MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the world, hence that’s why they call me “The MAD Diva”! I would like for people to always remember me by being such a social butterfly, someone who is always wearing a smile, someone who’s heart is as good as gold, someone that they can always count on, someone who is loving, caring, resourceful, and just an all-around unique and rare individual. When they think of me I want them to always say that they’ve never had a friend like me! Read more>>

Michael Coulombe | Filmmaker & Photographer

As I have gotten older the biggest thing I have wanted to be known for is my art. I would love my art to be my legacy. I would love to be the kind of artist that students learn about in school. Read more>>

Shandel Love | Actress & Writer

This question is interesting because it makes me have to reflect on why I do what I do? Before having a child and even now as a new mom, aside from my child being my legacy and raising her to be an amazing human being with sound values, filled with kindness and love. I would want my legacy to be my passion. Whatever the topic, whether it is my work, personal life or belief system, I cannot hide my extreme passion for the topic at hand, usually to a fault. I once heard that, “What we believe to be our greatest disadvantage may actually be our greatest advantage.” I believe that in this life, whatever your pursuit, do it with passion or not at all. Read more>>

Max Figueroa | Musician Artist

I think I just want to leave behind a positive change in this world. If people remember me or not I could care less. Well, okay I suppose if I’d want to be remembered it would be as someone who did something good in this world. Simply a good person who does good things. I’m very passionate and hopeful for future generations. Even to the folks currently, that we’ll have it better, because we’re here to make it better. There’s always something that can help improve the lives of others and for me it’s writing my music or making art that spreads hope. Read more>>

Gina Starbuck | Intuitive Coach & Energetic Alchemist

When feeling into what I want people to remember about me… It’s less about them remembering ME, and more about how I can play a role in helping them to remember themselves. It’s my greatest joy to help people come home to their true divine nature. To connect with their highest truth and understand their sovereignty. If I can do this, it really doesn’t matter to me if they remember me or not, because I am simply a messenger of the divine. It’s taken me a long time to get to this place. Read more>>

Karina Luna | Latina Warrior in Media

As it pertains to my professional career, I would like to leave behind a wave of empowered individuals whom will further positively advance the culture and the impact the world. I know, it sounds ambitious, right? But I do know it is possible. Everyone has the power to influence those in their proximity. I hope through my mentorships, internships and other personal efforts; such as sponsored workshops that will help edify my community through life, financial and mental wellness education, that I will greatly impact lives to change the trajectory towards greater success than otherwise thought possible. Read more>>

Samantha Hill | Architect

We’re experiencing a trans-formative time in history. We began this new decade with what seems like insurmountable challenges. Exposure of our inadequate emergency response systems to a world-wide health crisis, economic inequality, gender discrimination, rampant racism, political polarity, massive injustices, and a complete loss of trust in our leadership have surfaced and are boiling over. There’s a lot to grapple both intellectually and emotionally. I look in the mirror daily and ask myself, “Am I part of the problem or part of the solution? The problem is clear, but what am I actually supposed to do to change it? What do I have the power to change?”. Read more>>

Mi Kwan Lock | Actress & Director

I’d love to remembered as the girl who came from Madagascar, made it in Hollywood and became an inspiring model of confidence, courage, someone who never gave up her dreams and proved it was possible despite the obstacles. A “success” story only exists if the person went through struggle in the past and always rose up again and again. I hope my work & my messages will inspire younger generations to keep honing their craft, exploring their emotional life, always push themselves to become the greatest version of themselves and use their art to impact lives. Read more>>

Vivian Wells | Actor, Musician & Athlete

Legacy is disciplines practiced daily that culminate into the finished puzzle of my life. I would like for mine to be of excellent character and kindness. I hope that I will be remembered as a woman whose word is honorable and trustworthy. Rather than saying “yes” to everything, I want my “yes” to have power. I want my “no” to have purpose so that people always know where they stand with me. Read more>>

Ross Campbell | Writer, Producer & Director

When it comes to a legacy for any filmmaker it is not just our name we want people to remember but the messages we leave behind. Sure, it’s great having a legacy and to have my name remembered for generations to come, but what I really would want for people to remember most is the inspirational message in the films I produce. I sometimes imagine years after I leave this earth that my stories could still be making an impact on people’s lives, like “It’s A Wonderful Life” or “Rocky” still resonates to inspire and motivate people to this day. Read more>>

Caley Versfelt | Advocate, Correspondent, Actress & Public Speaker

I want to be remembered for promoting kindness is contagious, diversity, acceptance and inclusion. Even though we are different, we should all celebrate together. We should be proud of who we are as an individual and be the best version of ourselves. This will make a kinder world. Don’t let self-doubt limit us. People should believe in themselves and the ability of others. All people should be treated with kindness, respect and dignity! Read more>>