Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Jordyn Davis | Beauty

The most important factor behind my success is my determination and confidence in me and my brand. It’s very important to believe in yourself and your process. Read more>>

Jay Cardiello | Health Strategist

The most important factor behind my success comes from a quote that my father stated to me at an early age. He said: – 5% of the people in this world make things happen – 15% of the people in this world watch things happen; – And 80% of the world doesn’t know what the heck is going on He then concluded by asking what percent of this world do you plan on being? It took a long time, however, his words would permeate themselves throughout my mind later in life. I live each day like it is my last and always remind myself never to gi e myself the ask the question “What if?” As we 5%’s don’t ever end the day with a what if? We end the day exhausted, knowing that we gave 100% of ourselves to all that we do. Read more>>

Dax Phelan | Film Director, Producer, and Screenwriter

I’m not sure that there is one most important factor. I think there are probably multiple factors that tie for first place. In the world of filmmaking, whether it’s a 30-second commercial or a 3-hour feature film, it’s essential to have a vision for the story you’re planning to tell, a sense of taste that enables you to determine whether a story is worth telling or not, and the ability to recruit talented people who can help you execute your vision at the highest possible level. Read more>>

Lorie Bromley | founder: louder i cant hear U

louder i cant hear U is really about listening to students and that is where we find the switches that turn on success. As a classically trained piano player that felt all too often lost in so many musical realms, I started louder i cant hear U as an answer to what so often divides “students” from becoming activated artists creating from a place of celebrated authenticity. It was strange as a woman navigating the music industry to feel that all of my experience and investment in music lessons from the age of 6 (piano lessons, guitar lessons, a few vocal lessons) were not actually helping me develop and express my creativity or make the kinds of music that I was actually listening to. Most music lessons are extremely scripted and limiting and unfortunately give too many answers without asking the right questions. Read more>>

Angela Lewis | UX Research Manager, Creative Event Planner

Honesty and faith are the most important factors when it comes to my success and the success of my brand. I pride myself on always being honest with my clients. I never want to overpromise and underdeliver, so it’s important to set clear expectations. Having faith is so important. No matter how hard the journey may seem, having faith allows me to know that it will always get better! Read more>>

Black Stax | Hip-Hop Soul duo Black Stax

Continued communication with like minded people who genuinely strive for endless growth and who also understands that there are multiple routes to a common goal. Staying mind-full to a persons input. People will shut down if they are felt to feel dismissed. “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Dr. Maya Angelou Read more>>

Derek Fahsbender | Street Photographer, Writer & Educator

Succeeding, to me, is more a mindset than a tangible, quantifiable benchmark. For some, that very categorization is what makes finding and/or recognizing “success” difficult. My approach to success has been treating it less as an end goal, and more as a constant reason to keep going. The creative industry is difficult in many regards, and it can be soul-sucking at times, but what has kept me going is small victories, minor progressions and a constant, complete aversion to what anyone around me has accomplished. These two mindsets have been life-changing for me as a person and as a creative. Celebrate stepping from one stone to the next, and use that to take your next step–regardless of how many more stones it will take to cross the river, or how many steps it took the next person. We all have our own definition of success, and thus our own path to it. Not only does this way of thinking help quell burnout, but it has kept me driven through the various stages of stagnation I have faced in building a brand. Read more>>

Jimin Yoo | Concept artist & Illustrator

I can’t say that I succeeded yet, but I think two factors made my success. The first is to start what you like, forget the fear of it, and the second is the support of your beloved family. I think these two are the biggest reasons why I was able to succeed. I also hesitated a lot before doing concept art. I thought it was too late to start for me, so I kept thinking about ‘what if the concept art is not what I want?’ I was thinking about it so hard. But once I started, I was convinced that this was really what I wanted. And I gained the confidence to move forward a little more. And whenever I lost my faith and path, the support of my family held me never to give up. Read more>>

Kharel “Chef Relly” Autrey | Owner/Executive Chef

We pride ourselves on being different and innovative, instead of having a set menu for everyday like most restaurants and food establishment. We use a different approach and have Themed Menu days for every cooking day we are open to the public, Like our #TacoTuesday or #SoulFoodSunday menu days. Success is a path that might not seem successful when you start it but for us our brand has maintained a continued success because we have over 100 menus when can enter and change around for every day of the week it helps us to never get stagnant in our creativity and gives us the ability to keep our content and food we provide to the public new and always eager to try it. Read more>>

Earnest Wright | Artist and Producer

The most important factor in my success is a belief in myself, specifically in unfamiliar places. It is extremely easy to be confident in private, when you’re your own crowd. The belief exudes out of my body when I’m recording a song or writing a poem in private. I truly feel as if I can do anything in the world. I feel no pressure and I see no limits. The important factor in my success is to make sure this translates into my day to day life. Expectations, anxiety and a natural coyness make this difficult at times. Over the past year, after making it my focus I have begun to be outwardly confident in myself which is a bi product of me believing in myself. I have noticed a change in everything involving my creative brand. I recently released an EP and had a successful release party. Belief in yourself allows one to take risks, not be deterred by setbacks, and achieve lofty goals. Read more>>

Nicolas Ospina | Music Business Consultant & Licensed Financial Services Agent

my success would have to come from 2 things; Always being dependable & Always keeping my cool, no matter the situation. Being dependable I feel is pretty self explanatory. Where the real success starts to come is keeping my cool. Being in the Entertainment Industry, primarily music and hip hop, it is notorious that no two days are the same. things are constantly going on and changing. Always being able to stay calm and collected, and calming those around me, has always set me apart from many others. Read more>>

Samantha Handler | Founder + Artist of KicksBySammy

I think the three main factors behind the success of KicksBySammy is that we have built a community, provide transparency, and collaborate with other like minded brands. If you want your brand to have longevity, you need to build strong relationships with your customers and followers by interacting with them daily, involving them in product development, and more. Show your customers that you care about them and their needs. Read more>>

Ruth Ganev | Portrait Photographer

My ability to connect with people and make them feel comfortable contributes a great deal to my success. People are generally nervous in front of the camera and they are feeling vulnerable. I talk people through my shoots in a way that helps them forget they are in front of the camera and also helps them to be themselves. My ability to read body language and facial expressions and to adjust those to get a better pose and expression, usually means I am relaxing the person. I also love talking to people and finding out about them, so I ask a lot of questions, talk a lot and I think, at least for most people, they start to forget about being self-conscious. I am in a service profession, so being able to listen, read people and give them what they want, is key to providing good service. Read more>>

Marsha Aligo | Dance Studio Owner and Professional Videographer

There are a multitude of factors that play a role in the branding of New World Dance Academy over the last 23 years. It would be difficult to pick just one. First and foremost, our studio is known for its family-like atmosphere. New customers have told us that, when they first walk into the studio, they can already feel the family vibe that is different from others. We pride ourselves in being a “second-home” for so many dancers over the years, so much so that even after they go off to college, they still come back to us, any chance they get, to visit and take classes. Read more>>

Sonia Zarbatany | COACH SONIA, International Speaker, Life and Business Coach

Definitely sharing my journey on social media in a completely authentic way. By being my true self and sharing the ups and downs, I have inspired my community to go after the life they have always desired. My coaching and content empowers women, students, men and moms to not forget themselves and to be the best version of themselves that they can be.. My coaching clients and community find connection, shared values and empowerment to want more for their life while getting the strategy and game plan to achieve it. Read more>>