Hardwork? Luck? Good habits?  What would you say is behind your success?  We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Stephen Baumbach | Photographer & Printer

The success of the brand Stephen Baumbach Photography is based on old fashioned customer awareness and making sure they are happy and delighted with what I deliver to them. In this world of lagging customer service it is important to make sure your brand provides a great experience. Here at the studio, I provide fine art large format printing, head shots and art piece reproductions. Customers can be difficult at times but I always remember that at the end of the day I want people to come back so it is paramount that they leave the studio happy. How you appear to the community at large is also very important. Social media can be a downfall for a business that engages in conversation that may lose them a customer. Keep your opinions to yourself to protect your brand. Read more>>

Guadalupe Ochoa | Blogger

I believe the most important factor behind my success is being authentic and true to myself. I want to be relatable and being honest with my audience is what I value the most. Read more>>

Risa Sheppard | Founder, Owner & Creator

Success comes with loving what you do, along with a lot of grit and tenacity. One has to overcome many obstacles and keep moving forward. I pride myself on bringing heart into my teaching method and workouts. I want everyone to feel special and have a positive experience. Every body and every client is unique and everyone should feel their best! The Sheppard Method has been described as classical Pilates with a personal touch. Read more>>

Lindsay Kean | Video Editor, Photographer & Post Production Supervisor

I think the biggest factor behind my success is my grit. I have always had the ability to be hyper focused on whatever goal I wanted to achieve and chip away at it step by step until it was accomplished. I’ve been told that I’m a workaholic, but I take that as a compliment. I think that when you have a passion for what you do, it feels less like work and more of a calling. It also helps that I have an incredible amount of love (to the point of obsession) for post production, editing, motion graphics and photography. I am the type of person who does tutorials on my free time, take on free work when I had no experience, and work night and weekends developing my skills. I’m truly most excited when I’m learning new things. Read more>>

Anne Stedman | Creator of Chic Mama LA

The most important factor behind the success of Chic Mama LA is being flexible and open to change but making sure to always stick to the core principles of the brand. When I created Chic Mama LA back in 2008, I wanted to start a brand that was all about celebrating moms and making them feel special and appreciated. A lot has changed in 12 years in terms of technology and how to build the brand. When I started the brand, blogs were the most powerful online tools, and now it’s all about Instagram and YouTube, so I had to evolve a bit. I went from just blogging about great fashion brands that were on point for moms, to creating video content including two digital series on YouTube (Chic Mama Drama and Chic Mama Carpool). I also just launched my first ever Chic Mama branded clothing line for moms. I’m starting simple with cute t-shirts and hoodies but I’m super excited about expanding that out and seeing where it goes. Read more>>

Kristin Dwan | Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master & Teacher

Being 100% myself and sharing deeply about my healing journey is what brings me success at The Healing Woods. In the 20+ years I have been working with people, I always share what I am going through in my journey, and how I am able to get myself out of my own issues with health. I have died and come back to life in a Burn Ward after suffering 3rd-degree burns over 30% of my body, I have lived through a colon resection after being misdiagnosed for 9 months of abdominal pain, I have won a battle with cancer and I have lost 135 pounds in the past year and a half using Self Hypnosis. All of these things taught me of the power and wisdom I have within me, and each battle brought me new tools to learn. Read more>>

Derria Underwood | Stylist & Content Creator

Authenticity. Being able to wake up each day and be my true authentic self has truly been the most important factor behind the success that I have had so far. It plays a huge part in why my audience trusts me and can identify with me. Read more>>

Jen Bedrossian | Founder & Designer

The reason why UNCVRD Jewelry has been successful is because our customers believe in our mission. From the start, we have set out to raise awareness around human trafficking in the United States. We support local organizations that are working to end this injustice – one that affects an estimated 40.3 million people in the world today. Our customers recognize that they hold purchasing power, and that by supporting and wearing UNCVRD Jewelry, they are actively being a part of the solution. Read more>>

Khalia Taylor | Creative Director & Wardrobe Stylist

The most important factor behind my success would be my support system. Just knowing I have people in my corner, that, no matter what.. they will always support me and have my back makes me confident in anything I do. I moved to Los Angeles a year and a half ago. I had an extremely tough first year, but no matter how tough it would get, my support system (parents, family, and friends) would always encourage me to keep going. They always cheer me on, give me my flowers, and are 100% transparent with me. i appreciate that so much. I am also the first in my support system to move away to pursue a creative dream so I think while they are supporting me, I am inspiring them. That right there makes me feel so good, it keeps me going. Read more>>

Katie Flashner | Blogger & Dancer

The most important factor behind the success of my brand, The Girl with the Tree Tattoo, is undoubtedly authenticity. I like to say on the blog that I share the good, the bad and the awkward of my dance journey. I don’t hide the fact that I’m not perfect and I don’t have it all figured out yet. Showing up authentically doesn’t mean I’m sharing every aspect of my entire life, but what I do share is honest and genuine. This approach connects me on a deeper and stronger level with my audience because my brand is about the JOURNEY of becoming a ballroom dancer as an adult, not a final destination. Sharing my real journey instead of a glitz and glamour version lets my audience know that I am in the trenches with them. Read more>>

Eden Gillott | Crisis and Strategic Communications Consultant, Author & TEDx Speaker

I cannot imagine my life without my network. They are inspirational, brilliant, and kind. We’re constantly sharing our knowledge, stories, and laughter. Without them, I wouldn’t be a business owner, published author, TEDx speaker, or Spartan trifecta finisher. Read more>>

Lori Torres | CEO & Founder

Surrounding myself with a great team is definitely the most important factor that has attributed to my success and the overall success of the company. I can honestly say that I am nothing without my team. In order to deliver phenomenal customer service, you first have to hire great people who love to help. I rely heavily on the strength, dedication, professionalism and savviness of my team to maintain our success. This has helped us achieve phenomenal growth over the years. At the end of the day, you can have a great idea, product, vision or business plan but if you don’t have a solid team behind you then you will struggle to succeed. To me, corporate culture is of the utmost importance. I am passionate about creating and maintaining a special work environment. Read more>>