We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Madison Taylor | Model

I find inspiration from unique individuals who are unafraid to express themselves; not only through their creative mediums, but in their everyday life as well. Sometimes I’ll just stop and stare at people in the street who are dressed extra sharp or boldly. Its not out of rudeness most times, I’m really just admiring their style and making mental notes so I can bring part of that back with me. Unique architecture and nature really inspire me as well. Buildings that look like they don’t belong there, brightly colored plants, bold patterned animals… All of these things also really inspire my art and the way i live my day-to-day life. As far as personal style inspiration goes, anyone who knows me knows all about my leopard print OBSESSION, take that mixed with the 90s, 70s, 80s punk, and 2000s grunge and that pretty much describes my entire wardrobe. Read more>>

Omar Mora | Artist, Medical Doctor & Entrepreneur

I’m inspired by life adventures, inspired by finding my higher self and see how far I can go. I am inspired by the creation and imagination of the intellect and the possibilities of making them come true.. I want to impress myself, so at the end of the road when I look back, I can say wow! Read more>>

Leslie Shapiro Joyal | Artist & Designer

I’m inspired by innovation. I love to see people steadfastly sticking to their vision – whatever it is. I like tenacity and passion, and I love watching people that are bold enough to express themselves, even when it goes against social trends. I’m also often more excited by the process of creating art over the art itself. Show me someone getting dirty on the potters wheel, or in tattered rehearsal clothes in a dance studio. That’s where you see and feel the humanity behind the experience. I’m inspired by great music, and poetry, and the beauty of writing. The reality is that inspiration can come from anywhere at any time, and often it comes unexpectedly. Those are moments we need to get still and pay attention to the gift we’re being given. When we take a little time to reflect on something that gives us a moment of visual or emotional pleasure, it can grow into a brand new piece of art for others to enjoy with us. Read more>>

Aaron Slotkin | Nutritionist

I am inspired by the way nutrition can impact people’s lives for the better. This involves giving more options to health problems, providing convenient tools, as well as helping make healthier choices. Read more>>

Marissa Esquibel | Psychotherapist & Entrepreneur

My mission in life is to empower young women to stop playing small and start taking up space! This includes me since I was a non-space-taker and spent a lot of my childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood “playing small.” My inspiration is to help 20 and 30-something women avoid the pitfalls and agony I experienced as a consequence of shrinking myself to fit the roles that others expected from me. A lot of the mistakes and mishaps I went through during my 20s were avoidable if only I was able to a) talk about it honestly and b) get help. Transitioning from a girl to a woman, especially in today’s society with pressures from social media, is really hard! I’m inspired by and hope to alleviate the emotional suffering of Gen-Z and Millennial women so they can have the careers, families, and lifestyles that they want. Read more>>