There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Guillaume Azadian | Hands-on design director

As a creative designer, I would say that the number one habit that helped me develop and succeed is to stay curious about anything slightly related to design. I do this through museums, movies, comics, discussions with peers, reading, drawing, and so on. Tools are constantly evolving, trends come and go, and the amount of new skills you could add to your skillset is almost infinite (3D, illustration, motion design, photography, etc.), Read more>>

Jenny Geyser | Holistic Wellness Coach & Yoga Instructor E-RYT 500

Definitely self-care! I practice the daily wellness methods I share with my clients. I often have a hectic schedule, between teaching public classes at Equinox, and running my coaching business. I incorporate morning and evening rituals, such as meditation, journaling, green juices and Ayurvedic practices like oil pulling and dry skin brushing. I also make sure to get some movement in everyday. Ideally, a full yoga practice, or on busier days a long walk with my dog is great. Read more>>

Adaora | Music Artist

A few habits I felt have helped me succeed would be: thinking out of the box and taking risks, challenging myself to learn something new often, and taking losses as learning experiences instead of negativity! I feel like in life, in order to succeed you can not be stagnant or too comfortable. That is why, learning something new or trying something you are not used to can really elevate and help you grow! And when you might not accomplish that activity to the best of your ability, don’t take it as failure, but instead a building block that’s molding you for your future success. Read more>>

Ashley Nusrala | LA Hair Extension Specialist

In terms of habits that have helped me succeed as a business owner and find success in my brand, I find these are the same exact habits I not only grew up with, but also carried into my vastly different first career, and now into my own business. Some of them are probably just naturally ingrained in me, and others have required a little discipline to get in a good groove. Read more>>

Leslie Langie | Herbalist, Energy Worker & Creatrix

What habits do you feel helped you succeed? I’ve often said that I wish I could get paid to be professional student; that’s how much I enjoy academia and learning new things. If I had to choose the one habit that has contributed most to my successes in life it would be me, always remaining teachable. There’s so much learning in life, and lessons come from places you least expect, even children… I’m always open to learning something new. Read more>>

Marc Sanchez | Storyboard Artist, Animator and Director

Honestly, I am a big advocate of waking up before 5am and working out. This habit allows me to expel excess energy and manage my ADHD. It also allows me to redirect my mental stimulation towards my animation projects, storyboards and writing. Even when I was coaching high school football, I was waking up before 4am to weight train with my student athletes. This internal focus and practice not only keeps me healthy but my mental state in good shape. No one wants to work out after a long day of work. I’d rather hangout with friends, build Legos or paint. Read more>>

Lisa McCabe | Dance Studio Owner

Starting a company may be easy but the habits you create are what help you to keep the company growing and moving. There are 3 habits I created which have kept me sane and growing. They are: 1. Meditate 2. Get help 3. Take risks I rely on my relationship with God and I start most morning meditating on scripture and the promises of the bible. They really help me get through my day feeling on top of things and help me keep a positive outlook on every situation. If the creator of the universe is on my side then nothing can stop me from doing my God given passion. Read more>>

NICOLAS HOSPITAEL | Actor / Model / Associate Producer

I strongly believe that good habits are the root of success. In my case, the habits that truly work for me are all my morning habits. I wake up early, I meditate, I work out, I read, then I get ready for the day after a healthy breakfast. These are for me primordial to start a good day. These are also very easy to implement in anyone’s life. Read more>>