We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Rae Allen | Wardrobe Stylist, Shopper + Athlete

I believe that we create our own version of success. For me, I have been resilient, persistent and authentic. I absolutely love what I do and my passion behind my career as a wardrobe stylist has allowed me to literally run with it. When most people would give up – I kept pushing. As an athlete I have learned how to put my head down and dig deep during challenges, and this mindset has allowed me to transform professionally in my styling career. Read more>>

Christina Best Thomas | Portrait and Wedding Photographer

There are a lot of very talented photographers out there, but what has helped my brand is not only being inclusive but encouraging people to be themselves. There’s a lot of vulnerability when it comes to having your picture taken, and generally people can be shy about it. If I had a dollar for every time I heard “we’re so awkward in front of the camera”, I’d have a lot of dollars. Read more>>

Ella Frauenhofer | Fashion Designer

Authenticity and truth, always. I’ve always considered Sensual At Best to be a project, an energy, an extension of myself and the growth I’m constantly experiencing rather than a brand. It’s more of a meditation than a business. Sensual At Best is the entity through which I dig for my truth, essentially, to more clearly understand my own values and ideas that I feel called to communicate through many different mediums. This is also why I use recycled fabrics and natural materials like hemp and wool. I feel there is a certain truth to recognizing our relationship to and within nature. Read more>>

Dr. Carl Truesdale | Facial Plastic Surgeon

I decided to become a doctor when I was 10. My successful facial plastic surgery practice is the culmination of the many large and small actions I’ve taken since then. My dad is a scientist and my mom is one of the most loving and creative people I know. I was an incredibly curious kid, and they helped me pursue my varied interests including piano, sports, portrait painting, and science experiments. I double-majored in Biology and Spanish in college, never wanting to choose between my love of science and language, art, and culture. I decompressed during med school by playing the piano, and added private pilot training to my list of hobbies in residency. Read more>>

Dani Poppitt | Artist & songwriter

Success is the result of years of building. I’d say the most important factor in my own success is just not giving up. Most people will get discouraged and use that feeling as justification to quit. You have to be prepared to lose over and over again until one day something gives. I think working hard in silence is the key. Let the sound of your wins be the noise. Read more>>

Flor Tapia | Content Creator

My most important factor behind my success of my brand is letting go of fear. I let go of the little voices in my head telling me “I can’t do that”. I stopped listening to what anyone had to say about my lifestyle and content. I always go back to this quote, ” Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” No matter what you want to do in this lifetime it is already available to you, you just have to go and get it. Read more>>

Phoenix Nicholson | Actor and Voice over artist

I think the thing that’s been the most important to my success so far as an actor has been my relentless work ethic, and having my dad John Nicholson as my acting coach. Those two things make sure I’m always prepared for every opportunity that comes my way. Read more>>

Michael Kostroff | Actor, author, instructor, audition coach, director

Honestly, I’ve never thought of myself as a business person. Generating income has never been my highest priority, nor has marketing, building clientele, or any of those things that usually motivate people to develop a business. In my case, I think the greatest factor in my success as an instructor, author, and coach has been my genuine, passionate love of my fellow actors—my “tribe”— and the strong pull to help them better navigate not only the acting part, but also the career part and the mental health part. Read more>>

Patrick Jero Miguel Castillo | Floral Artist & Founder • Once Upon A Florist

Culture tends to praise someone who is ” after their bag” and who is “all about the hustle” but these types of dispositions tend to dilute themselves into making someone believe that your interactions with others have to be substantiated by “what this person can do for me” or “how can this connection further me in my career” when in reality, kindness STILL goes a long way. Shaking hands and getting to know the people in your community can help you become successful in getting your business off the ground. Read more>>

Erica Benvenuto | The Loan Queen

I think the most important factor behind the success of my brand is being authentically myself. Know your products, bring value, provide education, but always be yourself. You’re not for everyone, so don’t try to fit a mold that isn’t you. Be authentic and you’ll attract like-minded people that you enjoy working with. Read more>>

Alexis Cabrera | Executive Director of 9 Dots

We are nothing without the people that support us. I don’t believe in sole successes or “one-man-wonders.” I guarantee anyone who has done anything worth talking about had someone in their corner. Even Einstein, who is so often perceived as a “Lone genius”, did not make his discoveries on his own. If you want to make an impact in this world, you first need an opportunity. Then you need passion. Then you need hard work. But even if you have the opportunity, the passion, and the drive, you will fail without support and community. Read more>>

Solace | Artist

I think there are a few keys pieces but the main one I have to say is God. I have an amazing team (The Cafeteria Line) but I prayed for that team months before I met or knew of them. I am consistent but again, that’s God too, so yeah. Read more>>

Lauren Fractor | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Creator of Ladies of Los Angeles

The most important factor behind the success of Ladies of Los Angeles is my commitment and my moderator team’s commitment to authenticity, genuineness, and efficiency. Ironically, all three of my team members, myself included, work in the mental health profession. This has allowed for us to see situations and challenges that arise in the group from a different lens and perspective and we feel more comfortable handling these issues. We use an empathic, yet assertive approach and that makes us strong group leaders. Read more>>

Jesse Halimon | Independent R&B/Soul Artist AKA Just Semaj

The most important factor behind my success is simply keeping my sanity. I do music because he helps keep me sane. It’s let’s me know that as long as I got a song in my heart, that I’ll make it through some of my toughest times. Read more>>

Adam Gibson | Tattooer

I’ve been in this business nearly half of my life, I came up in tattooing right before Instagram and becoming a tattooer and content creator were one in the same. I think the most important thing to do is to trust in you and your brand, don’t waver from your vision and keep your focus on what you want to put out. It’s easy to emulate others and try to be someone you’re not, but I think the public can see your authenticity. Read more>>

Damon Sharpe | Award Winning Music Producer, Songwriter and DJ

Work ethic. I always say work ethic trumps talent. You may not the be the smartest or the most talented but if you are driven and stay the course you will almost always achieve some level of success. Read more>>


The most important factor behind our brand is being true to self as an artist Read more>>

Allison Davidson | Photographer, Fior Fine Photo

From the beginning I have built my business around authenticity. Photography is an extension of myself, my creative voice. I always stay true to my expression, whether it be in my brand, my messaging, communication with clients, the look and feel of the photos. I focus less on what other photographers are doing and instead operate in a way that feels right to me. I also find that when I am authentic, my clients trust me and are able to be themselves in front of the camera. As a result, we are able to create beautiful images that tell their story. Read more>>

Nick Cozine | Songwriter, Producer and Artist (M-N-Y-S)

I think the biggest factor is the people around me. We’re all on the same page when it comes to navigating the industry – what our mutual goals are and how we’re going to reach them. As you progress, it becomes harder to identify who comes around for the hang or for the long run. But if you have a core crew and foundation, it becomes easy. I wouldn’t be anywhere I am today if it wasn’t for the people around me, both inside and out of the industry. Read more>>

Yukari Watanabe | Japanese restaurant owner and chef

The most important factor behind my success is that I keep going no matter what. There was no going back for me. Therefore, I chose a positive mental attitude no matter what I was going through. Many problems happened in the past, but I was determined to go through every situation even though it was not easy. Read more>>

Kaure Thomas | The Christian Coach & Heavenly Guide to Heavenward Stars

The important factor of me and my brand’s success is indicated at the heart of my brand’s tagline—Be Known. “Knowing” is the principle factor. When most think about knowledge and knowing, we tend to refer to information that’s gathered through the 5 senses. This is worldly knowledge and knowing. The knowledge and knowing that my work addresses is beyond our physical experience and the grasps of our 5-senses. In essence, it’s heavenly. Read more>>

Dr Lativah Greene | Founder & CEO

The most important factor behind success is making sure you stay committed to your purpose. You have to be willing to put others first. The major key to building a successful brand is be willing to put 2000% into your craft. Master your ability to educate and apply new skill sets to help your business grow. Have you ever heard this saying you can’t build empire alone. Well it’s so true you need a team to help you build a empire around the world. Read more>>

Alessandro Zanet | Crossfit Gym Owner/Coach

The name “Crossfit” sparks a lot of controversy among the general population. Whether you’re involved in some sort of fitness or not you’ve heard the name. It’s reputation proceeds it. Just search “Crossfit” on YouTube and you’ll get an array of videos mostly surrounding why it is dangerous or unusual. My business partner, Kevin, and I wokr well together because we agree on one ideology above all else; honesty and transparency. You be honest with us and in return we will be honest with you. We believe that to have a successful business we must embrace what makes us unique rather than shy away. Read more>>