We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Gunnar Peterson | Trainer

Being consistent. Answer the bell every day. I don’t know any other way to do it. As for the brand, exactly the same thing. It’s consistent, it’s real, and there is no quit in it. Read more>>

Stephanie Higashi | Medical, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Massage

The success of myself and the brand Health Atlast is passion to relentlessly do whatever it takes to help people. Deciding to be there for others, continue to evolve to provide greater care and service is really what it is all about. Health Atlast has 6 locations and offer medical, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage and physical therapy. Having everything a person may need all at one location with providers all working together makes a world of difference. Having and creating really the best service and care for patients is what has lead to our success. Read more>>

Steph Tolev | Comedian

Being yourself. As a comedian I think this is the most important thing to have a successful, long lasting career. It allows you to honest onstage and more relatable to the audience. A long time ago I was told by a club booker to “Stop being so dirty- woman don’t have to be dirty” and this was someone who at the time I was dying to work for but soon realized I never would. It’s not like I WANT to be a comedian who talks about sex I am a PERSON who already does! I was scared to be honest and real on stage and wasn’t getting booked because of it. The second I started being me and saying things that obviously not everyone wants to hear- but for sure DOES- I became confident. I felt better and more comfortable performing and I could tell audiences did too. I think this goes for anyone in any kind of field- be honest! It’s so much easier and so much rewarding when people like who you really are! Read more>>

Blythe Hill | CEO & Founder

The single most important factor behind both my own success and the success of my brand is collaborative partnership. From the very beginning, I sought out people, organizations, and brands interested in the same type of work or work that is tangential or parallel to the work we hoped to do. Our partnerships have been responsible for our growth, momentum, and credibility in the human rights landscape. Collaboration is inherent in Dressember’s very structure– we empower a collective of people to advocate together, and then we support a network of programs across the world. Read more>>

Christina Bulbenko and Rex Broome | Co-founders

Big Stir Records operates within a certain genre field — guitar pop or “power pop” as it is sometimes called — and although it’s a relatively small genre, it exists worldwide, with fans and artists everywhere. We became a record label almost as a sidelight because, through booking live shows and tours, we’d come to see that world as not a competitive playing field, but a community of like-minded bands and songwriters, and our mission as one of strengthening the ties within that world. We discovered that we could introduce the people on various local scenes to one another, and foster mutual support across the boards, creating a true musical community. We’ve kept that as our heart and soul maxim: we’re stronger together. And when fans see the artists interacting as friends and collaborators, it starts to paint a vibrant and inviting picture of a real “scene”. Our efforts in that area have been appreciated by both the artists and the fans, and the radio and journalism people who are a big part of keeping it all alive. Read more>>

Ed Rudolph | Photographer

The most important factor for myself, or anyone else in a competitive creative field, to be successful is perseverance. There have been many times in my career, especially early on, where I seemed to be making no progress and facing a lot of rejection. Thankfully in those moments I was able to remind myself the talents that I had and the achievements that I had already made, and keep plugging away at my goals. It became important to realize that success was not going to be an overnight thing. Read more>>

Molly Mundt | Co-Owner & Chief Design Officer

Tenacity and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get things done. At the beginning of my business – which started in 2009, during the recession – that could have meant anything from learning Quickbooks from scratch to cold calling stores. And let me say, there is nothing more anxiety-inducing than picking up the phone & calling a stranger & trying to convince them to buy your products. Obviously this changes as you become a larger business, but the mindset of “whatever it takes” is still at the foundation of our company and our brand. As we have grown, we have made sure that every person that joins our team has this same drive. There is no task too small or too menial. Read more>>

Taryn Rothstein | Lifestyle Digital Creator & Social Media Consultant

Consistency is Queen. Most people want quick success and you need to be in it for the long haul. If you’re trying something new, be gentle and give yourself a year to experiment and make mistakes while no one is watching. I told friends to get on TikTok over a year ago because being early to a platform is half the battle. Once you have that head start its easier to gain confidence with your content. I always try to produce unique and charming content that is outside of the box. Instead of having “FOMO” I create what makes me happy and people start to notice. It wasn’t long before brands started reaching out but it was a process. The first few years I worked for free while I still had a desk job working for my parent’s company. I juggled being a mom, wife, office admin, and starting my dream job from scratch. Don’t feel intimidated by what others are creating. “IT’S A LOT OF WORK” behind that one perfect little square on IG. Read more>>

Kathryn Eipl | Relationship and Love Coach

The first thing that comes to my mind is gratitude. I’m grateful for all the experiences that have led me toward my healing career path. Without my mentors, coaches, clients and community, I’d have nothing. Gratitude is behind everything I do. Working from a place of gratitude provides me with the space I need to keep my mission and brand in integrity to my mission. My business exists because there is a desire and need to connect with oneself on a new level to learn how to change self-sabotaging patterns, heal from relationship trauma and the darkest parts of oneself. I’m grateful to have found a community that is ready to work on self betterment to improve the quality of their lives. Read more>>

Tanesha ‘Ms. Tee’ Morrison

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand (The EmPOWERHer Experience) would have to be building community, being a resource for the those uninformed/underserved, encouraging sisterhood when it is sometimes frowned upon, believing in other women’s potential even when they sometimes don’t believe in it themselves, aiding women to break generational curses, uproot trauma and dig deeper to become the best, most transparent and authentic version of themselves. I have a very unorthodox approach to coaching and consulting and I know this to be the reason behind the longevity of my brands success of going on 5 years in the inner-city community of Los Angeles. I help women rise from the trenches personally and professionally and I’m unapologetic about it Read more>>

John Gilhooley | Photographer & Videographer

Being honest with my style and shooting content that relates to how I actually live my life – I’ve found that it shows through in my work when I am actually interested in the subject matter. Read more>>

Stephanie Kato | Metaphysical Intuitive

The important factor behind my success is this: I always lead with love and appreciation. I am fortunate because my clients ask me to teach them how to self heal by learning true and authentic self-love so they know they are worthy and lovable. People suffer with unhappiness, fear and anger because they feel unworthy, and erroneously conclude they are unlovable especially when life doesn’t work out the way they want. In a world that is often uncertain and frightening, the fear that most people feel manifests in many different types of physical dysfunction and illness. By teaching others how to not only love themselves but also their dysfunction and illness, they connect with the wisdom of their body and begin to appreciate the messages that surface through discomfort and disease. Love of self is the most important truth because it is what heals us on every level of our being, and reminds us who we truly are. From this perspective, we can embrace and experience life as joyful, peaceful and fulfilling. Read more>>

Eli Smith | Swim Instructor

The most important factor behind my success is that I never quit. In swimming there is a off season when it’s cold and the holidays so lessons slow down dramatically. I would just stick it out and every year it would get better and better. Till now I i heat my pool and now I can swim all year around. Read more>>