There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others.  We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

James Gross | Professional Photographer & Videographer

Believing. It starts with a simple idea, a simple desire, or a simple want. After that, whatever you conceived starts to grow, until it becomes bigger and bigger and larger than life. In my opinion, if you don’t believe in yourself it makes it a very hard up-hill battle to get to the top. If you don’t believe in yourself, your company, your brand, or whatever it is that you are selling (service or good) then no one else will believe in it. There are many brands that have stood the test of time because they believe in what they are doing, and they know they are doing it for the proper reasons. Read more>>

Daniel Woods | Content Creator

For me it would have to be the people that supported my weird ideas when it came to portraits. I have had my fair share of ” No one will think that’s cool” or ” That’s a little out there”. So to have those ( especially my amazing fiancé Ish) support those ideas has played a major part in my story. Read more>>

Igor Avidon | SEO Expert & Growth Strategist

The most important factor for our agency’s success is our commitment to our clients as partners. My team and I approach every day with a mindset of being a partner to our clients’ brands. Being boutique allows us to have vested interest in each campaign and grow companies like we would our own brand. Read more>>

Crystal Correa | Founder & Filmmaker

Always staying true to myself. I came into this field with a plan and an understanding of who I am as an artist. It was always important to me to keep following the “guides” I placed or at least go back to reflect on things before I decided to jump into anything I do or involve myself with. The one thing I never wanted to do is go into something half-hearted. With all the projects I am working on or have worked on, I can always go back to the beginning and remember why I started it in the first place. Read more>>

Courtney Sweet | Makeup Artist

I think the fact that I put the art, the end product of the makeup, and ultimately the client’s happiness first is what keeps people coming back as well as growing my business by word of mouth. I once had a photoshoot where the model and the stylist dropped out the day of, and the photographer was at a complete loss. So I volunteered to model (for the first time in my life, which was very much out of my comfort zone; there’s a reason I like to be behind the scenes) as well as style the shoot with my own clothing. And in the end, I had a blast. Read more>>

Marissa Labog | Actress, Dancer, Stuntwoman, Filmmaker, Writer & Producer

I am driven by curiosity. There is a great big world out there and I want to live every aspect of it whether it be through story or personal experience. I live for learning new things, pushing my own boundaries, and taking risks. I think I came out of the womb with an insatiable appetite for movement, which has not gone away to this day. (It probably doesn’t help that I always wanted to be a superhero and be as physically agile and strong as my heroes). From ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, breaking, to tricking, gymnastics, parkour, taekwondo, karate, and capoeira — I am constantly learning and mastering new movement languages. Read more>>

Sarabeth Belón | Opera Singer & Vocal Teacher

As a musician, the most important factor behind my success is financial stability, growth, and happiness.. It is difficult to keep a constant flow of reliable income. Whether I find financial stability through private teaching or through surplus of gigs, I believe that I am successful in my field when I am not feeling tight on money. Besides finances, I find it very important that I continue to grow as an artist. That I continue to climb that figurative ladder. Whether that means that I have conquered a new role or that I had the opportunity to sing for a new opera company, success mean that I am moving forward. When finances and artistic growth are aligned, happiness is a byproduct. Read more>>

Janet Milhomme | Photographer & Mixed Media Artist

For me, success is an imprecise term that changes with each goal achieved. I prefer to think that I have accomplished some goals and continue to work toward others. I believe the contributing factors behind what I have achieved are: a willingness to take risks, diligence, persistence and perhaps most of all the ability to set a goal and to envision the path forward. That path doesn’t always take me to the place I thought it would, but the journey is always interesting. Read more>>

Dr. Antonio M. Harrison | Behavior Scientist, Coach, Creator, & Warrior

Consistency, discipline, and patience are the most important factors in any endeavor. Everyone has great ideas and everyone has the ability to execute those brilliant ideas. However, not everyone has the ability to be continue to work harder than the next person and wait patiently for their opportunity. If you can, you will be rewarded. It may not be today. It may not be tomorrow or 5 years from now. But it will come if you keep on working, adjusting, being creative, and reflecting on the process. The unseen work is where success lives, grows, and thrives. Read more>>

Suzanne Edmonson | Artist

I think that very early in my artistic career, I was impressed with the art of Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and Claes Oldenburg, artists that made us look at things, people, etc. of everyday life with a unique statement. Ordinary transformed into extraordinary. That influence encourages a kind of experimentation of color, composition and subject matter. And frankly, having a background in advertising when concept mattered, it has helped me to focus on what is important in the painting. Read more>>

Mariluz Gonzalez | Owner

The most important factor to Vesper PR’s success is my team’s passion at telling stories. Combine that with my service oriented work ethic and the result is a client who walks away raving about us. Most of Vesper PR’s clients come from referrals. These are people who I’ve never met, but have been told to call me for their public relations needs. What they’ve expressed to me is that they’ve heard I make all my clients feel like they are number one. Read more>>

Dianna Brescia | Founder

The most important factor of my business and brand is to provide healthy living to everyone. I believe everyone should have access to healthy living with organic wholesome foods. Read more>>