Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Johnny Dietsch | Electronic Music Producer

Producing melodic bass music makes me extremely happy. Ever since I discovered electronic dance music, I fell in love with it. I started producing music since December of 2019. I launched the ELYS!AN project back in June of 2020. This all took place after I got sober in August of 2019. Read more>>

john mahoney | Filmmaker – Inspirational Speaker

Keeping crazy busy keeps me happy. I have to be working on something all the time. Ideally if I have three or four projects going at the same time I’m the happiest. Specifically I love film editing, drawing, sculpture, but my ultimate goal is to be a filmmaker. I also love hanging out with friends and brainstorming how we can all find true happiness in our careers. Read more>>

Meagan (hellomeag) | Artist

As an artist, I found that expressing myself through visual medium truly creates joy in my life. It’s something that feels like it has a meaning that extends beyond myself as an individual, maybe it’s something that humans have always found purposeful. Being able to express myself in a visually beautiful way just feels nourishing. Read more>>

Adam Cole Dalrymple | Artist & Fitness Enthusiast

My happiness comes from being kind and spreading love in any way I can. This life we live is so often overwhelming and very negative with little unsolicited kindness. Though very small it may seem, I want to do my part to change that. I truly believe it can be as simple (at least to start) as a positive mindset and all else will follow. A considerate nature and selfless thoughtfulness has brought myself all the joy. Read more>>

Dezir’e Smith | Entrepreneur, Jewelry Artist & Creator of CaliVamp

Having the freedom to express my deepest feelings, ideas and inspirations, bring joy to my spirit. Art has been a source of comfort, fulfillment, and inspiration throughout my life. It allows me to take a step back from the often hectic and fast paced situations that life is often filled with. The feeling is rewarding when something that was once just a small idea has taken form and can now be seen by the world. Read more>>

Sarah Alice Burns | Professional Dancer and Movement Coach

Happiness, I’ve learned can feel easy at times and other times so extremely hard. Happiness for me is self love. Its checking in with myself everyday . Questioning what did I do for myself today, how can I make my day better . The better I can listen to myself,the easier it is to eliminate the things that don’t bring me joy. Happiness starts from within but I believe it can be external too. When I need happiness I turn to dance, music, movement and the ocean. Read more>>

Dan Martinez | Multimedia Composer

I have to admit, “happiness” has never come easily for me! So I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about that. I’ve landed on three big contributors to my happiness: collaboration, accomplishment, and appreciating the present moment. Collaboration feeds my soul— whether it’s carving out the unique sound of a scoring project with filmmakers, recording with brilliantly talented musicians, or building a relationship with my wonderful significant other. Read more>>

Grace Murphy | Writer

A lot of things make me happy, but my dog, Beckett, is high on the list. Read more>>

Maya Gwynn | Artist/ Entrepreneur

Being someone who struggles with depression & anxiety, happiness for a long time was foreign to me. Over the past couple of years, there have been so many situations that have forced me to slow down and appreciate things I used to take for granted. I would say those are the things that make me the happiest now. The small stuff. Sharing funny videos with friends, walking around my neighborhood, and random acts of kindness from strangers. I feel so blessed for my friends & family who continue to support me. They make me so happy and make my life beautiful everyday. Read more>>

Kazuki Tokaji | Guitarist

When I playing guitar on live show. I can see everyone’s face from stage. That makes me so happy. And T-bone steak & orange juice Read more>>

Holly Ramos | Song Writer

What makes me happy? Dancing!!!!!! Dancing changes your vibration, it raises your vibration. Movement is so good for your body and brain. Exercise casts out negative thoughts from your mind, but it can be hard to bring yourself to it because it’s not always fun. It doesn’t necessarily make you happy. But it can if you add joy to the mix and that joy for me is great music. Read more>>

Taylor Conforti | Artist

As an artist what makes me happy is that connection with each piece between myself and others. When I am painting I am very present so I love after being able to share it with the world. I get to see others interact with my work and create their own meaning behind it . Thats the beauty of Art- it evokes emotion Read more>>


Although I would like my answer to not come across as sounding cliché, as I look into the past 15 years of my professional life I have realized that my sense of true happiness has not changed from day one. From my perspective, a sense of true happiness comes along with the satisfaction and affirmation that I am on a path that I am supposed to be on. I believe that if you are feeling aligned in your day to day life events, that’s when you can call yourself a happy person. Read more>>