Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Ugly Side Up | Rock and Roll Band

Happiness is something we strive for every day in different ways. When it comes to the band and to music, immense happiness comes when you finish working on a song, playing to a crowd no matter the size, and talking to other musicians about their love for music. The greatest feeling of happiness comes when we feel a connection to what we are doing. Seeing a crowd sing the words back to you, or dance along to the beat is a feeling that few get to experience and we’ve been lucky enough to see this. Read more>>

Marina Fujiwara | Inventor

Making useless machines makes me happy because building by an idea is a fun thing for me. Irrespective of whether that is useless or useful, Making things is a huge matter for me. It teaches me who I am, what I like, how I go. Read more>>

Megan Thompson | Spiritual Life Coach + Ayurvedic Health Coach

I love this question. I think happiness is something we all strive for, all of us. But the way we go about it is often the problem. We intertwine it with our fears, expectations, limiting beliefs, narratives of others, the list goes on. This is a lot of the reason I do the work I do, to help guide others into their healing and finding fulfillment, the result is then happiness, living in flow. Read more>>

Margaret Danielak | Alternative Gallery Owner & Author

I enjoy bearing witness to that moment when someone falls in love with a work of art. It is very satisfying to be able to do that and makes me happy. Read more>>

Rachel Waifu | Mental Health streamer/Photographer/Comic book artist/Vegan cook

My name is Rachel Waifu (AKA The Vegan Waifu) I am a professional photographer/ photo editor, Comic book artist, vegan foodie, recipe creator, and mental health advocate. I live in Los Angeles with my ESA kitty Baboo! Creating art makes me happy because I get to express myself in ways words can’t. I am able to show people what my mental illness looks like to me. I suffer from sleep paralysis, night terrors, anxiety, and CPTSD. Art has been a way for me to explain what or how I am feeling. Read more>>

Summer Winter | Musical Multipotentialite

Connection, collaboration, community, good waves, good food, gratitude, vintage velvet tufted chairs, harmonizing in a big echo-y room. This is what life is all about. Read more>>

Chieh Hsiung | Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher/Performing Artist

Being able to create and dance makes me very happy. My parents met because of social dancing, maybe because of this, I seem to have inherited the genes to enjoy dancing. The process of dancing is very difficult, and you will often need to deny and doubt yourself. But because of the baptism of the years, I think it is a very happy thing to be able to persist until now, and to be able to create and dance. Because of dancing, it is more physically and psychologically than others. I am more sensitive. I can feel the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys surrounding me more clearly. After digesting all the feelings, I will put those energy into my creation and dance with the people I like. Because of dancing, I have gained a lot of life experience, made many friends, and because of dancing, I know how to thank the joy of life. Read more>>