“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Amy Heitman | Owner | Creative Director

When I launched the wholesale line eight years ago, my babies were young, so there were naps, and early bedtimes I could devote to some of the more focused/creative work. We were home more so it was easier to devote more time to work. As our kids have grown and our commitments within our community have grown, my time is a bit more scattered. Read more>>

Anna Affy And Michael Sychev | Florist and entrepreneur

We have a real desire to bring the ideas of our customers to life while working with all kinds of budgets. At the same time, we are confident in our vision and our creative, artistic approach that makes us stand out . Floral arrangements are very intricate and a personal, subjective matter, so the synergy between customer vision and our expertise and approach is the ultimate challenge. Read more>>

Nessa Eugene | Speech-Language Pathologist, Business Owner & Lifestyle Enthusiast

I approach my personal life in the same way I approach my professional life-holistically. I truly believe that everything is connected and at the end of the day I am not in the money-making business: I am in the human business. Making sure that you bring your full self, your humanity, to your work is so necessary. This is why authenticity, creativity, and compassion are central to all my relationships: professional or otherwise. Read more>>

Nia Mason | Dancer, Artist

As of recently, I’ve really begun to value every moment that I’m in. Of course I still struggle with getting out of my own head and finding myself stressed with other tasks that I need to complete, but I’ve been realizing more often lately that I truly appreciate being present and enjoying the little things. In the midst of a group conversation, I take a step back and see that I’m making my inner child so happy, and I know that she’s so proud of the person I’m becoming. Read more>>

Beryl Rosenblum | Composer for Film

Probably tactful honesty and fairness. I think having those two principles can help anyone thrive in any endeavor, especially when it comes to working with others. Read more>>

Jazmine Bondurant | Content creator

I think for me at least one thing that matters to me the most is being true to yourself . In all aspects . like when your’e at peace with who you are and how you feel about your self . Every thing else becomes so unimportant . youre able to accept good and bad things in a different regard and i feel like thats whats aids you to forward in life Read more>>

Lizbeth Perez | Lilies Bikinis Founder & Designer

The value that is most important to me is staying true to myself and continuously exploring, reflecting, and improving myself. The most I know myself, the easier it is to share my true good intentions with the world. Read more>>