It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day, but it’s important to stop ask: what’s the end goal? Knowing where you are trying to go is step one in getting there and so we’ve asked some folks we admire to tell us their end goal and where they want to be by the end of their careers.

Alexis Calcavecchia | Fashion Blogger

I aim to assist my community in discovering their own personal style through personal style tips, and outfit inspiration. I also highlight brands and individuals who are making an impact in the world of fashion through fashion features, and LIVE interviews. Fashion is more than your physical appearance – It’s about experiences and emotion. Getting to know the individuals behind a brand is everything to me. Everyone has a story to share. I am launching a new Fashion Interview Series soon, so be sure to stay tuned! Read more>>

Lauren Richards | Creative Consultant/ Producer and Singer

As a creative person I have always found so much joy in seeing the visions I see in my mind when I’m listening to music come to life. Now as my Music video production business is beginning to grow and develop I absolutely see myself expanding the company to work with both well known artists as well as independent aspiring artists that want the perfect visual representation of their music. And eventually I’d like a large team of creatives that share my passions and work ethic so our company will be well sought out after and I can retire knowing that the company is in good hands. Read more>>

Christian Robinson | Multi-Instrumentalist, Songwriter, Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, Audiovisual Performer, 3D Animator, & Operations Lead

I’d most like to play at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, and make a combination of traditional records, and envelope-pushing multi-sensory experiences. To support these goals, I’d also love to make sure that there are indeed, music festivals when I pass away. I can’t express how special and world-changing those events have been for me. Creating conditions for future music festivals to thrive involves ensuring that the planet becomes carbon-negative, and water-positive, among other natural resource puzzles we are in the midst of solving. I look forward to the challenge, and know that there are plenty of like-minded folks who’ve turned in their badge of nihilism and and are ready to add their skills, talents, and loving vitality to this cause! Read more>>

Josiah Jones | Creative Strategist and Artist Enthusiast

The end goal…I believe in setting abstract goals. Letting the outcome manifest in whichever way your best efforts produce. After working in roles and places that didn’t fulfill me I realized no promotion, raise or professional connection would be ‘enough’. My professional goal is to enjoy what I’m doing everyday and I’ve created a way for myself to do just that. Part of deciding to do what you want comes with respecting the process. There’s no longer bad days with work, there’s only learning. Creating a space where that’s a capability makes what I do not feel like work. If clocking in means creating meaningful work, connecting with amazing artists and producing to make an impact then I will never clock out. Read more>>

Anthony Stewart | Sculptor, Painter, Fabricator, FX artist

I think there was a time when I wanted to be the owner of my own special FX company. Though as my career has progressed that becomes less of a goal and my focus has shifted more towards sculpture and design. I don’t really want my career to ever end fully, but I guess in a perfect world I’d like to have actually finished the book project I’ve been working on for years, and if it were a success that would be even better. I’d like to have a body of work that inspires others to create and that will be referenced for years to come. I’d like to be able to live anywhere I or my family chooses and still be able to work. And ultimately I’d love to teach. I am not a graduate of a four year college, so I don’t know if that would ever be a possibility but I’d really like to teach traditional sculpture to the next generations of artists and makers. It would be very fulfilling. Read more>>