What’s the right balance between work and non-work time? The traditional 9-5 has slowly disappeared with the emails and zoom and texting going far beyond traditional business hours. We asked members of our community to share with us how they think about work-life balance.

Tiana Pongs | Actress

Balance is one of the most important aspects of life. I could write a whole novel about balance. The topic is so important to me that I got a tattoo on my arm that says: Balance is everything. My life, my friendships, my relationships, nothing was really in balance, so I became more and more concerned with this whole dynamic, and after I realized the importance, I transformed my life. Balance and happiness are closely related. Many people are not aware of this. Read more>>

Shemeka Wright | Film & Television Actress and Small Business Owner of Be You Candles

When I think about work life balance, what comes to mind is ensuring that regardless to what I have going on in my life, that I do not forget about myself. Here’s the thing, the world is setup to make you feel guilty about putting yourself first. I dismiss that notion wholeheartedly. I operate in a way that I put me first, mentally, physically & emotionally. I meditate, vacation as often as I can, I carve out time for a monthly massage, I exercise, eat healthy, and I look myself in the mirror and check in with me. I allow myself to cry when I need to cry, be upset when I need to be upset, laugh when I need to laugh and play when I need to play; Read more>>

Chelsea Seguin and Denshai Lee | Co-Founders of B.A.G. Box & Self Care Advocates

Building a brand that encourages people to practice self care requires us as business owners to demonstrate work life balance. However our spin on work life balance is LIFE then WORK in balance. Our approach to balance changed over time. Chelsea for example used to create a to do list and once but burned out because she never made it to the part of having time for herself to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. These days things that bring enjoyment are added to her daily to do list. Chelsea finds LIFE WORK balance by adding self care practices to her agenda for the day and lives a more balanced and fulfilled life. Read more>>

Lily Brick | Muralist

Balance has always been like the holy grail for me, I have always been searching for it, with the eternal feeling that I would never quite find it. There are weeks when everything worked, I could have time for myself, get home at a reasonable time and unwind the way I wanted, others when I worked from the moment I opened my eyes until I went to bed and sacrificed leisure weekends because a project needed to be delivered. This last year I am making an effort so that my work does not absorb all my time, because I believe that in the end, painting was my own choice, to live happily doing what I like. Read more>>

Haley Watson | Director and Cinematographer

Finding work life balance has always been a struggle. I don’t feel that I’ve mastered having balance. The greatest challenges of balance to me is how much variation the film industry has. This is something that I really enjoy about the film industry, but the lack of constancy for me can be challenging. Call times, locations, crew size, budget are all large factors in what a particular project’s experience. The film industry is not well structured for rest. We know this. IATSE strikes loomed over the industry last year. Long hours make it harder to get rest even in the short term. Read more>>

Andy Ramirez | Motivator & Municipal Deputy Director

Are you always on the go? Working on the next project while trying to engage on yet another conference call? During a long commute back home, analytical thinkers often ask, “What did I actually accomplish today?” That’s because super-busy lifestyles are exhausting. Just ask the hamster who runs at full speed every day on that tiny wheel. He might be giving it his all, but at the end of the day, what victory and fulfillment did he achieve besides tiredness? Read more>>

Carlos Rafael Suárez | Cinematographe

As a freelance filmmaker, we’re taught to be team players, collaborative partners, creative fixers but most of all, we’re meant to have a lot of work endurance. And I mean A LOT. A regular shoot day in LA for most projects rounds the 10h-12h mark. But at this point we know that’s never exactly the case. Between travel, setup/wrap-up time we are definitely out of home for 12+ hours. And anybody in this industry can relate to 14+ to 16+ hour days. Read more>>

Dzasko | Record Producer

Balance is everything, I think we all know that. But many don’t put it in practice, I would say I have at the moment a balanced life, I try to give time and love to myself, friends and family as much as Im giving it to my work. I’ve used super meticulous with my work, spending all day locked in the studio, which can be useful sometimes (specially when you are under a deadline). But once that becomes a everyday affair and you don’t see daylight, that becomes a problem. Read more>>

Anna Wong | Wardrobe Stylist

Where are you from and how did your background and upbringing impact who you are today? I grew up in eastern Washington in a tiny town. Being Chinese in a rural town was rough. I knew I was never going to fit in. I now know that not fitting in set me free to be who I felt like. It made me look outside of my surroundings for inspiration. It also made me think for myself and not follow others’ opinions on what was acceptable for me aesthetically. Read more>>

Janelle Johnson | Yoga Teacher & Real Estate Agent

I feel like this is a question that everyone can relate to. Some may or may not know, that on top of selling real estate, I have other hats that I wear, mother, partner, yoga teacher, full-time college student, amongst a few other I probably forgot to list. With all of that being said, the first step to balance is start from the core and work your way out. What I mean by that, is carve out some time for yourself, even if you have to wake up at 4AM, to exercise or meditate. I believe when you feel good about yourself, you’re able to show up in the other areas in your life. Read more>>

Emma Maltby | Actor & Producer

My relationship with the idea of work/life balance has shifted dramatically in the past few years, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. When I first started pursuing a career as an actor and creator, I was very much seduced by the hustle culture mindset and the idea that success inherently comes from hard work. I felt that if I wasn’t exhausted at the end of the day, or if I didn’t feel as though I was working my absolute hardest, then I wouldn’t be worthy of achieving my goals. It’s no surprise that this absolutely burned me out. Read more>>

Theoni Bekiari | Actress

Balance is a very interesting word. An equal distribution of weight, for us usually between work and personal life, between school and personal time, between people’s time and me time. In today’s world we as people have many, many things to balance between. We may sacrifice one for another, life changes and the balance that once worked doesn’t work anymore. What I have learned these past couple of years is that any Balance is meant to change. I have struggled and I still struggle to maintain my life in any kind of balance. What works for me is to be easy on myself. Read more>>

Milan Zoe | Entrepreneur

I am a firm believer that your personal is reflective of your business life and vice versa. For a long time my focus had been business business business and I didn’t work nearly as hard on myself and that began to reflect in other areas. Overtime my balance has become a bit more balanced and it has actually aided me in getting further along in my career endeavors. Read more>>

Marie Fernandez | Doctor of Physical Therapy, Yoga Instructor, and Content Creator

I used to visualize work – life balance as a weighing scale with a perfect teetering point. When you sincerely love what you do, there will be a point when you realize it isn’t about the balance but living a fulfilling lifestyle. On the topic of Work-Life Balance, I can go into this extended metaphor about “finding the balance” with credibility as a certified yoga instructor then finesse an intricate biomechanical analysis about scientifically who we (literally) are with anatomy as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. However, I’m going to save the jargon because this interview isn’t about me flexing the letters behind my name, but rather, communicate this point: Read more>>

Reseda L. Cox | Owner of Baby Panache

As a working mom, I’m under a lot of pressure. Sometimes those around me place pressure on me and often I put most of the pressure on myself. As a working mom, the pressure feels sky-high. You have all the normal mom responsibilities, plus all your job responsibilities and requirements. Talk about a lot on your plate! Initially finding balance was a huge struggle and almost felt impossible, but I had to get creative and figure out different strategies to maintain the balance with a baby strapped to my chest. Overtime, the strategies that worked best became best practices for me to maintain my work life balance. Read more>>

Nikki Taguilas-Morales | Writer

When I first started out, my full focus was on my career. I was always the one missing parties or dinners, making sure any extra time I had I was writing or researching. As my career progressed over time and I grew as a writer, I was better able to manage both. Now, I have dedicated times I write, and am not afraid to ask or make time for family and friends, as I no longer want to be missing out on important events. I think the balance has found itself, and I’m really happy with where it’s at. Read more>>

GABRIELA LUGO | Writer/Director/Producer

I feel like this is a question typically aimed at women, and yet, men struggle with this too, they just aren’t supposed to talk about it I guess. But for me, it’s important to let myself off the hook. I can’t be 100% good at everything 100% of the time. There are days, I rock at my writing and I drop the ball a little on the kid homework front. There are days I rock the parenting bake sale and I didn’t put in that research time. There are days I’m a great wife, and a bit of a lousy parent and an only adequate worker and there are days that I am the best CEO of my business, motherhood be damned. Read more>>

Dominique Webb | Creative Director and Founder of Cult Creative Agency

I used to use my work as an escape from my life. My business, my brand, my work, all were very defining moments for me – I did not have an identity outside of what I did for a living. That was because I spent the latter part of my twenties building my business, and very little time outside of it. What started out as a hobby as a means to escape became my job and the lines between work and real life became blurred. My work-life balance was non-existent. Now that my business is successful and has been up and running for five years, Read more>>

Julian Foglietti | Photographer

I’ve always referred to my work-life balance as always working, never working. Photography has always been my primary means of understanding and expressing myself in the world, it’s the experiences I have day to day that influence the art and creativity I bring when working with brands and publications. Art cannot exist in a vacuum. So, while work-life balance are important, I consider my downtime away from the camera to be some of the most fundamental work i do. It’s in these moments that new ideas, projects, and techniques begin to surface. Read more>>

Amrita Jhaveri | Principal Planner, AMRITA events

I have to admit, I’m not always the best at this. I’ve been working on this for years but I’ve made sure to make it a priority. First thing, you must create boundaries. When I first started in the business, I used to reply back to clients within seconds, it would give me anxiety if I had an unread email sitting in my inbox for longer than an hour. But now, I set expectations at the beginning and let my clients know of my office hours and the best way to reach me if there is a ‘SOS’ moment. I am a people pleaser and go above and beyond for my clients (after all, I am planning one of the most important days of their lives), but now that I have a baby, I’ve learned very quickly that I have to give 100% of my attention to one person at time, during different parts of the day. Read more>>

Kayla Ghassemi | Realtor® & President of the MOMS Club, Pasadena Chapter

It’s so hard but I’m just lucky I can take my baby most everywhere with me. So I’d have to say combining has helped balance work and family because they are simultaneous. My partner is able to spend a lot of time at home and drives me around to all my listing appointments, showings, inspections, baby’s doctor visits, lunches, mom’s events; we get to spend time together as a family all day. Read more>>