Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Terry “T” Miller | Filmmaker, Father & Husband

From early on I have always been adventurous. As a self proclaimed adrenaline junkie, risk has always been about immense calculation. Understanding the simple premise of “Level of Risk = Level of Reward” I have always tried to position myself to be more courageous than most, meaning, I’m not afraid to try new things; learn new and extremely hard things; examine new ways of thinking even of that means changing old ways that have evolved through age and perspective.. Read more>>

Mark Evans | Music Producer

I think that taking risks is fundamental. In my career making music taking risks kind of comes with the territory. As a producer, not every song or artist that you work with is going to be successful. In general I find myself kind of straying away from whats going on in the current musical climate and following my own ear and what I want to hear. I tend to trust my gut and gravitate towards artists and sounds that speak to me. That thought process / way of going about my life has not always been the easiest but has definitely paid off and is rewarding when you watch something that you developed and believed in start to take traction. Read more>>

Keiji Ishida | Artist

As an Artist and a Designer, risk-taking is not a negative thing, rather it’s an opportunity to seek accidents that may grow your creative potential and perhaps educate others at the same time. It is no doubt difficult to take risks as it associates with the unknown and skepticism, yet it trains you to think about the “now” rather than the “later”. Yet in reality, every risk you take does not necessarily mean you will produce something magical. But I appreciate those who dive into a foreign territory and explore beyond their peers interests and even the current cultural standard. Read more>>

Kenshi Kobayashi | Founder & CEO of Kenchan Ramen

I don’t know that I would have come this far in my life and career without taking some risks. And Kenchan Ramen definitely wouldn’t exist without risk taking. I took a leap of faith and moved from my hometown in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania (shoutout to the mushroom capital of the world!) to LA, a new city with no friends or family. After two years at a comfortable corporate job, I took an even bigger leap by leaving to join a start-up. Then 2020 happened, and the pandemic changed everything. As risky as it seemed, I took the biggest risk of my life so far and dropped everything to pin it all on Kenchan Ramen, which was just a fun side-project up until then. Read more>>

Diana Chow | Music Producer & Artist

To me, taking risks is how you grow. In my life and career, I’ve gradually learned to take on greater risks, and with each risk I’ve taken I’ve learned something. Sometimes I’m amazed by the results, other times I’m initially disappointed by the results but ultimately even those things help me gain perspective and more knowledge about myself or the world around me. Read more>>

Jaclyn Francis | Founder & CEO of Sesh

I like to look at risk taking as an opportunity to have fun with life. Growing up we are so constricted on how we go through life. We’re basically taught that there is a certain way we are meant to live and a specific standard on what it is to be successful. Go to school, get a degree, find a secure job, get married, buy a house, have a family. To me that is so boring! How are you ever supposed to find your purpose or figure out your truest potential without stepping outside the safety zone and taking risks? Read more>>

Carly Veronica | Mural Artist & Painter

I think risk is essential to growth. As an artist I often get complimented for my bravery for living an unconventional lifestyle. I have been self employed my entire career with blocks of time spent as a creative director and animation director working in house for companies. Taking risks has allowed me to have a life that is always shifting and changing. There is never a dull moment! Read more>>

Haylee Nichols | Florist, Painter & Ceramicist

For me, taking risks or stepping out of my comfort zone has helped me to set myself apart from others. What I’ve realized over the years is that, anytime I feel unsure or like I can’t see what’s about to happen next is when the most growth happens. Taking risks and stepping outside of what is expected or safe makes me want to continue to create and be a better artist. Because even if something I try doesn’t translate or work out as I expect, I still see it as a learning opportunity. Read more>>

Reewa | Singer/Songwriter/Pianist

Living with fear stops us from taking risks and if you don’t go out on the branch you’re never going to get the best fruit. One basic principle I follow in my life is to follow my heart and not the crowd. Being a singer/songwriter is risky, you don’t know where you’ll end up in life, there is no job security at all. You’ve probably been told how hard it is to make it or that you have a better chance of winning the lottery than becoming famous. Most of the time you might be thinking “ya, whatever”. Read more>>

Daniel Pappas | Director/Producer/Writer

I think risk comes down to saying, “Yes I can do this” or “Here are all the reasons this won’t work out”. I have found myself on both sides of this coin. I moved to Los Angeles in 2011 after getting laid off from my job in the music industry. I wanted to start a career in the film industry as a director. The only way I could convince people I was capable was taking out a couple of credit cards to pay for a short film and a music video. Was it a risk? Yes. It took me 6 years to pay off those credit cards, but it also created opportunities that were not available to me before I did that. Now I am making a documentary about my sister and her husband who both have intellectual disabilities. Read more>>

Jared Kassebaum | Comedian, Writer, and Producer of the Sawtelle Show

As a comedian, the artform is inherently about risk-taking. There is no comedy without allowing yourself to also be rejected by some people who don’t like your jokes or ideas. In small ways, you take risks in comedy through trying out new jokes; at the beginning that exclusively at open mics, and later, on any stage you have when you graduate from the open mics. Do you ever notice how everybody is funny with their friends? That’s because there’s no risk involved in the mind of the joke-teller, because inherent to friendship is knowing you will be accepted. That all changes when you get on a stage and tell jokes in front of strangers. Read more>>

Hannah Schnabel | Apparel Designer/Technical Designer

Risk is essential to growth and success. Failure is only complete if one fails to risk. This doesn’t mean that one should not research and plan, just the opposite is true. A successful risk is one that has been weighed, measured, and planned for. Risk has pushed me out of my comfort zone, encouraging me to use my skills and knowledge to grow my business. It has allowed me to rid myself of jobs that do not serve my needs, and be brave enough to move states in pursuit of my dreams. Read more>>

Shir Baron | Animator

Taking risks played a huge role in my career path. Studying abroad, investing a lot of time and money without truly knowing what will happen after I graduate, was probably the biggest risk I’ve ever taken. I’d rather know I tried and failed than wonder “what if…” I’ve always thought of myself as a lucky person, but luck really just comes down to achieving something against all odds, or tilting the odds in your favor. I believe we each make our own luck by trying time and time again. Read more>>

Jasmine Simone | Licensed Esthetician & Skincare Educator

I think life is all about taking risks. If a person doesn’t take risks, how will they know whether or not they’ve lived life? For me the first risk I took, was leaving Portland to move to California at 20 years old. I decided to move to California because I was a teen mom and after graduating high school, I wanted a better life for my son. (it was just us two at the time). I knew that California would be a place for more opportunities than staying behind in Portland. Read more>>

Gloria Jumi | Actor

When I tell people I am an actor I usually get 2 responses: 1) Wow that’s interesting and 2) It must be hard trying to make a living as an actor. Both are true! To be an actor means you have to deal with a whole lot of rejection, it’s part of the process. Four years ago I left everything I knew behind to pursue a career as an actor. I knew it wasn’t easy and it still isn’t easy but when you are in love with something it’s worth the risk! Read more>>

Danielle Hinde | Owner/Exec Producer of Doomsday Ent, Co-Founder of DOOMSDAYX

Every pivotal and important shift in my life and career came with major risks. The only way to truly create change is to dive deep without obsessing over the fear of failure. I started Doomsday Entertainment with only one very small paycheck in my bank account and the computer my mom bought me, everything else was 100 percent on me to perform and deliver. When I started DoomsdayX last year, I had to completely teach myself a new industry that was so foreign to me but I knew the benefits greatly outweighed the risks. I have also never focused on the inevitable failures that we will all endure, they were always lessons on how to improve and keep fighting. Read more>>

Markell Leo | Actor & Dancer

Risk is very healthy in my opinion. they make you grow. I Like to go after the things that I can imagine in my vision. Also I love when people say something can’t be done. It makes me rise to the challenge and prove them wrong. Risk has played a very big role in my life and career. If I am nervous about things I
want to do, usually that means it’s something good for me Lol. Because of risk
I have risen to the top of my acting classes when I was the last student with skills. Read more>>

Luzy King | Financial and Business Coach

By definition, we have been conditioned to believe that risk involves a situation in which you are exposed to danger. I view risk as to the opposite, risk part of building self-trust. I am a first-gen professional and the first person in my family to ever-held a top executive job. I spent 17 years working in the hospitality industry, starting as a housekeeper and taking the risk of learning every position in the company and department. Read more>>

Sophia Johnson | Costume Illustrator/Concept Artist

The biggest risk I’ve taken in my life was to pursue art as a career. I decided to major in Illustration with no prior skill in art. I was at a point where I felt I needed to choose a major and had no clue what to do, and my mom suggested I major in art because I loved drawing as a child. Read more>>