We asked the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us. Check some of those out below.

Elinor Shapiro | Fine Artist

My favorite phrase is “Just break the white” another artist told me this once when I was struggling with feeling blocked and unable to create. That one little phrase managed to completely change the way that I work. Before, I treated all my artwork and materials so preciously that it stifled my ability to create. Fear of ruining something would hold me back. But now I just think, break the white. It could be with a smudge, a footprint, a splatter of ink. It doesn’t have to be high quality, but as soon as the white of the canvas is broken its like my fear evaporates the canvas is already damaged so how could I damage it more? this phrase unlocked any rules I had in place for myself in my creative state. I think this phrase is applicable to everything, if we treat what we are doing to preciously, we will be too scared and frozen to take any risks. All of the best growth I have had in my career or in my art has come from taking that risk, or at least considering it. Break the white of the canvas, break the monotony and do not be scared to ruin it, one mistake will not crumble everything as long as you are dedicated. Read more>>

Julie Neumark Holly Bowyer | Partners at Media & Marketing Minds (M3)

Julie: At M3, we have sort of an affirmation hashtag: #lessonslearned. This started at some point during our first year in business together as a way to reframe our shoulda-woulda-coulda moments of reflection while debriefing client projects. Instead of beating ourselves up for things we wished we would have done differently, we turned it into a catchy little reminder for each other. Read More>>

Christian Rodrigo | Actor, Producer, Acting Coach & Director

“There’s nothing worse than not doing something thinking that it would be just too little”. This quote is one of my favorite ones because it reminds me how important is to do whatever we can towards our believes, thoughts, ideas, goals, values,, even if we think that it will contribute just very little towards the final outcome, because the only way of achieving our goals, or make a better world, is by doing what it’s in our hands, no matter how big or small we think it could be…because if we do that always, and everyone does it, especially for important things related to our planet, ecology, values, respect… with the helps of every one of us, we’ll be able to change important things and achieve great outcomes. Read more>>

Mara Chaben | Co-Founder, ZenStop

Currently I’ve been thinking a lot about the quote by Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” When building a businesses or a career or anything really, it’s so easy to look at everyone else and think you’re behind or you’ll never be as successful. Especially with social media and being able to have an inside look at people’s “embellished” personal / work lives, it’s common to compare. On top of that, the pandemic was such a curve ball – and it definitely elevated some companies simultaneously destroying others. Of course, maybe you’re not where you want to be, but it’s so important to remember how far you’ve come, be proud of yourself for all the milestones you have accomplished, and just have fun with whatever it is you’re doing. After all, in my eyes, everything is happening exactly as it’s supposed to in divine timing. Read more>>

Ebony Tutora | Holistic Mastery Coach

My favorite quote is, “Question everything you’ve been told, dismiss what insults your soul.” Walt Whitman I learned this quote at the age of 15, and it’s stuck with me ever since. I love it because, it reminds me that I can believe whatever I want. I am not tied to any belief, and part of learning is questioning what you’ve been taught. It also helps me to trust myself, and to reject anything that doesn’t sit well with my spirit. It’s a beautiful quote to help you to OWN your power!. Read more>>

Jeremy Novy | Stencil Street Artist

Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Albert Einstein I found this quote about 12 years ago when I was being faced with a graffiti charge for one of my life size stencils of a San Francisco drag queen. (Lady Bear) I found it a very inspiring quote because Einstein was and inventor and creator of a new world we had not yet seen. People did not believe in his inventions and looked at him as a crazy kook. We as artist also are inventions with ideas to create a new world. But not everyone sees creativity as a valid way of building a city.. The ‘violent opposition’ in this quote can simply be the guy yelling ‘you are crazy for thinking that way’. And I have had several people yell at me for painting my now iconic koi stencils over the years. Yet today they request and commission the very same koi stencil. Don’t Give Up!. Read more>>

JP Pollinger | Founder & Chair of Resilient We Rise Coalition

“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing” – Theodore Roosevelt. I first heard this quote spoken by my favorite television character Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation.” As a servant leader, I have spent every day of my existence thinking of all the ways I could better serve my community: when I was 16 I became a Certified Nursing Assistant; after high school I shared stories of the human experience in order to inspire empathy in others by being a stage manager for theater; and now, I started a non-profit organization with the mission to provide mutual-aid, rehabilitation, and temporary housing to the unhoused and underserved. Serving communities of all kinds gives me the chance to work hard at work worth doing. Read more>>

Denitza Leon | Founder & Creative Director

I remind myself of a lyric from Frank Ocean’s song Biking…”God gave you what you could handle.” Second-year into running the business Ouu i Love before the rebrand it was Denitza Digital. I got a call letting me know the love of my life was diagnosed with a rare Leukemia called BPDCN. I was in my photo studio in Downtown Santa Ana, CA at the time. I dropped to my knees at that very moment and felt my whole world was falling on top of me. It was an uphill battle because not only was I am about to fight this battle of cancer with him but we had to seek treatment at MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. It was 9 months of traveling back and forth from LA to Houston. His health was first to me and the business second. There would be 12 hours days at the hospital but I was running the business in between appointments/treatments. I would be present for appointments but take calls with clients in hallways or the familiar 8th floor for leukemia. Read more>>


As great a wonder of being asked that takes my mind upon , and with there being so many I try daily to live by , I’d definitely have to go with “Plant A Seed” and ” You’ll Grow” . The original slogan that I chose to present my clothing line with , and eventually the slogan for the empire created rooted from it. That wasn’t meant to be a punchline but that shows the correlation is evident. The meaning can be understood from all perspectives , every aspect , and converse understandings , kind of like how science starts with the atom , and from there , we now have technology that is literally out of this world. I most like that regardless of the journey , there’s a definite relation , because there must always be a foundation. Being an artist has opened many of different avenues of thinking , which have led to different opportunities presenting themselves. All from a seed that was planted from an interest in music , and an inspiration that was mentioned from the first interview with you guys. Read more>>

Costa Nicholas | Actor

“It’s not easy. If it was easy, there’d be no Kerry Washington. If it was easy, there’d be no Taraji Henson. If it were easy, there’d be no Octavia Spencer. But not only that, if it were easy, there’d be no Viola Davis. If it were easy, there’d be no Mykelti Williamson, no Stephen McKinley Henderson, no Russel Hornsby. If it were easy, there’d be no Denzel Washington. So, keep working. Keep striving. Never give up. **Fall down seven times, get up eight.** Without commitment, you’ll never start. But more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish. Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship. So, keep moving, keep learning, keep growing; see you at work.” This was a speech given by Denzel Washington in 2017, and though he is primarily addressing actors of color, his words hold true for anyone in any difficult position. Especially to me who has always had a fighter/warrior spirit and mindset toward things. “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” Read more>>

Jil Chrissie | Voiceover Artist, Writer & Comedian

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” – Harriet Tubman. This quote hangs on my bedroom wall to help keep me grounded and focused. Harriet Tubman empowers me with her strength and passion. Her dedication and power are all she had. I figure with all of my resources, education, and self-care, I should be able to achieve anything I have in mind. Also, she’s the greatest of all time. Of course, I have her on my wall. Read more>>

Tejay Bah | Filmmaker

I can’t remember the name of the author but my favorite quote is “Life is like a risky business but if you put up too many fences against the risks you will end up shutting out life itself”. For me it means do whatever it takes to achieve your dream in a positive way. Do not harm your self or others along the way. What I liked about it is that it warns you of the danger of over protection. If one protect themselves too much from the risks of life one will end up missing out the true essence of life itself. Read more>>

Natalie Dunbar | Content Strategist, Private Yoga Teacher, Writer and Speaker

My favorite quote is, “Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.” It’s been attributed to both Ralph Waldo Emerson and Mark Twain. No matter who said it, these words have been my North Star for more that a few decades now. Truth is, there are many things that scare me: the usual suspects, like heights and spiders; or things like swimming (still). And there’s the social stuff, like speaking in public, owning my truth and sharing my feelings, openly and honestly. Yet, i’ve toed the line at many a road race, from 5Ks to 200-mile relays with this quote either pinned to my race jersey or written on my arms just to remind me how powerful and how freeing it is to stare down what I fear most. And you can bet that this quote certainly had a role in my decision to become yoga teacher and start my own part time business as a private yoga teacher. There are still situations that unsettle me. But I’m more likely to hold my head up high and face those situations rather than dip my head and run away. Read more>>

Brandon Gale | Screenwriter/Persistent Idealist

“It seems that perfection is attained not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to remove.” A strange choice, since it comes from a French aviator, but this quote is written on an index card above my desk. As a writer, I have a… weakness for flowery language and overindulgent prose. This reminder keeps me sparse, using only as many words as necessary to convey the actions and emotions of a scene. In editing, it’s a freaking godsend. My trusted machete I wield to hack through unnecessary storylines and irrelevant scenes. It makes me a better writer. It also makes me a better person. Within this sentence is the Marie Kondo key to happiness we all need in our lives. Roughly paraphrased, do you need this? If you’re honest with yourself about what you NEED, not what you WANT, you’ll discover how little you actually need to be content in life. I’m not selling off all my earthly possessions (they can pry my PS5 from my cold dead hands), but I make that conscious choice rather than surrender to my indulgent whims. Read more>>

Hanna Leka | Artist

I actually have a favorite part of a Bible verse from 1 Corinthians 9:22. A portion of that verse says “…become all things to all people…” and I simply believe that it’s one of my top mantras. Although the entire verse speaks of the ways in which to serve others so that we can bring people closer to our Creator, I want to continuously apply it to my creative life as well. I do not want to just bring people into my world, but to also discover others’ with hopes of showing them the truth of their beauty that comes from a God that took His sweet time on them. Through my work, and within the shooting process itself I want to not just make people feel valued and beautiful, I want them to KNOW it, or at least leave my mark in their life with the hopes of introducing a more loving outlook on themselves and the people around them. My photo journey is not just a celebration of my creativity, but an endless endeavor on serving those that are worth loving and proving their beauty to the world. Read more>>

Marlize Joubert | Spiritual Teacher / Breathwork Teacher and Trainer

A phrase that I ask myself often, and those I hold space for is; “What do people gain by being around you?” The act of being human can so easily pull you out of yourself, by focusing on the pursuit of external happiness, or approval of another human. Or you become a chameleon, someone that you feel you should be to receive the utmost adoration and love from those significant to you. And in all this you lose touch with who you truly are. You give, and give and give, till empty. You give more, and do more, with the hope to receive that lovely exchange of energy, validation or approval. I find by sitting in meditation while contemplating this question, it brings me back to myself. It brings my focus away from ‘the others’ and onto myself. Even if I don’t have an answer for this question, something begins to shift. My awareness. My curiosity and energy are now back in my body, where it belongs. Read more>>

Peter Turman | House Whisperer

“I’m on top of the world” It may sound trite and have the irritating ring of the hollow enthusiasm of people who are trying to sell you something, but there’s a story behind it. It’s actually personal and how it came into my mind as a mantra of sorts transforms it into something else. It’s not an affirmation that is symbolic. When I say it to myself I mean it quite literally. I. am. On. top. of. the. world. I was taking a solo hike, as I am prone to do when I want to collect my thoughts and connect with myself. I was up on the fabulous, ocean-view trail that starts at the top of Paseo Miramar in the Palisades and I had been motoring up the very steep hills at a fast pace and I wanted a break. I also like to stand quietly when hiking so I can take in the sounds of nature rather than just the sounds of my feet and their crunch on the ground. In this case, though I chose to lay down on my back and just stare at the sky and take it all in. Read more>>

Diane Foster | Producer, Director, Actor and Founder of WallyBird Productions

My favorite quote/affirmation is “Fortune favors the Bold”. I believe that in any endeavor you pursue, the first step is to be courageous. I like this quote because through being bold and outspoken for the things you believe in, fortune will eventually come. That fortune does not necessarily mean only in terms of monetary gain, but rather the riches in which your pursuit made you feel and the benefit of what it does for your soul. Read more>>

Bruno Cunha | Musician, Producer and Sound Engineer

‘No one is so big that he cannot learn, nor so small that he cannot teach.’ – Aesop. This quote helped me understand that everyone knows something about anything. It helped me to stand up and become a better teacher and not be afraid of not knowing everything (which is impossible to do). It also helped to learn everything I know today. It helped me understand that it doesn’t matter how much you’ve studied, how much you know, you ALWAYS can learn something from everyone, so never say ‘no’ to knowledge, even if you already know that subject. You can’t know everything. Read more>>

Iryl Gomez | PMU Artist | Esthetician | Professional Makeup Artist

What you think you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become. I am such a firm believer in the law of attraction. Your mind is always working. I always envisioned myself doing big things in the beauty industry. I manifested the things I wanted but I put in the work to make those visions come true. We are like magnets. You become and attract what you think but you have to put in the work. And always be in a state of Gratitude. Read more>>

Shawny Ellsworth | Medical Tattooist

“Hustle beats talent when Talent doesn’t hustle”. If you have work ethics and the drive to succeed, you WILL succeed. It might sound like a cliche, but your will and determination will get you far in life. Read more>>

John Bombay Gutierrez | Filmmaker & CEO of West America Film Company

“The way you make people feel is the only real currency in life.” I keep this idea in my head everyday and encourage the entire team at West America Film Company to do the same. Originally, we had other plans for 2020, as all of us did. But, the global pandemic forced the company to rethink our strategy and reign in the expectations we placed on ourselves. Now, in 2021, I’m grateful to say that we survived and created some great content despite the limitations placed on productions. I give credit to everyone who was flexible and adapted to the unprecedented circumstances that Covid-19 presented. I’m a firm believer that treating people with respect, patience, and appreciation, is what enabled us to accomplish so much last year. Read more>>

Elaine Whae | Actress | Dancer | Breathwork Coach

A quote that I strive to live by daily is “If your WHY is powerful enough, the HOW should be easy”. I love this quote particularly because it keeps me focused on my purpose, not the trivial steps it takes to get to my end goal. As someone who has always lived her life based off structure and plans, I used to always stress about the steps and would lose sight of the reason why I was doing the work in the first place. After doing a lot of personal development work and shifting my mindset around my goals I now truly believe that if my focus is aligned with my purpose, my path will reveal itself organically. Read more>>

Paul J. Meredith | Filmmaker & Musician

My favorite quote is more of a story told by actor/comedian Jim Carrey that ends with the quote, “it is better to fail at what you love than fail at what you don’t.” He tells the story of his father side-lining his dreams of being an entertainer to pursue a more stable career, only to get fired from that job and face failure regardless. I heard this story at a young age and it stuck with me ever since. You may fail at doing something you don’t love, so why not pursue what you do love?. Read more>>

Steven Rahbany | Artist

One day I was at this fabric store getting fabric, and the woman at the counter asked me what I was working on. I told her I was making these large face masks to go on trees around the city for for a public exhibition, and she was so into the idea, but I minimized the opportunity at the time, saying the idea was okay, and she told me “You know, while you’re too busy doubting yourself, someone else is intimidated by your potential. That always stuck with me because I’ve always had self confidence issues, especially when it came to my work, and from that day I’ve always tried to actively own my strengths, my confidence, and the opportunities I’m blessed to receive. If you’re not confident in your work and if you’re not your strongest advocate, then why would anyone else be?. Read more>>

Brady Schwind | Producer, Writer and Director

One of my mentors, Suzan Fairchild, lent me a bit of wisdom that I’ve returned to again and again in my career: “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” I think those of us in the arts are conditioned to be apologetic about voicing our desires. And hey, it’s understandable – we know there are so many people out there hoping to achieve the same goals as we are. But beyond, the obvious: if you don’t express what you want, how can others know how they might be able to help you – voicing your desires is your opportunity to share the vision of what it is you are creating. Creation, like passion, is infectious. And we have all achieved success due to the help we’ve received from others along the way. Ask for help, and receive it with gratitude and appreciation – not only for the gift received, but also the gift offered in allowing others to participate in your creation. Read more>>

Chris Thomas | Composer

“When heaven is about to confer a great responsibility on any man, it will exercise his mind with suffering, subject his sinews and bones to hard work, expose his body to hunger, put him to poverty, place obstacles in the paths of his deeds, so as to stimulate his mind, harden his nature, and improve wherever he is incompetent.” Meng Tzu (Mencius) Musicians require resilience and persistence to survive. Going into this business means you will be burned and rejected more times than you think you can handle. Meng Tzu’s framing of hardship is important to me. Many times over, these words have given meaning to my life’s setbacks. A “resilience mindset” will help you fight the insidious little monsters every musician dreads: rejection and failure.  First, I hope Meng Tzu’s words give you the power to face rejection. Yes, rejection is hard, but it’s something you shouldn’t avoid. Risking rejection is how you expand your field of opportunity. You must boldly invite rejection. Read more>>

Whitney & Howard Schwartz | Wife & Husband Design/Maker Team

We are a husband and wife creative business team, Since we started dating we have had an affinity for quotes, words and symbols. We discovered the quote ” Do What You Love, Love What You Do” when we met and we agreed that we would live by that rule. Now Do What You Love, Love What you Do is one of our top selling Quotable Cuff bracelets. Another quote we say is “Grow through what you go through”, this quote heals, comforts and supports life’s journey, it too is found on one of our Quotable Cuff bracelets. We do not follow trends though what we design is stylish, we design based on the quotes, words and symbols we gravitate to, from that our collection grows. A symbol we relate to is the CAIRN, a rock stack that one often sees in the back country when out on the trail. The CAIRN represents balance, direction – when out in the wilderness, when one sees a CAIRN it means others have been here, you are going in the right direction, people have been here, keep hiking, keep going. Read more>>

Cara Myers | Actress/ Writer

I would rather try and fail, than to never have tried at all. A career in the entertainment industry is not an easy path. Nor is it a secure one. It’s taken me over 12 years to get my ‘big break’. And during that time I have fought myself and others to not give up on my dream. To get ‘a real job’, and stop chasing something that continuously avoided me. But I didn’t. Every time I became scared or unsure of my next move, I would tell myself that even if I failed, at least I tried. I can’t regret trying. I will regret giving up. And that big break – I finally got it. Unfortunately I can’t announce anything for a couple weeks. But soon I will be on set on the biggest, most amazing opportunity of my life. A once in a lifetime role. I am so grateful for all I have been through to get here. All the hard times and failures. Mostly I am grateful I never gave up. Even when I really, really wanted to. So, my advice: live a life you won’t regret. Read more>>