There’s a ton of research around how setting habits can help us conserve energy because it reduces the number of decisions we have to make in a day. However, not all habits are created equal and so we’ve asked our community to tell us about the habits they have been most effective for them.

Natalie Minerva | Nail artist

There are two key factors I believe when it comes to my success as a nail artist. First, it is that I do something nail related every single day. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I need to do physical nails in order to achieve that, but perhaps I research trends or reach out to people in my industry to find new clientele. Sometimes I’ll look up textile or wallpaper designs as inspiration, or I’ll draw up new designs in my notebook. Read more>>

Erin Ramsey | Coach|Speaker|Podcaster

The success of my brand, You’re Such a Catch, is a culmination of vulnerability, authenticity, and community. On the podcast, conversations are raw, honest, and unscripted. My guests share their truth based upon their experiences or field of expertise. On solocasts, I speak from the heart on topics ranging from dating and relationships to mindset and manifestation. I consider myself an open book. Behind the microphone or across from a client, authenticity is vital to the success of my brand. It’s crucial that I not only talk the talk but walk the walk. A coach is a leader, and one must possess integrity as a leader. Read more>>

Melissa Wenhold | Founder, CEO

Any entrepreneur will tell you that you can’t launch a business without moxie. Fear will be your demise. This is especially true when entering the highly competitive organic beauty space. My marketing background helped me navigate the crowded waters and gave me the edge I needed to excel. Earth Girl’s success is grounded in the development of a strong brand and my refusal to deviate from my business model. Read more>>

Kimberly B. Flores | Owner of Twist To The Story Production and Independent Filmmaker

The most important factor behind my success has been all the people who have brought me on board their projects and who have trusted me to help them make their vision come to life. Through projects I’ve worked on, I’ve been able to meet many other filmmakers who have in turn reached out to me about working on their own projects. And by doing this, I’ve been able to build a community of filmmakers I can reach out to and vice versa. Read more>>

Matt Tauro | Filmmaker | Owner of Call It Captivation Films

The success of our brand comes from our belief that the stories we get to share are significant and the honor of sharing being able to share them with others is one we don’t take lightly. Since our inception in 2016, our mission has been to connect with people in an intimate way and share their stories in a way that speaks to the heart in an authentic way. In our industry, it can be easy to get carried away in marketing, competing, and servicing styles that may be popular at the time. However, we have experienced that the conviction we lead with as a brand is timeless and has brought success in the marketing, competition and style of Call It Captivation Films. Read more>>

Sophie Mo | Illustrator, Designer & Tattoo Artist

I think it was mostly my desire to gain both financial and creative independence and my work ethic – which is an outcome of said desire. I always try to tap into different things and grow myself in multiple disciplines, it keeps me mentally stimulated, as well as oftentimes times I find those various experiences can interact with each other quite well! Or at least affect each other, like taking a source from one media and incorporating it in another, or taking inspiration from one piece and letting it influence something completely different. I try and research my sources as much as I possibly can within the given time frame, and study every brief I get. Read more>>

Sarah McTaggart | Artist & Songwriter

Asking for support, learning how to fill my own cup and knowing when to say no. As a creative, I can’t create something incredible if exhausted, burnt out and overwhelmed. When I tune into what I needed to feel happy and healthy, and make sure to hold space to just be a person, I make better music. I attract the right people, and opportunities. People can feel your energy. When my vibes are right, doors open. Read more>>

Kami Blease | Personal Trainer

I think the most important factor to my success is that I am flexible about the path but inflexible on the end goal. The end goal for me is to empower women through joyful movement and changing their relationship towards their bodies for the better. If I can do that I am open to the route I take to get there. We are always evolving as people and to assume that the path you picked 3 years ago has to stay the same doesn’t allow for the growth, lessons and evolutions you will make over time. Read more>>

Matt Kennedy | Co-founder at Unbuilt

We think of ourselves as a ‘process’ brand. Since our individual products are branded by other companies, our brand focuses on the physics and feeling of doing things ‘the right way.’ When people buy or sell with us, they save money, increase quality, get it done faster, reduce clutter, waste & pollution – all at the same time. It’s a way to work that just makes sense; efficient, elegant and beneficial – not just a transaction, a craft. We find this idea resonates well with personalities common to the Design & Construction community. Read more>>

Danilo Batson | Founder and Executive Director

We work hard to create a platform where people can find and support their nearest Black-owned business. We have ongoing outdoor market events going on that are 100% Black-owned that allow the community to connect with businesses and business owners in a way that may have not been as easily accessible. Creating those new relationships is the most important factor to our brand. We have our next event coming up on June 11th in Manhattan Beach, CA and getting everyone excited about these events will allow those relationships to keep building. Read more>>

Randy Castello | Audio Engineer

I think the most important factor behind my success would be self-confidence and motivation. To be able to trust yourself and to trust your ability to pursue your dreams is major. You also need the motivation and to surround yourself with positive people who will motivate you to the extreme. That will keep you going, it will drive you to be successful. Read more>>

Myja Gary | Myja Gary | Miss Black USA 2021, Host, Speaker, Podcaster & Zoom Communications Manager

My brand is all about advocating for and empowering women to be strong, confident and fearless enough to chase their dreams and believe anything is possible. The most important factor behind the success of my brand is my impact. I still have a long way to go, but for those who follow my journey, support me, listen to my podcast faithfully, and so on, are those who have been inspired by something I said or did or how I made them feel and that’s why I’ve made it this far. Read more>>

Matt Newberg | Founder, HNGRY

I think the most important factor behind my success will be authenticity. I’m personally 100% all-in on the future of our food system and it’s crucial that I maintain my unique point of view despite the constant pressures to appeal to a wider audience. As a creator, it’s sometimes impossible (and futile) to know what people will be most interested in reading from me. The most important thing is consistency and thoroughness, and being surprised by what people gravitate towards over time. I have to constantly remind myself that my content isn’t for everyone and to engage with those with whom it resonates with vs. trying to appeal to a moving target that is a mainstream audience. Read more>>

Cindy Leon | Food stylist

The most important factor behind the success in my brand, in my opinion, is staying true to myself and what I find personally appealing. My placement style from the beginning has been the same, with of course a few up grades I’ve learned along the way with tools, cutting methods etc. but the aesthetic has always remained true to me. Bright, fun, and vibrant. I feel like when you piggyback off of someone else’s aesthetic, it shows. Read more>>


Resilience. So far in my professional career, I have had to reinvent myself three times. After moving to Los Angeles from Montreal and living in the city for a year, I lost my job in sales & marketing and transitioned to coaching in the fitness world. This opportunity fell into my lap when the owners of the gym I worked at asked me to become a coach for their bootcamp classes. I have a passion for sport and fitness and thought… why not? I then met a friend who gave me wings by opening a door into the private aviation industry. I had frankly never considered such a career choice before. Read more>>

Dr. Kelli Uitenham | Doctor of Speech Language Pathology

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is my passion for what I do and my dedication to each of my patients. As a medical speech language pathologist, the majority of my patients meet me during some form of life crisis. They may have suffered a stroke, a traumatic brain injury, their dementia or Parkinson’s Disease could have progressed, or something equally devastating. Each situation can be scary and if they are seeking my services then life as they knew it has likely changed. Read more>>

Jocelyn Crane-Tizabgar | Pastry Chef

My success is due to the quality of ingredients and product, the experience I have garnered by working with the best in the industry, increasing our visibility, and delivering what customers want and imagine. When I first started J’s Sweet Affairs, I had to really think was I ready to start my own company? The answer was yes! Read more>>

Junyi Zhang | Concept Artist & Animation Background Designer & Illustrator

I think passion is a key ingredient to success. My passion for animation supports my constant learning to improve myself. Don’t be afraid to show your work and get critiques from professionals is a good way to improve yourself. Constantly look for opportunities in the industry and do more personal create work in life. Read more>>

Janell Grace | Writer & Film Director

Consistency is the most important factor behind our success. Being able to stay motivated and continuing working on your craft is necessary in order to achieve success, so you have to stay consistent. Thats why it’s also important that we believe in ourselves and our abilities. The messages behind our projects also fuel our desire to succeed, because we take the subject matter seriously, especially the topic of mental health addressed in Love Conquers All. Read more>>

GrandAce | Artist & Producer

I’d have to say that the most important factor behind the success that I’ve managed to have so far is my love for tinkering with any and everything until it works. My brain is all over the place and in no way as efficient as I’d like it to be, but a benefit of this is that I’m rarely content with where I’m at pushing me to constantly get better. I’ve been putting out music since 2014, and everything I’ve released has imperfections weaved throughout. The flaws give the music and my story as an artist far more character than if I started “perfect” and makes it more enjoyable for listeners to follow the progression. I give my all to each thing I work on, which extends to my branding, videos, search engine optimization, everything. Read more>>

Jaclyn Rachelle | Musician & Designer

Believing in myself. When things get hard or don’t go the way I had planned or envisioned I just remember that I’m meant to do this. I was able to change my mindset from “this isn’t gonna work” to “this is all part of my journey” and that’s something that’s really helped me along the way. You have to believe in yourself so other people can too. It’s infectious. Read more>>

Scott Iler | Co Founder of Iler Woods & Craftsman of Iler Woods Woodworking

We would say that it’s a combination of several things. Our brand is “to bring quality, handmade items to each customer. . . by utilizing fair trade, upcycling, and using reclaimed materials as much as possible.” With that being said, it is imperative to stay loyal to our purpose and guarantee to customers that we do not make their product until it is ordered. We take great pride in the items that are designed in the Iler Woods Shop which means that quality control cannot be compromised. Read more>>

Dana Cohen | Private Art Consulting (PAC) | Founder & CEO

The most important factor is the name – Private Art Consulting (PAC). Many of our clients are C-level executives and high-net-worth individuals. As such, confidentiality is paramount. Regardless of how successful some of our clients are, we do our best to accommodate every budget. We have art for every level of buyer. As a collector grows personally, we have art available to grow with them. Read more>>