Are you thinking about starting a business and wondering how others who came before you thought about whether to start? We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Laura Linda Bradley | Actress / Podcaster

What’s My Frame started as a simple idea to help actors take their career into their own creative hands. It quickly grew into a multifaceted resource for artists, including a podcast. This Spring as the industry came to an abrupt holt I like many creatives wanted to do something positive with this new found free time. I started researching and found a way to record the podcast remotely, reached out to friends in the industry to see what they thought of my wild idea and then got started! Read more>>

Stephanie Erazo | Motivator in Chief, Prana Wellness, RYT

I was scared. As hell. I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur, I thought I would stay in media my entire career. I thought my passion for wellness would remain my side hustle. I quit my job as a producer for the biggest new organization in the world, and traveled to Rishikesh, India to study yoga, breathwork, and meditation. I thought I would come back and just find another corporate job. I was so wrong. India challenged me. India shined a light on my passion in a new way. Read more>>

Jaimie Tucker | LIfestyle Blogger & Content Creator

When I initially started my blog, which shares fashion, beauty, and wellness content, I didn’t look at it as starting a business. As a mother of two young children, it was more of a creative outlet. The market does speak though. When opportunities for monetization started to present themselves, and I saw what other bloggers and content creators were doing, I started thinking about my blog and social media presence from a business standpoint. I have an MBA and enjoy the challenges of business, so it was appealing to me to start looking at it from that angle. You never know what taking a leap and trying something new will lead to! Read more>>

Rachelle Campbell | Owner

My thought process behind starting L.A. suds was to bring something to the market that was missing-and that was eco friendly, sulfate free, and fun exciting bath and cosmetic goods. After searching for more natural alternatives I realized that fun options didn’t really exist in that realm so I had to create it. Read more>>

Heather Grace Hancock | Actor & Reiki Practitioner

There’s something so wonderful about rock bottom because it’s one of the rare times we’re given a clean slate to fill in as we choose and so everything becomes fair game. Your work, your relationships, your home, your choices – they all get put under this microscope to ensure that only the good stuff gets infused into this new foundation you’re forced to build. And it’s a terrible time – growth hurts – but it’s really a blessing in the end because you’re left with this new and improved 2.0 version of yourself. This pandemic really kind of gave me that gift. Read more>>

Emma Potts | Actress & Founder

I’m an actress living in Los Angeles and as many know that can be a slow build to making it a full time career so I decided to start my own business. I was trying to find something fun and different to send my friend for her birthday and couldn’t find anything in LA that was perfect so I created it! My business is called Sweet Treats Box- an online store where you can purchase themed dessert boxes filled with treats,desserts and is decorated for each theme such as birthdays, fathers day and anniversaries. Read more>>

Toni Gary | Baker

I can’t really say, there was an actual thought process behind starting my business. I feel like it was more so gifted to me. No to say, there is no thought that has gone into my business. But when I started Sweets by Toni. I was working at Los Angeles Unified School District as a school bus driver. Our office gave a potluck and I was thinking of the cheapest way to contribute. So I made some chocolate chip cookies. After that moment, it seemed like the ball just kept rolling. I didn’t have a business plan. I didn’t have a business name. NOTHING! Read more>>

Alex Kato | Artist

I quit my 9 to 5 with no plan and no idea of what direction to go next, just knew I couldn’t work for a shxt company anymore. Two weeks into funemployment on a “what should we do today” type of morning, a friend and I started sewing by hand, and the rest is history. Read more>>

Ana Najera | Creative Content Creator & Influencer

I have always being a beat to my own drum kinda gal so I always knew I wanted my own business and my own thing. Right now I manage and own 3 business and full time mom of 4 boys. The first thing you need to do is START! Don’t wait until things get better, get more money or any excuse you might think its on the way, because there will always Excuses. But believe me there is no better time than NOW! PLAN and be CONSISTENT! For the success of any business it takes time and lots of planning, so don’t get discouraged if things get rough on the process. Read more>>

Carlos Madrid | Gym Owner & Personal Trainer

I was working for a a private personal training gym, and I was feed up with the owners. They where stuck in there old way’s, not open to any new ideas, equipment, or method’s. They had no educational background on rehabilitation. I was getting ready to graduate from Cal State Northridge in 2002, with 2 degree’s. One was in Kinesiology and the other was in Athletic Training. I always had the dream to open my own gym. However, at that time I had no idea or clue of how to even get started. I proceeded to tell my clients that I was getting ready to move on, when they said where ever you go we will go. And that is what started it all. Read more>>

Megan Glass | Registered Nurse & Entrepreneur

My business is called Cupcakes For The Culture. I wanted to be able to have a career that allowed me to express myself artistically. I wanted to combine something I was good at (baking) with something I’m passionate about (music) and that’s how the business came about. I wanted to start a business that allowed me to impact the world and bring people together. Food and music always bring people together and I felt it was the perfect combination. Read more>>

Nicholas Tabarrok | Film & Television Producer

It was all about control, I wanted as much control over my own career, and in fact my life, as possible. While it’s true that owning your own business still means you have lots of parties you have to work with, customers, suppliers, partners, government regulators etc. being your own boss at least let’s you be the final decision maker. Obviously I’ve made many wrong decisions along the way, but I’d rather make my own decision and if it proves to be wrong, live with the consequences and learn from them, than to follow someone else’s wrong direction. Read more>>