The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Olivia Lane | Hair Stylist & Environmental Enthusiast

As a yogi, I think of balance often and in all aspects of life. As an over achiever and Ennegram 2, prone to burning the candle at both ends, I have to ACTIVELY make it a priority. I make it the TOP priority in my business because my clients deserve me at my best… and my best is directly achieved via balance. My soul is satiated by one very specific ingredient. SALT. I add a pinch of salt to my life in 3 ways: sweat, margaritas, and the ocean! Sweating through yoga, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, biking, mosh pit thrashing, and festival dance partying keeps me connected to my body in a way that is fun and productive vs critical, like a traditional gym work out. Read more>>

Julia Wiss, CRPC® | Founding Partner & Financial Advisor

I started as a solo practitioner in the financial planning field over 15 years ago. As any entrepreneur would tell you, there is no work life balance in the beginning. It’s all work work work – to get your business started and established. And then, it’s growing and growing fast and you once again, don’t have time to balance anything. At least I didn’t. The one thing going for me was that I was young and single at that time and I could devote most of my time to my practice. Read more>>

Alexis Casso | Actress

I got really sick in February and after that happened I knew I had to slow down. I was just grinding away and working working working. I was trying to pay debt off and keep the cash flow coming in but at the expense of my health. My parents both told me to slow down or I’d get sick and bam! I got sick. It felt like it took a month to really land back on my feet & I decided then that I really need to learn to balance my life. I need to really pursue my acting career at 100 %, instead of just working these odd jobs at 100 %. Read more>>

Khloe Thompson | Philanthropist

I feel my work life balance has totally changed especially during Covid19. Everything has transitioned to zoom meeting and interviews. Before covid I had a very good balance between my work and my social life. Read more>>

Catherine Auman, LMFT | Psychotherapist & Author

Work life balance means something entirely different to entrepreneurs than it does to the rest of the population. Our lives probably look like we’re workaholic, in fact, I’ve been accused of that. What other people don’t know is – entrepreneurs love our work so much it is like play. We don’t want to be doing anything else. The creativity involved, watching things come together and build, the great honor to be of service to others — there’s nothing better! Read more>>

Jamie B. | The Braider

Work life balance started off to be a challenge for me… I felt like I needed to get everything done in one day. From braiding hair to going to school, working and still having a social life, so my days usually rolled over to nights. I was working myself sick, literally. But now I have set days and set times for when I choose to give my business my full attention. Balance is so important and yet so hard when you’re doing something your passionate about because it’s your baby, your watching it grow. But at least once a week, I try to make time for me. Read more>>

Aisha Tritle | Entertainment Analyst & Novelist

My work:life ratio has fluctuated dramatically over time. I don’t think work and life are necessarily things you can divvy into strict time allotments. If you’re passionate about your job, you might need less time to care for your physical and emotional wellbeing. For a while, my ratio revolved completely around a heavy workload. It got to a point where I never unplugged, my eyes were becoming increasingly sensitive from staring at screens all day, and chronic stress meant I was getting sick all the time. Read more>>

Carter Harcek | Child Actor

I love acting. I love everything about being in front of the camera, but also behind the camera. I have been really lucky to work with great Directors and Producers who have also taught me a lot about what happens behind the camera and how things work. I got to work closely with Toni Morgan Haye and Vandana Singh in Asgaya (feature film) who took their time to include me in conversations about editing and behind-the-scenes. Also, my first short film was shot with Jorge Barboza and Luis Leal. Read more>>

Mo George-Payette | Founder & CEO

While it is still most definitely a work in progress, at this point in my life and career I am breathing a bit deeper and seizing more moments to practice Mindfulness, Yoga, and other special activities that often slipped away while in the trenches of Retail as a CEO. Having launched my own business and still growing MOMO’s CBD brand, my life and work have become one in the same – I am most fortunate and grateful to be able to make a living with a passion project. Read more>>

Kash Hovey | Actor & Producer

When I started out, there was a period where my primary focus was work. I followed a very regimented schedule that included waking up early, exercising, working a full-time job and being ready for auditions and bookings. During this time I became more disciplined and learned how to better manage my time and life. I still follow this routine today, however I’ve learned how to better manage my work and personal time. As I’ve gotten older I’ve had to acknowledge when a condition or relationship has run it’s course and the need to let go in order to move on with my life. Read more>>

Juwan Rohan | Musician

Work life balance is a tricky situation. I honestly don’t know if there is a perfect answer for this or ever will be. Sometimes we get so trapped in “work” we can’t focus on other things; whether it’s family or hobbies. Two years ago, I would come home from work, work on music all evening and through the night. Now, I come home to my girlfriend and my son and have spend time with them before even attempting to work on music. Most nights I’m even too tired to work on music! Read more>>

Amapola M.S. MSW Ramirez | La Chicana Therapist

In my life as a Chicana multifacted, I have learned that life is not about balancing. Life is about implementation and the importance of implementing time, love, respect, self-care, self-love, quality time with family, and all those necessities we need to live a fufilled life. I learned that balancing life created many frustrations for me, why? because there was no way I would keep the “balance” steady. I now implement what I need in my life for my career, self-care, family, friends, etc. I am in charge of my life along with God of course and it is my responsibility to “implement” what I need and want. Read more>>