We love ourselves a good quote and so we asked our community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us and we’ve highlighted some below.

Colleen Corcoran | Graphic Designer

For a long time, I had Sister Corita’s Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules pinned up near my desk. And from that list, these two rules resonate with me: #6: Nothing is a mistake. There is no win. There is no fail. There is only make. #7: The only rule is work! If you work, it will lead to something. To me, this speaks to the importance of process for myself (and all designers). For me, the meaning of my work is usually revealed through the process of making. Read more>>

Ivette Garcia | Curvy Fashion Blogger

If youre scared to do it, you can do it with fear but just do it anyways. Read more>>

Naul Jackson | Professional Dancer/Teacher/Choreographer & Photographer/Videographer

“Don’t let someone who doesn’t know your value tell you how much you’re worth.” What I love about this affirmation is that it grounds you and always reminds you to live at a high frequency. There’s so many critics in the world waiting to tell you what you’re worth to them but its you who determines your value. Read more>>

Monique DeBose | Transformational Entertainer

“Comparison is the thief of joy,” by Teddy Roosevelt. To me, this is my North Star. If I don’t have my attention on that Northstar, I will easily slide into the groove of, “they have this, oh, well, their team’s doing this, or Oh, they have that out.” All that stuff kills and it literally steals my joy. Those six words, comparison, is the thief of joy. As soon as you hear those six words, it acts as an alignment for my spirit, and for my humaneness. It just gets me right back into the truth and helps me focus on what I can be a part of. So I like that. Read more>>

Olu Bliss | Artist & Singer

One of my favorite affirmations is “What is for me, is for me”. I like that at first glance, this seems like a redundant statement but when you take a deeper look into the saying, it packs a punch. I live in a creative world where there are so many missed opportunities and it’s easy to start comparing yourself to others. This statement grounds me when I become more aware of the things I don’t have. It reminds me that a higher power (God) has certain things in store for me and my future, the universe is working in my best interest. Therefore, the opportunities I felt like I may have missed were never mine, to begin with. Read more>>

Noah Ginex | Puppet builder and Interdisciplinary Artist

A couple different ones spring to mind. I was complaining to a close friend about having to do a daunting task, and I said, “Once I get onstage and I’m doing the show, I’m fine. I can do that. It’s everything leading up to the show, the planning, the scheduling, the travel and everything, that makes me want to throw up.” and she said, “That’s fine. You can throw up. Then still do the thing.” And that has stayed with me all this time. Have your reaction to something, once that’s over, still do the thing. Read more>>

Lauren Pusateri | Photographer and Creative Director

Do it right the first time. “Doing it right the first time” to me means not half-assing it; it means giving it my all. I live by that in my work life and I owe it to my clients, my team, and my future self to give it my all. I have an unceasing curiosity of light and I value play and experimentation so that drives me to be better and be able to crush it the first time. Read more>>

Christie Cate | Actress

For me, I always felt the “Anything is possible” phrase was too hard to believe. In my mind, I have always felt that anything is too broad. Instead, I discovered that allowing yourself to shine with self-love, attracts unbelievable outcomes. So I came up with the mantra, “Once you begin to shine the unfeasible becomes the inevitable.” Read more>>

Ayesha Goodall | Wellness and Fitness Expert/Author

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe” ~ Oprah Winfrey This quotes to me means that the bigger our vision is about what we want in life, in business and in love, it is all attainable. We must believe it and take action in order to manifest everything that we desire. Our vision should be big and a little scary. In the midst of being afraid, we should just dive in and do the work to make it happen. Read more>>

Maximo Abraham | Artist & Composer

“Cada cual tiene un trip en el bocho, difícil que lleguemos a ponernos de acuerdo”, Charly Garcia. Translation: “Everyone has a different trip in their minds, it will be difficult for us to come to an agreement”. I always took this quote as a lesson that we are all different as human beings and that we may not have the same way of thinking, and that’s ok. Our competition should not be against each other, should be against ourselves, and learn from the one you have next to you to become a better version of yourself. Of course, I know it’s not the quote’s literal meaning, but my interpretation of it has helped me to see with other eyes my art and the world. Read more>>

Jean Cate | Artist & Shopkeeper

Consciousness is creative. I believe that each person has a unique reality and lens of perception. I think we have the power to shape and change that reality and lens. I enjoy this phrase because it evokes feelings of curiosity, playfulness and power. Read more>>