TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Krystle Krueger | Mother, Wife & Fashion Designer

I define success as giving the middle finger to all those who never believed in me, and there are quite a few. It’s not their fault, I guess. I have been known to fail a lot but, not at anything I really wanted and only in their eyes, not mine. I did things my way. I already know I can do anything I put my mind to. Now, I just want others to see the same in me as my husband, daughter and myself see in me, greatness. I define success as proving myself great. Read more>>

Pink Palace | Indie Rock Band

Success to us is being able to do what we love, and someday hopefully make enough money to be able to support ourselves. All we want in our music is for people to relate and enjoy what we create. It means the most when people reach out to let us know that our music has impacted their lives. Music has always been a type of therapy for us and nothing makes us happier than knowing that our music provides that comfort for others. Read more>>

Austin Asvanonda | Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Success is very broad and can be interpreted in many different ways. I personally believe success isn’t something someone feels on a permanent basis, rather as a day to day experience. I feel most successful in my career when I can look back on a long days work and I feel that I have truly done my best to get the best sounding product. Those are the moments where I feel most accomplished and satisfied. I don’t think success is attached with awards or monetary value. Rather working on something you can stand behind and put your heart into. Read more>>

Masina | Singer/Songwriter

Success, what a heavy word with only 7 letters… success, in my mind, is achievement. Its that feeling of accomplishment! Success can be tricky though, because there are societal measures of success, social measures of success and Individual measures of success. What someone Individually considers a success in their own personal journey may not land on the scale of success to society or ” social media “. The one thing that I changed in order to have the confidence to pursue my artistic career is changing how I measure success. When you first start out in the music business and you’re trying to learn everything you can, you hear a lot about numbers and virality. ” All you need is one viral hit ” they say…. ” You gotta make something that sounds like what people already like in order to go viral ” … yada yada yada! When I thought too much about the business aspect of music… making music became a chore, it became a game that I had to think too much about, and it just became depressing. Read more>>

Brennan Wright | photographer & Enjoyer of life

success is so far from how much money you make. i’m fully convinced that i could make millions and if i’m not filled with joy then i am the most unsuccessful man to have ever lived. i don’t make the most money, but i love the tasks that i have been given and that gives me far more fulfillment and sense of success than i ever got when i was making way more money. Read more>>

Kayla Vallar | Underwear “Architect” aka Underwear Designer

Sadly, our society conditions us to believe that success is defined by the completion of achievement of something. If you strip away the opinions and expectations others have, you realize that success is a definition of your own design. I do not look at success in the form of a destination, monetary figure, or status. Success comes from the action you put towards your goals. You do not always have to win or achieve your goals to be successful. Allowing yourself to try, embrace change, and take risks defines your greatness. Read more>>