Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Mariana Lodoza | Actress and influencer

Whenever theres a new show on Netflix or a movie coming out with a “brand new face” people tend to think it is an “overnight success”. However, I can asure you that every single actor that you see on your favorite movies or shows has been rejected from thousand of auditions. We only see the success, we forget about the hours of hard work, the rejection, the million little “work heartbreaks”, endless “this is it, I´m quitting” moments, tears and sacrifice. People think “show bussiness” its a synonym of glamour, no stress, money, party and fame. Honestly, I would describe it as quite the opposite. I think it is THE HARDEST bussiness out there. The steaks are very high all the time, whether you are an actor, a director, a producer, a DP, etc, everything is at risk all the time and you devote YOUR LIFE to this career. Read more>>

Joey the TV Guy: Owner, Joey’s Tubes

Old TVs are making a big comeback! Some of the most cutting edge artists and designers are looking for retro tech to take their work to the next level. There is a nostalgia and cool factor. It’s more creative and has more impact. For example, we had a customer that needed to build a big TV wall for their client. Initially, the concept was to use modern flat screen television sets, but it lacked appeal and wasn’t doing it for them. So they came to Joey’s Tubes for old tube TVs to build a vintage TV wall, and the client was extremely happy with the results. Read more>>

Natasha Dressler: Publicist and Strategic Communications Professional

A profession in communications, especially Public Relations, is full of misconceptions. Movies, television shows, and life BC (before Covid-19) showcased an entirely different world. From an outsider’s perspective, I’ve heard that publicists are often seen as one who attends glamourous events, getting clients ideal and large press with a simple phone call, and a constant apologist for poor behavior. First, most publicists aren’t going to events unless we are part of putting on the event for our clients. Second, and probably the biggest misconception, is getting clients ideal and large press with a simple phone call or even a solid relationship. What we have learned the last year and a half is even with some of my strongest bonds within the editorial staff, there is only so much press they can cover. Press has become extremely competitive and it needs to be relevant and timely. What you may deem as newsworthy may not translate well into a press piece, and as a seasoned PR pro, our job is to explain that. Read more>>

Corey Staley | Social Content Creator & Copywriter

The amount of time and effort it takes to create content that keeps a brand relevant. There’s a lot that goes into content creation – I’m talking blood, sweat, and tears and manpower. From creating content buckets to shooting to creative direction to copywriting — and let’s not forget client approval — there’s an incredible amount of intention and thought behind even just a single post. I’m lucky that I have a really great team to make it happen, but sometimes I don’t – and I’m doing the work on 3 people to keep a brand’s social platforms alive. But the (content) show must go on. (So please like our posts?). Read more>>

Elisa Hoyos Leo Abularach | Cafe owners & baristas

We feel most people are unaware of the many different facets of coffee and how important and crucial each step of the process is. Everything that happens at origin, from harvesting, picking, drying, to the roasting and preparation of a good cup of coffee, all affect the flavor. It’s also important to understand how the value that we give to each cup we serve affects everyone in the chain of production both positively and negatively. This is what makes coffee so fascinating. That’s why it’s important to continuously try to educate ourselves so that we are growing, learning and adapting to the needs of the coffee industry. This is what makes us passionate and excited about coffee. There’s always something to learn in this ever growing industry. Read more>>

Adriana Ledesma | Film Director

We all watch movies, and even though it seems something obvious, most of the people that are not involved in the film industry are not aware of the incredible amount of work that has to be done by different departments to make a film, and the unbelievable amount of collaboration that a film requires and depends on. It is very easy for people to discredit a film and criticize it without knowing, simply because they did not like the plot, the theme or even an actor, and although story itself is one of the most important elements for a movie to succeed, there are plenty of other areas that you could look up to before tearing apart someone else’s work, so one of my goals in life is to educate people to see beyond what they can see, so that they can go deeper and can admire everything that is behind making movies. Read more>>

Phillip Banks | Songwriter & Producer

A lot of outsiders might not realize that there are various different ways to create revenue in the music industry. Publishing, sync licensing, advances from record labels, etc. are just a few ways to make money as an artist/songwriter. You don’t necessarilly have to be a superstar to make a career from music. Writing for a publisher, writing music for tv/movies/ads, writing for other artists and labels, etc. can also be a solid source for making a career as a music entrepreneur. Read more>>

Wardale Wilson | Recording Artist, Music Producer, Songwriter

I think outsiders of the music industry truly don’t realize that this is an actual legitimate business. I work based off of a schedule, have weekly and monthly goals, as well as networking, and email listings. This is all in addition to actually creating them music which also can take weeks or months. But it is a labor of love. Read more>>

Whitney Crowder | Cake Designer & Baker

I fell in love with baking, cake design in particular, because of the artistry element. I have found, however, the artistry entails the main thing many people outside the industry are unaware of: the amount of time involved. And to be fair, I really didn’t comprehend that at first either. I couldn’t believe the prices bakers would charge for cakes, until I, myself, really began my business and started paying attention to the, well, attention I put into what I do. I’ll spend up to 3 days designing a cake–just on decoration alone. Crafting each petal on a sugar paste flower, or palette knife painting interesting texture designs. I completely submerge myself in the process, because I love putting in the detail. That’s where the fun is and where the uniqueness really thrives, and it’s what sets it apart! Though it’s exactly that, which takes a lot of time. Read more>>

Sergio Wild: Musician

As a musician, you need to be authentic in your music. It doesn’t mean that you can’t rap because it’s too trendy or you can’t play gypsy punk because you have no gypsy blood. Music is out of time. You record your song and people will be able to discover it in 100 years from now. So make music which will be exciting to discover even then, put your soul into it. So my idea is that outsiders are copy-pasting style, sound, performance and image of someone else. And totally lose their identity. Read more>>

Bella Guerra: Music Photographer/ Videographer

Breaking into the music (media) industry is possible, but definitely not without sacrifice. Being an artist is very unpredictable. Whether you’re feeling inspired or not, your job depends on your creativity so you better be on your A game – personally and professionally. With social media being the way it is now, you have to be able to turn around content within 24 hours or less and a lot of the time that means sleepless nights and an endless amount of timers that help keep you on track and ensure you meet deadlines. A lot of people overlook how much time you have to spend on pre and post production compared to actually shooting – that’s where the magic happens. You can’t afford to get distracted because you learn quickly there are people far less qualified than you, doing things you want to do, simply because they take the action you’re not willing to take. You have to be hungry and put the time and effort to have a solid foundation for success. Read more>>

Kevin Steinberg: Actor/Writer

How difficult it is! You have to put in a lot of time, money and energy into a career as an actor and writer. It takes a lot of patience, rejection, training, networking, failures…there are so many ups and downs. You just have to keep at it. Keep going. Believe in yourself and be prepared so that when the opportunity presents itself, you’re ready. And now there’s two newer aspects to our lives; having a social media presence and self-taped auditions. This means we have to be good at our own PR and know how to run a small studio in our homes (filming, lighting, sound, editing). But, if you can meet one other person who believes in you, who’s well connected and/or can make things happen, then you’re off to the races!. Read more>>

Trey Ramsey: Creative Director & Designer Of Abandoned Ship HMG clothing

One thing I would say is the process of getting everything done. When I mean done I mean done. It’s takes time to get materials, concepts etc. Also making sure your putting out quality as well. Read more>>

Ash M. Warren: Producer, Actor, Host & Animal Advocate

This industry is not for the faint of heart, it takes resilience, perseverance and a loyalty unto yourself like no other. You have to want to work in this industry because you love it and it sustains your spirit creatively, emotionally and artistically. I also believe that outsiders consider this industry so easy, or so applicable in the sense that if you live in LA, a job will be always available to you; people I know that transcend in my orbit from all over the country, loved ones internationally always ask me, “how’s it going, what’s going on? What job you on now?” I’m also super reluctant to say exactly what I am working on, or developing, knowing that it could be years before my plans come to fruition. Coinciding that this industry is not for the faint of heart, I also feel it’s who you know. I was just texting with one of my directors and collaborators that I frequent with and admire, and was commenting that although currently 7 months pregnant and feeling apprehensive as to how impending motherhood was going to affect my work and honestly. Read more>>

Martina Bergstrand Comuzzi: Music Licensing Manager at West One Music Group

I think a lot of people are unaware that there’s a whole world of music for sync in general. I certainly didn’t know that I could do this for a living! It’s such a big part of the music industry but I guess so many are unaware that it even exists and that there’s real money in it! I’ve noticed that some are shocked that I license music that sometimes are heard for a few seconds in the background of a tv show. Most maybe don’t know that all music in media needs to be licensed. Either way, it’s always fun to talk about this part of the music industry and getting people excited about it!. Read more>>

Ali Sabet: World Renowned Iranian-American Contemporary Artist

One thing about NFT that outsiders are not aware of is that art collectors in this space are not just focused on buying art that can increase in value. First and foremost, they create digital collections that they love. This could be a piece from an artist that is well known or one that they have never heard about on the other side of the world. This is the amazing part of NFT and how it will change the art world forever. Read more>>

Andrea Yusim: Mom & President of Conejo Community Outreach

Our diaper bank has been eye-opening as to the sheer amount of need in our community and how that need varies. For some, it’s just securing diapers at all, as they are an immense expense. For some, it’s that such a tight budget means a set amount per week/month that can be spent, so stocking up during sales or buying at stores like Costco is impossible. For others, it’s that their baby can only tolerate certain pricey brands due to allergies, which greatly restricts access to sales or lower-priced brands. There is always a subset of people who argue that cloth diapering will alleviate most of these issues, and though I am a huge proponent of cloth diapering (I cloth diapered my own two kids from birth to potty learning) it requires regular access to laundering facilities which for many clients are only accessed by expensive, coin-operated machines.. There’s also a general transportation issue we see across the board, as many of our clients are transportation-insecure: little money for gas, unreliable vehicles, difficulty in finding a ride, disabilities restrict driving ability. Read more>>

Ginger Nichelle: Fashion Designer & Small Business Owner

Working the fashion industry isn’t as glamorous as everyone thinks it is. It’s not full of beautiful models, runway shows, red carpet events, and jet setting around the world for inspiration. It is, but it isn’t. There’s a lot of work, networking, marketing yourself, staying up on trends, tears (because it’s your art), not getting everything you want, and constantly trying new things out of your comfort zone. It’s the type of industry where you have to love what you do otherwise you will get burnt out real quick. Read more>>

Ani Harutyunyan: Product & Lifestyle Photographer

People outside of the photography industry might not know how complex and time-consuming producing good content can be. The photography industry has become highly saturated. With everyone having access to a camera and editing software, photographers’ work ends up not being valued. Some people think that if someone else can do it for free, why should I pay you? Unfortunately, some photographers will do the work for free, for exposure, or as a favor. Every artist should value their work and time. Learning about this industry’s business side contributed to my self-worth and success. As a result, I was able to educate others about what is involved in creating scroll-stopping content. Sometimes a simple talk and a walk-through about your process with the client can help them understand that “yeah, paying for this work is well worth it.” Read more>>

Danielle Ryan Broida: RH (AHG)

The mushroom and adaptogen space is like the Wild West right now. There are a ton of brands popping up in the space, seeing the need to support stress, immune function, and overall well being in the current state of the world. Yet mainstream education around quality of these ingredients is young. The biggest thing I want people to be aware of is that not all products labeled “mushroom supplement” or “adaptogen powder” are created equal. There is a drastic difference in what is being sold with the same label. For example, there can be products labeled Reishi (an amazing adaptogenic mushroom for supporting stress and the immune system) sitting side by side on a shelf. They may both have the same amount of mg/serving, have labels like gluten free and vegan, and yet what is inside the package are barely comparable. The big things to be aware of in this space are three-fold. Read more>>