Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Catherine Warner | Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Wellness Educator & Licensed Massage Therapist

The goal for me of being an Ayurvedic Practitioner is to help people, bottom line. There are so many ways to approach that. It could be through diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine, bodywork therapies, meditation, breath work, yoga for health… whatever it is, I hope to at least give them one small thing to take with them that helps improve their quality of life. Most importantly, I always encourage my clients to come from a place of self-acceptance and compassion. If you can look towards your self with kindness, there is a greater chance of seeing the rest of the world through that lens, and spreading it further. Read more>>

Shannon Morton | Founder

At Black Women Lead it is our mission to be a conduit for and to amplify Black women’s voices. We support and advocate for Black female leadership while giving back to the Black community based on the diverse needs of Black women. That is how we help our community. Read more>>

Peter Luo | Founder & CEO

I’m extremely proud of a new program I created that provides tremendous opportunities for underrepresented filmmakers and storytellers. Its called ‘Stars Collective’ and supports emerging filmmakers with funding for development and production of movies and TV series. Never has there been a better moment to lean into the future of global storytelling, and by that I mean diverse voices crafting, telling and sharing the stories that audiences globally will embrace. While progress in being made, the full democratization of filmmaking has yet to be realized in the current Hollywood ‘system’ and there are still significant obstacles for emerging filmmakers, so we are providing opportunities for them to break out in a big way. I’m proud to be in a position to launch this program and excited to see careers get jumpstarted. Read more>>

Rafael Romo | Accessories Designer & Brand Manager

My business was started on providing face masks that not only help keep you safe, but look great as well. As someone who has loved to add a bit of flare to my personal style I knew I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like most of the masks out there. I knew there were people out there who want to stay safe but, especially during these times, want to also find joy in something they have to wear everyday now, to want to put on the mask. Stay Safe, Stay Chic. Read more>>

Erica Roselius | Personal Trainer, Coach & Founder

I started Driven Fitness 10 years ago with one mission: to inspire the love of movement. Every decision I’ve made in my business since founding it has been centered around that mission. Americans today are in trouble. We are stressed out. Physically and mentally we are unhealthy. The numbers of overweight and obese Americans continue to rise even though we have a wealth of information and opportunity at our fingertips. It’s taxing our healthcare system and our families. I truly believe that it is one of our greatest health crises and not enough is being done about it, particularly right now during the Covid-19 pandemic. But everyday I have the opportunity to face the obesity crisis head on. I believe that if I can positively affect the members in my community through fitness and an outdoor lifestyle… Read more>>

Alyssa Liu | CEO

My company’s goal is women empowerment. The brand tag line is “Be A Badass Babe”. It’s more than a bikini line, it’s about women who have overcome challenging circumstances and have risen up to be more than what society has told them to be. Read more>>

Amberly Lago | Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker, Podcast Host & Coach

What started out as a way for me to share my story and give hope with my book “True Grit and Grace,” ended up connecting me to an amazing community of heart-centered warriors. My intention was to share my experience of surviving a horrific motorcycle accident and overcoming 34 surgeries to save my leg and to show that the human spirit is powerful beyond measure. My hopes were to share that even though I was diagnosed with an incurable disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, dubbed “the suicide disease,” that there are ways to find joy and be also be resilient. By sharing our vulnerability we find our strengths and I have found other CRPS warriors that have been able to climb out of the darkest when they realize they aren’t alone in their pain. Read more>>

Luka Balac | Restauranteur

After working years in different restaurants, we realized the big problem related to waste that is part of the industry. You can either close your eyes to the issue and just focus on the cooking or acknowledge the problem and try to do something about it. Over the years you start realizing that the amount of waste produced during the preparation (mise-en-place) as well as during the dinner service was really big compared to the amount of customers that were served. Mostly it is packaging materials and food waste coming from refining or food that went bad because the produce orders were too big or there was too much food prepared. The idea of our zero waste restaurant was born out of our desire to make the restaurant industry more sustainable, and to show that creative and great food can go hand in hand with sustainability. Read more>>

Tatyana Sapp | Content Creator, Crochet Business Owner & Mortgage Assistant

One of my current hobbies is creating content for Instagram and YouTube about self care and sustainable living practices. To help make my business fall in line with my values, I transitioned from acrylic yarn, which is a form of plastic, to100% cotton yarn that is Oeko-Tex certified (which means the company was tested to ensure no harmful chemicals are used to create the yarn). I also use recyclable paper mailers & on the rare orders I used plastic packaging I use 100% recycled and recyclable bags. I also send my yarn scraps to a textile recycling company to be repurposed and used for car liner filling. Read more>>

Jason Whitman | Physical Therapist & Owner

This is a loaded question and could be answered in a variety of different ways. First, Positive Physical Therapy and Fitness helps the community by treating its members with the love and care they deserve. We take pride in treating each and every patient as if they were our own family. During our 7 years of business we have treated patients aging from 6 months to 99 years of age. We practice in an open clinic setting (following strict covid protocol) that allows community members (employees and patients) to encourage one another during their rehab process. It is vital that members of a community are physically healthy as this improves decision making, decreases stress and helps one’s mood. A physically healthy person can better handle the day to day stress caused by life especially during tough times we are currently in during Covid-19. Read more>>

Heather Hein | Hair stylist

When it comes to happiness, self satisfaction is the most important. As a hairstylist with over 20 years of experience, I help women achieve self satisfaction. My clients come to me with a vision and I help make it reality. I love seeing my clients transform in my salon chair and walk out the door with a new level of confidence. Everyone should have the opportunity to look as confident as they feel. It is not just about vanity, people should feel comfortable in their own skin (and hair)! Read more>>

Melissa Herrera | Podcast Host & Producer

My podcast, Mimosa Sisterhood, is helping to rebuild the female connection by celebrating the unique lives of women throughout history. We live in a world that pits women against each other, pushing us to judge and compete. My podcast creates a safe place for women to connect, relate, laugh, heal, and find support through those that lived before us, as well as those living alongside us today. Read more>>

Nikki McRory | Speech-Language Pathologist & Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Our business provides a warm and nurturing environment for children and families to receive support, guidance, love and high-quality evidence-based therapy services so that their children can reach their utmost potential. Read more>>

Ginhee Rancourt | Founder

Our team at Young Art is committed to inspiring the next generation of young inventors, artists and entrepreneurs to be bold innovators by providing enriching experiences through virtual learning. We believe they the most powerful discoveries which will one day change the world begin with a simple idea. When a child’s imagination is ignited to envision limitless possibilities they are purposefully encouraged to be bold thinkers, experiment without fear, solve problems with originality and bring their inventive ideas to life through art, they embark on a journey exploring how their creations can deliver joy or help others. We are passionate about cultivating thinkers with a problem-solving mindset through the power of education. Our team is honored to provide equitable educational experiences for schools along with scholarships for low-income learners within our immediate community and beyond. It has been truly heart-warming to witness the impact creativity can deliver. We are eager to do more! Read more>>

Beckham Federico | Massage & Energy Practitioner

Massage therapy stimulates blood flow through out the entire body. With the holistic approach, Manuel muscle manipulation increases longevity within the muscle. Activating internal healing, ones immunity is reactivated and reset. Massage helps the body recover in ways you cannot receive anywhere else. A 60 minute massage is equivalent to 5-8 hours of a good nights rest. Read more>>

Scott StJohn | Chief Attitude Officer & Coach


I feel so fortunate about the impact my business has on the world. My wife (Laura) and I created a brand 6 years ago called Strong. Confident. Living. our mission, To upsrial humanity by showing people how to “Become Your You”. We do this with 3 simple concepts. Fitness. Nutrition. & Mindset. So many people these days are stressed out, overweight, feeling judged and just plain lost! Well Laura and I believe that everyone is a “badass”, that the feeling is inside all of us, yet so many don’t understand or are even afraid to be one. We show you how you can be. I say this to everyone when we start with them, “It all starts between your ears”. I’m Chief Attitude Officer for Strong Confident Living and I bring that attitude coaching into every workout I deliver. Read more>>

Brian Berman | Artist for Peace

I consider myself and artist for peace. I create sculptures which inspire peace and unity. In 2013, I created a sculpture that I titled HOLOS, which symbolized to me, our Unity with all our diversities. I could see the design representing a three dimensional peace symbol. I then had the vision of creating cities of peace with my design as the symbol for our One Humanity. I approached my friends here in Ojai and asked them if they would join me in this vision. We found out about an organization called International Cities of Peace, so we applied and were designated the 99th International City of Peace. A few months later, our City Council issued a proclamation of the same. I began to mentor other friends in other cities to take up this vision and become ambassadors for peace. Read more>>

Jesyka Harris and Rhiannon Dourado | Co-Founders

Cause Together was created to make it a very turn-key experience for anyone to bring more social good into their community. With in-person fundraising events currently cancelled due to the pandemic, nonprofits across all areas need our support now more than ever. Additionally, many people want to support social causes, but it can be time-consuming and difficult to figure out which nonprofits are a fit. It’s even harder to figure out how to share on social media, with community and with friends & family. Cause Together, fully launching in the Spring of 2021, helps vetted nonprofits gain more visibility by providing marketing support that they cannot otherwise afford. Nonprofits can apply to join our vetted, searchable list of organizations. Read more>>