To preserver or to pivot is a question that do-ers have been asking themselves since the beginning of time.  It’s never a straight road when you are doing something new, blazing a trail, breaking a ceiling, or pushing boundaries, so it’s only natural to wonder whether to give up midway.  How do you know whether to keep going or to give up?

Christine Marie Billones | Content Creator

I think, in terms of personal growth, giving up is never an option. It’s more of knowing when you need to rest and recharge. In projects, if you feel like what you’re working towards doesn’t align with your values, it’s ok to walk away. Read more>>

Shemaiah Monique Jones | Entrepreneur, Speaker, Startup Business Coach & Mentor

I’ve personally been at this particular crossroads in my life more than I would’ve liked to be. I have personally always lived by the mantra “giving up is not an option”….However, I’ve had to make decisions that resulted in me simply walking away. Sadly, we’ve been told that giving up equates to being defeated, which in some cases are true. However, in most cases, it is necessary. I often mentor and coach with women (specifically) and we have this conversation of when “giving up” is in fact an option. Read more>>

Mark Aquino | Photographer

We all have different experiences and decisions to make by that continue doing something we love or very important to make the right decision to keep going and not to give up. Knowing to choose whether to keep going or to give up is to look into your past experience and know how you feel about them if you think it’s not important by doing it and it’s just a waste of time, its time for you to make the decision to stop and let it go and go with your most priority that’s will make you happy. Read more>>

Kelly O’Malley | Producer & Actress

I love this question. As a person who struggles with depression, I often consider the possible futility of what I’m doing. Is it worth it? Is it enough? What impact is my organization actually having? I think in these moments of doubt it’s important to step away from the overwhelming big picture and reflect on smaller individual moments of success. I run a non-profit that uses the arts for suicide prevention. And one of the central truths surrounding this cause is its inevitable imperfection. We can never fully prevent suicide. Strategies can be spread; community can be fostered; but certain choices will forever lie beyond our control. Read more>>

Eli Sickle | Nerdy Tattoo Maker

I think it comes down to being stubborn. My philosophy has always been to make the things that I like myself and believe that what I like is in good taste. Without that foundation I wouldn’t have confidence because its rare to get positive reinforcement immediately. I feel that if you keep hitting the same spot, eventually you break through! The trick is to keep hitting even when it looks like nothing is happening, at least I hope that’s the case. How you arrive at that decision is less important in my opinion, you can be mad, stubborn, defiant or feed off the love of the people that support you, but keep grinding fam. Read more>>

Molly Nourmand, LMFT | Perinatal Psychotherapist

As a postpartum depression survivor, I feel called to give back to new moms. I had a clear vision to create something that I wish that I had had after the birth of my daughter—a place to have honest conversations about the metamorphosis of becoming a mother. From there Life After Birth™ was born. As a psychotherapist and yogini, the focus of my postpartum support circle is on the mother’s emotional and social needs with a through line of mindfulness. It gives women a sense of community and a place to process their initiation into motherhood. When I first started my circle—no one came. I had heard that groups could be hard to start and sustain, but that did not discourage me. Read more>>

Wandalese Miranda | Actor & Writer

Growing up I was taught to never give up. The one quality I always listed on college and job applications was “determined” and during interviews I proudly declared my perseverance when accomplishing goals. Persistence is essential when working towards goals and dreams and the struggle to keep going has made me a stronger person, but this stubborn quality has also proven to be a detriment. For me, giving up meant defeat and that was something I never wanted to know even when it cost me myself. I wasted so much time pushing to keep going when I should’ve given up. Read more>>

Jane Owen | Publicist

Keeping going and not giving up is basically the mantra of the publicist. Perhaps not all publicists, but definitely in my life and my experience. It’s especially important when representing a new client that no one has ever heard of. I always tell my staff that they will get way more No responses than Yes. In fact I tell them to think of every No we aren’t interested as one step closer to Yes we are! I always say that we don’t know how many No’s we have to hear before we get a Yes so not to be disheartened, eventually it will be a Yes as long as we don’t give up too soon! Read more>>

Emily Aguilar | Film Director

I face this question often with my creative projects. My projects can take years to complete; and sometimes, my mind ponders, “It would be so much easier to just give up, wouldn’t it? To just stop what I’m doing and relax…” As we know, life can get overwhelming. When this question pops up in my brain regarding projects or endeavors in life; first, I think about the reasons why I chose to create or start my endeavor in the first place. I ask myself, “Did I chose it for fun, family, money, etc.?” Second, I think about if the reasons I stated above from the first question still matter and resonate with me. Read more>>

Kristen Wallis | Artist Manager

When it comes to professional endeavors it can be extremely difficult to know when to “give up” or keep truckin’ through the dark waters when they rise. Thats only made more difficult when you’re cradling something that you see as your passion project or dream career. How do I decide? Well in the current times we are in dealing with Covid-19 this question stood out to me. I currently work freelance in The entertainment industry as an Artist Manager for talent ranging from indie R&B to Electronic music. This virus really threw our entire industry off its axil. Read more>>

Hannah Ureste | Artist & Musician

In my eyes no one should ever give up their goals and dreams. I speak about this topic to my friends and family all the time. This may seem tough at times because we get too sucked into society and everyone’s opinions an views on what WE choose to do. In order to fight past all the toxic people and noise we need to find our purpose with what we are creating. For example my music! I know not everyone is going to like what I create but that is okay! But what I’m creating is making someone happy out there in this world, what I’m creating is helping people relax and take a breath from the real world. Read more>>

Prymrose Burgos | Boss Lady & Boxing Gym Owner

Considering the current situation we’re all facing these last few months. This question has been weighing a bit heavier on my mind. How to know whether to keep going? I know I don’t want to give up, but it’s the easiest route to take right now. Problem solved! I was not raised to be a quitter. So I go back where it all started. It’s May 4, and it’s the gym’s 2nd year anniversary. The gym is empty and quiet. It brings tears to my face, and saddens me that it could end just like that. I blast music, and I workout! It has always been a safe haven for me, and so I begin to let go of all bad feelings. Read more>>