There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Ashley J. Long | Supervising Director of Animated Content

I’m often assumed to be a big risk taker because I wear bold fashion and have no problem telling people what I think. What people forget is that “risk” is not always the same thing as spontaneous, carefree, or dangerous. The truth is I’m big on planning ahead, punctuality, attention to detail; all that left brained stuff people don’t expect of artists. The career risks I take might be ballsy, but each one is weighed carefully. Embracing calculated risk is what’s gotten me to the top of my field. When I supervise a show, I approach it like a strategist. I ask myself what combination of people and tasks vs. our schedule will produce the best results, while also giving crew predictability, respect, and allowing a person to shine at what they do best. Read more>>

Matthew Levy | Rock Climber

This is a great question for a rock climber because risk management is a huge part of our sport. Climbing is inherently dangerous and nerve-racking which may skew personal perceptions of what is a reasonable risk to take and what is irresponsible for our personal well-being. When we pick a climb that is out of our comfort zone or difficulty level (called a project climb) we have to take a lot of things into consideration. For example, what percentage of the intimidation we feel when considering these projects is rational and what percentage of it can and should be turned off to safely push our limits. I personally look for clean falls, difficult movement and safe protection in the rock as a way of securing a baseline for what is a responsible risk to take. Read more>>

Corry Williams | Lead Editor & Co-Owner of Action Studios

Taking risks means everything when it comes to editing, let alone starting a business. If you’re not willing to step outside of the boundaries and expectations of what others require out of you, you’ll only ever exceed to be average. In terms of editing, you can be used as a tool and do what you’re told verbatim by delivering the client exactly what they requested. Or you could be used as a creative engine and try to elevate the project to be exactly what they envisioned and more. In my experience, I’ve always tried my best to do the later and have found that I leave a much stronger positive impression on my clients that consistently leads to more work. Read more>>

Nicole Kirkland | Choreographer and Creator

Any successful person or business takes risk at some point. Taking a risk usually means doing something that hasn’t been done before, which means no one knows if it will work. No ground-breaking ideas, businesses, or art were created by staying safe, doing what everyone else is doing, and-or following the crowd. Risk doesn’t always mean success, sometimes it can mean failure, but even failure is temporary if you keep going. Read more>>

Charisma Collins | Entrepreneur

I think taking Risks is an important part of life. When you take risk you are doing something that other people are afraid to do whether it be trying new things, talking to somebody new, or just being yourself. A roll fat taking with played in my life was me starting a business at 15. It has inspired people around me because I took the risk. Of course I was afraid of what people would think of me and how they would see me but in the end I helped more people because of what I did and I’m glad I took the rest today. Read more>>

Marcedes Carroll | Singer-Songwriter, Performer, Recording Artist

I believe taking risks are necessary for success in any field. Of course there should be assessment of the pros and cons; what the negative outcome could truly be. When deciding to pursue music full-time, I was very worried about the possibility of finding myself unsuccessful and back in a 9 to 5 grind. The truth I tended to find was, because I was passionate about music, it was easier to chase down the opportunities and knowledge to find accomplishment. Of course it has not been simple and their are many moments of failure that I have had to pick myself back up and learn from. Read more>>

Chelsea Gonzalez | Director, Writer, Actor

The phrase “take more risks” seems to be thrown around so often, especially in creative careers. I’ve had so many general meetings where the person there to give me advice has said “You just gotta go for it. Take more risks.” Or “You know how so-and-such succeeded? They took risks.” What the heck does that even mean? It’s so general that it makes me feel like I am going to be a complete failure if I don’t take these magical ‘risks’ everyone talks about. In truth, I find that taking a risk just for the sake of taking a risk, doesn’t work. Read more>>

Lindsay Stovall | Artist Name: G.Smith – Musician, Visual Artist

Something inside of me from a very young age decided that rules were just suggestions (for better or for worse). I was always creative as a kid, and my parents decided to enroll me in different creative classes outside of school. I took technical art classes and writing classes and I always got worse grades for not fully following the assignment guidelines. I tended to let my imagination run with wherever it wanted to go, and if I thought it was a worthwhile tangent, I’d follow it. As I’ve grown and nourished many creative paths, somewhere along the way I actively adopted the philosophy that I never wanted to learn too much on the technical side of creating art. Read more>>

Lola Marie | Owner and Baker of Chocolate and the Chip

My senior quote comes to mind when I’m asked about risk taking which was “Failure is the test of true greatness.” I’ve failed a lot but I don’t necessarily consider any of it actual failure. It’s either steered me in a new direction or allowed me to sharpen my focus and see whatever it is I’m doing in a new light. I feel like everything I’ve chosen to do in my life has been a risk in one way or another. Wether I’m being a full time singer songwriter or now running my own chocolate chip cookie business, I’m constantly taking risks creatively and financially at every single turn all with the mindset that I have no idea what I’m doing. Read more>>

Harry SJ Metellus (Met) | Creative Director/Owner of hsjmet, LLC

I consider risk to be the essence of being and essential to any part of growth and direction in life. It kinda sorta plays an integral part alongside of moving in faith. When risks are properly calculated and given a fair amount of consideration, it should serve more as a dashboard rather than a deterrent. Creativity in every sense of the word is risk taking – every aspect of formulating something/anything with your imaginative faculties and transposing it into a tangible thing on either; canvas, paper or what have you and presenting it to the world is risk. Read more>>

Charlene Lanzel | Sand Animation Artist

I would not have my career as a sand artist if I was afraid to take a risk. Fear holds us back from success. You accomplish in proportion to what you attempt. So, if you attempt nothing, you will get that or less. If you attempt a lot, you will probably get something in return. I took a big risk in my art career to attempt sand animation. I like to stay on the cutting edge. A step ahead of the crowd. I heard a rumor that sand animation was becoming desirable for events, but there were a shortage of artists who could actually do it. It is a very advanced art form, much like ice skating. It looks easy when its done well, but is actually extremely difficult to accomplish. Read more>>

Sue Zen Chew | Actor & Graphic Designer

I left a secure full-time job at a film production company about five years ago with no plan, and that was a huge risk. For the most part, I’m a largely risk-averse person. However, when it came down to what I could see myself doing for the rest of my life, it made sense that I felt the risks involved in pursuing an acting career was worth it. It took me awhile to gather the courage to fully dive into acting, and though there have been small wins here and there, that risk hasn’t paid off in the way or in the timeline I expected it to. In that sense, every day I choose to keep pursuing this career is a risk, and every investment I put into my career is a risk, because I never know if it’s going to pay off. Read more>>

Fabiola Segovia | Certified Professional Business & Life Coach

I wouldn’t be where I am today had I not taken many risks in my life. To me, life is a series of moments where we can be complacent where we are OR do something about changing our current reality. A lot of times that means taking risks in hopes of a better outcome for yourself. Risk is doing something that’s out of your comfort zone. It takes courage and inner strength to complete the risk gracefully. I’ve taken many risks in my personal and professional life that were scary to me at the moment, but later on, were nothing to me. I wouldn’t have been able to work through everything without the support of my loved ones along my journey! Being around the right people is essential as well. The more you want to upgrade your life, the high level of risks you’ll find. Read more>>

Becca Beberaggi | Writer/Director/Performer/Musician/Visual Artist

As a creative, I’ve needed to pivot and gain different skills to survive. I’ve been forced to accept my limitations and what is needed to get further in my career. What I mean by this is that I have financially made sacrifices for the sake of projects that I create in order to build a marketable portfolio. When I’ve produced my films I’ll finance it myself (a completely different skill than writing or directing) which digs into my pocket preventing me from living life at times. My world has revolved around work (which isn’t great at times) and I’ve learned that making it a priority both hurts but works. My risk is that I have let myself be so vulnerable financially for the sake of my art and wearing many hats is the route I have to take at this time. It’s both rewarding and necessary. Read more>>

Jen Dessinger Dessinger | Photographer/ Filmmaker

I think taking risks is a necessary part of the process, especially in the creative realm. It’s not ever comfortable but it’s usually the space where the magic happens, it’s where you evolve or up level or discover something new. I try and at least do one thing a day that scares me and am always glad that I did. Read more>>

Monica Nordlin | Fashion Model & Yoga Instructor

I think taking calculated risks is necessary in life. I have taken a lof of risks in my life and career, some of them turned out to be great and some risks I should have avoided taking. You never know where life will take you but I belive we should venture out of our comfort zone, explore, experience and live life. I would not be where I am today if I would not have taken any risks Read more>>

Samantha Miller | Actor & Writer

For me, risk taking is the only way to grow. As an actor, I’ve been trained in “taking risks” on stage and allowing choices to fail in order to find a better way into the moment. As a playwright, it’s a huge risk to put what I know from life onto paper and ask other people to express it. But it’s also pretty risky to decide to pursue art as a career in the first place. I think that showing up to Los Angeles with no money or friends was just as much of a risk as it was for me to go against my parents wishes of pursuing a more stable line of work. With that said, the connotation that risk equals fear does not stand true for me. Read more>>

Alisha Michelle | Owner & Creator of NPTressTreats

I have never been much of a “risk taker”. Every move I make in life is a “calculated risk”, a safe move. People often ask me about the risk I took starting NPTressTreats and to be honest there were not too many risks involved. The biggest risk was failure. No one wants to fail. But one thing I have learned in life, in my career, and with my goals is that you have to take risk to grow. I found that when you do not want to take risk you may not be living to your fullest potential and may be missing out on opportunities. I have seen people not willing to take any risk and so opportunities have passed them by. They never went back to school, they never started that business, they never went on that date, and so on. Read more>>

Rachel Romero | SVP of Marketing, Critical Role

I consider risk to be one of the most beautiful and important things in my professional life and I can honestly say that I would have a much different reality if I didn’t take some pretty huge swings early on in my career. When I moved to Los Angeles, I knew about four people and didn’t really have a solid job lined up at all (and only a few months guaranteed remote work). I had no idea what I was really going to do and wasn’t even sure what I wanted to do. But, it was worth the risk for me to make a move, shake up my live and my environment, and challenge myself to find new ways and new areas to thrive. I welcome the opportunity to take risks, always, even if I’m not comfortable at the moment with taking a big leap. Read more>>

JJ Harris | Filmmaker and Photographer

Before I started my career as a filmmaker and photographer, I was sitting comfortable in a 9-5 with a 401k and a livable salary. But I was young and knew there was more out there for me if I was willing to take a risk. So I sold most of my belongings, left my job and moved to California. It turns out this wasn’t even my biggest risk in the long run, but prepared me to be open to taking more and more risks which eventually lead to more success in the industry. Read more>>

Chris Puglisi | Founder, Moto Fabrica

I view risk as necessary for growth. Being comfortable is easy, but it doesn’t push you out of your comfort zone, which is where true growth happens – both personally & professionally. I’ve never been afraid to try new things and make mistakes. I’ve always felt that the best way to grow is through experimentation and practice. Learning from each experiment, and refining my approach to get better and better each time. I think that the idea of “failing” at something is what holds people back from trying new things most of the time, but until you can change your vision of “failure”, and see it more as “experimenting” or “learning”, you’ll be held back from reaching your true potential. Read more>>

Emily Lim | Chef-owner of Dabao Singapore

Risk. Risk or recklessness? What is life without them? They’re the only way I’ve propelled myself forward. About 10 years ago, I had pivoted from doing marketing and mass communications to diving into a completely unrelated field. I pursued a degree in Culinary Arts Management in the school of Culinary Institute of America in Singapore, knowing that I was going into an industry that is male-dominated, grueling, and mentally and physically strenuous. My friends thought that I was crazy. Read more>>

Debra Ann | Artist

The entire decision making process of starting your own business — particularly as an artist — is risky. There are no guarantees you will make enough to even pay the bills, let alone really be successful. Artists have a precarious balance. On one hand many artists, myself absolutely included, find it difficult to do anything else. The prospect of going to a 9 to 5 job was always untenable. Early on though, of course, I had no choice but to work outside jobs, jobs I hated in the insurance industry in the midwest as a typist or file clerk. Once I moved to San Francisco in 1990 I found myself pretty much unemployable. Read more>>

Timmery Turner | Artist

I love love love the topic of “Risk”. Many great and successful people have said that, “Without risk there is no reward”, and I fully believe this to be true. Every success in my life and in business came from throwing caution to the wind and jumping in feet first with the belief that there would be a safety net to catch me, and there always was. The beautiful thing about taking big risks is there is always something to be learned from the experience. You may not have acquired the desired outcome, but you will always gain growth & knowledge, which will become an integral part of your journey and act as the stepping stones to your ultimate success. You risk it all to have it all. Read more>>

Phoebe Silva | Artist, Music Maker, Educator

So, I have a long time history of taking wildly un-calculated risks in all areas of my personal life as well as career. Not to get too LA about it, but I’m a pretty restless textbook Sagittarius and tend to leap before I look whenever I have an exciting whim. I’ve moved to brand new cities on a whim with no savings and no plan more than once, I’ve quit jobs without a backup plan, I’ve thrown myself headfirst into any number of career opportunities without really thinking about it. This might make me sound fearless but I definitely have felt terrified most of my life and have just learned how to barrel through the fear. I’m not sure that’s a great MO truthfully: I’ve struggled financially and emotionally most of my life. Read more>>

Wesley Amorim | Guitarist, Arranger and Composer

I think risk as an alternative route that might have challenging obstacles but also that takes us to places that we wouldn’t arrive otherwise. Leaving our comfort zone can be uncomfortable but also teach us different ways to resolve a problem and also be resilient. Being a musician make me take somes paths that people would call risks. It’s hard to some people to understand that art is as important as another jobs. Maybe because it relates passion, pleasure, exposure, etc. Like other jobs like athletes, models, etc. Read more>>

Gabrielle Santiago | Interior Designer + Feng Shui Expert

I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking risks. Those risks are the reasons I have the career I have today. I also think because I was fortunate enough to discover my career path early on I was able to take more risks because when you’re young you have nothing to lose especially when you’re carving the path as you go. Launching a company is a whole lot of trial and error. I try to push the boundaries with risk everyday whether it be design related or in my own life. I believe true growth happens when you’re truly uncomfortable. Taking a risk is necessary when you want to follow a career path that is unconventional. There is no one way street to success when you’re in a creative industry. No one size fits all. Take the risk! There’s always something to jump towards. Read more>>

Seeking Solace | Motivational Speaker & Philanthropist

Eye have always been an outgoing, personable and independent. Risk taking as eye sit back and reflect is in a way the foundation of my wisdom walk. A wisdom walk is what eye refer to as my life journey, as every step we take we learn something. Being from the city Boston, Ma to be specific every new day brings a new challenge. Realistically wherever you are, we wake up every day to an arrow. You can take the path of opportunity, distraction or addiction which will you take? I have always been ok with adapting to new habitats. Moving to Vegas after three days did being in the vacation was the sacrifice I made to pave the way to my career today. Finding Peace in the land of chaos aka “the entertainment capital of the world”. Influenced the foundation of the creation of Solace whom eye am today. Read more>>

Alain Emile | Film & Media Composer // Creative Director

Risk for me is directly tied to my age and that is something I have to continuously work on. I need to remind myself how the risks I took when I was younger are what made me. Not just career wise but as a person. It’s very easy for me to hide behind my age when considering similar moves. In my early 20s I dropped out of music school, moved out of Puerto Rico with a half assed plan, and moved to NYC with no money. That forced me to work incredibly hard to learn and start a career and improvise when things didn’t work out. Now, while pursuing music again, I find myself scared of similar risks. Thinking at this age they have stronger repercussions if I fail. That’s when I have to look back almost 20 years and kick my own ass into gear. Read more>>

Alisa Pospekhova | Entrepreneur, CEO and Herbalist

Fear of risk and fear of failure is what commonly holds people back from pursing their passions and entrepreneurial ideas, but at one point, a friend of mine mentioned that I was really taking a “bet on myself” and for some reason that thinking really stuck with me and that is how I continue to think about driving and growing my business. When you stop thinking of risk as a factor of some external forces that are either helping or not helping you succeed and you start thinking about it in terms of belief in yourself and your own abilities to effect the outcome, it empowers you take on the unknown in a much more confident and calculated manner. Read more>>

Devany Greenwood | Director & Producer

Personally, risk taking is everything. People play life too cautiously and that’s why we see so many crushed spirits, trapped in an endless cycle of missed opportunities. I think we focus too much on the fear of failure rather than the lessons we learn along the way. I’ve taken many risks and have fallen down many times but I can honestly say, even with the worst of them, I don’t regret a single thing. Every risk I took led me to the place I’m in today. I’d say risks play a huge role in my life, as someone who has adopted a “lead with your heart” way of living. I always knew I wanted to be a filmmaker but allowed so much external pessimism and fear to dissuade me from following my dreams. Read more>>

Ishita Mili | Director & Choreographer

I hate it when celebrities say “Just follow your dreams!” The notion of dropping everything you’re doing for whatever you “love”. I understand the sentiment, but I think we’re in a culture where it’s go ALL in or you didn’t go at all. I believe in risk strategy. I think its good to have back up plans, especially if a big risk might not pan out. Because no matter how goddamn talented you are, there are so many factors that come into play for success. And the more you know about those factors, the better off you are at managing risk. My outlook is largely influenced by how I was raised. My immigrant parents were making making calculations on me left right up back center. Read more>>

Taj Shareef | Screenwriter/Producer/VO Artist

I am a planner. I like to think about everything I can at least 4 steps ahead and yet somehow plans still get derailed. I think I’m not the adventurous type, but I understand (or have learned) the value of calculated risk. To sharpen the tools as much as possible, and to learn some fluidity because there just isn’t a truly linear path to be found anywhere. In context, working a 9-5 isn’t less risky than working in creative. It’s a familiar model, but companies go through mergers and downsize and economies tumble. Read more>>

Ebony Belser | Ceo, designer/creator & creative director

People hear “risk” and may become fearful, but I honestly believe that a lot of our greatest accomplishments come from taking risk. Whether that be going to school to be a Dr. or the next Oprah Winfrey, you will have to take some kind of risk along your journey to get there. Taking risks got me where I am now regarding my brand/business. Quitting jobs, putting certain goals on the back burner, traveling to places I’ve never been before, all came from me taking risks and if I didn’t take the risk of doing all these things, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Read more>>

Tez Lamont | Tracking / Mix Engineer & Producer

I think about risks as being an essential part in life. In order to achieve many of life’s goals risks are to be taken as long as the odds seem to be more in favor of success. A few years ago, after much deliberation, I decided to stop living for others so that I could finally start living for myself. Prior to my decision, I had been working retail while simultaneously attending The University of Houston as a Supply Chain Management major. During that time in my life, I knew that abruptly changing the system that I had been accustomed to would be detrimental to myself and others that cared for well-being. However, I inherently knew I would never be able to pardon myself for continuing to allow outside influences to dictate my fate. I took the risk of abandoning all that I had and knew to pursue my passion. In hindsight, I can confidently say that I made the right decision. Read more>>

Chandra Ingram | Author and Journalist

“Chandra, Run!” The brick factory spun in circles, as dust plunged into the humid air, and I choked on its debris. Drenched in relentless sweat, I sprinted for my life across unstable cobblestones molded by the slaves I had met, escaping mere moments before the slave owners’ back up arrived. His chilling threats echoed in the near distance, as I jumped into my temporary refuge: the swerving van coming to my rescue. Instead of paralyzing fear, I felt a curious and growing excitement. I clenched my iPad, filled with the 65 intimate interviews of current and former slaves, and felt a keen sense of empowerment and purpose. These slave masters could chase and threaten me, but they couldn’t kill my determination. Read more>>

Andrew Rawls | Entrepreneur & Crafter

This is a tricky question for me because I recognize that I grew up with tremendous privilege. This has allowed me to take significant risks throughout my life without the fear of catastrophic failure. From studying abroad in Europe during high school when I knew no one on the content to doing the same thing in college, to moving to Washington, D.C. when I was a born and raised California kid to starting my first business in 2014 to opening up my third during a pandemic, I haven’t really failed (yet…). This has allowed me to take bold risks, but more importantly it has inspired me to make sure that I create an environment around me where others can take bold risks as well! I have always had a net appear when I left, and I hope to be able to be that net for others, the way my friends and family have always been that net for me. Read more>>

Shawn Barber | Artist, Tattooist, Educator

I think that it’s important for any creative person to take chances on pursuing their goals. Believing in oneself and the pursuit of advancement in your career, for me, has been the driving force of my life experience. Read more>>

Isabel Beavers | Artist + Creative Producer

Risk is a central driver of my creative process and practice. I utilize risk to push past boundaries and maintain forward momentum. If something scares me, I think it is probably worth doing. This comes up both in my personal artistic practice, as well as my work with SUPERCOLLIDER. Big risks present big payoffs. I can think of most pivotal points in my life and career thus far, and they all focused around a risky decision: making a career shift from environmental conservation to artistic practice; making a cross-country move after graduating from my MFA program (Boston to LA), and, most recently, deciding to leave a comfortable job to launch full time into my own artistic practice and building SUPERCOLLIDER. Read more>>

Shaunna Heckman | Singer/Producer

Taking risks has not been something I’ve typically done. I’m a very organized person and I tend to like to see the situation played out in my mind before I engage, knowing what to expect along the way. This all changed for me last spring as the pandemic hit. My life completely changed and the biggest risk I took was believing and trusting in myself to take the steps necessary to move forward with the life I wanted. I started doing things for myself, trusting that my choices were to better my life and career goals. I took the leaps to get this in motion, not knowing how I was going to land. Leaps I had wanted to take long ago. I applied to the Berklee College of Music, promising myself that if I got in I was going to commit and not let the financial risk scare me away. Read more>>

Daniela Celi | Fitness Instructor & Co-Founder of Fuego Fitness

We can either live in fear and doubt, allowing our insecurities and resistance to push us into complacency, or we can face those fears with a deeper desire and a fire inside that is more powerful than any obstacle thrown our way. Taking risks comes with hard work, and sometimes results in mistakes, but it can be worth it as long as you have the will to push towards your goals. Taking risks has gotten me to where I am today, so I’d say the role it’s played in my life has been pivotal, and I am so grateful for the risks I’ve taken thus far. I moved from NYC to LA to start a new life away from family, friends, and everything familiar to me. It was one of the scariest, yet most essential things I’d ever done, because it was my chance to shove all fears aside and pursue my dreams. Read more>>

Viviana Vigil | TV Host/Producer

are terrifying, taking that big leap is one of the scariest things to do. Yet, as I look back on my life, all my growth and success came from taking risks. I recognize that, for me, risks are a necessary part of my own evolution. After I graduated college, I stepped out in the world and became a children’s social worker for LA County. It was a very tough job and one of the most crucial requirements was to always be assessing risk in every circumstances. In that position decisions were life and death in some cases. It taught me that it’s not only about taking risks, you’ve got to keep you eyes open and really make decisions based on as much information as you can gather. An informed risk is the safest risk to take. Read more>>

Samantha Jackson | Writer & Creative Consultant

I think the concept of risk could be redefined to support a more positive understanding of how important risk is to each of our individual successes. I’d even go as far as saying that failure is more important than success. It seems to be that the fear of ‘something bad happening’ often stears us away from moving in the direction we want to go, where we really want to be. I sacrifice my happiness when I rest in the familiarity of fear of not knowing, even if change is the only thing I truly desire. Living authentically takes courage and the greatest amount of risk, but yields life’s greatest pleasures. So for me, risk’s role in my life has played out more like a role model than a dead-end friend. I’ve moved countries (twice), changed my career (every three years) and have always trusted my gut. The biggest risk was accepting that my path was never going to parallel those who’d gone before me. So, perhaps risk taking is just misunderstood for what is actually the key to living out our dreams. Read more>>

Tanaya Winder | Poet, Singer/Songwriter, Motivational Speaker, & Educator

I believe healthy risks are necessary if you want to grow. Growth comes when you’re pushed to new limit and beyond your comfort zone. It’s taking a chance on something you have a strong passion or desire for. Any time you put yourself out there in a genuine way, it’s vulnerable; to me, that is a risk. I believe I’ve taken calculated risks my entire life. When I decided to leave my small town to go to Stanford, I took a risk. When I decided to abandon my dreams of becoming a lawyer so I could pursue creative writing, I took a risk. When I took a break from my graduate program to take on a new job opportunity, I took a risk. But, all of those risks required different kinds of sacrifices and had different types of rewards. Each of those choices led me here. Today, I’m a Stanford graduate and a MFA graduate. I successfully ran an Upward Bound program for many years and was able to impact a lot of people. I’ll always be grateful for the risks I took. Read more>>

Cheri Moon of SNOOKNUK | Recording Artist & Founder of SNOOKNUK

Taking Risks has been a huge part of my Evolution as an Artist, Businessowner, Mother, and as a WOMAN! Since I was a young girl, I always had the audacity to put myself out there. I wanted to sing, so I entered talent competitions, I loved performing so I would join theatre clubs and put together shows, I loved spelling bees so I competed. This continued with me wanting to move to NYC right from college having no family there or anyone. I just visited for a few days and knew that that is where I was meant to be and in a matter of weeks, I moved. Scary move but I had faith and went with my true instincts. Over the course of my years there, I always kept an open mind and would follow any leads I would get. In that city, you run into so many people and one encounter would lead to another or as I say an opportunity. Read more>>

Katy Pritchett | Photographer and Videographer

About 4 years ago I started a small production company called Production Vagabond. I take brands down to Mexico to create unique content that they otherwise wouldn’t get in LA. It blends my love for traveling, photography and fashion. Producing and shooting these jobs is a challenge and always so rewarding. You really can do anything you put your mind to. I plan to expand my destinations for Production Vagabond once the world opens up again. Read more>>