We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Fly Zyah | Emcee and Creative

I feel that I help my community and the world in different ways. I feel that I help my community by speaking about things that are going in our community and making others aware of it. I feel like I also help my community by letting the people in my community know that they have to keep looking forward, keep your head to the sky and everything will be alright. I think I help the world by spreading a positive message to be heard around the world. There are so many bad things happening, that I feel like we could use something positive. Read more>>

Leslie Powell | Songwriter & Artist

I believe that music is the one thing in the world that can bring people together. It transcends language, gender, race, ethnicity and age. Whether you can understand the lyrics or not, music makes you FEEL and can pull any and every emotion out of you. Music brings JOY to so many people by bringing them together for concerts, evoking distant memories, making them want to get up and dance, encouraging them, or letting them know they are not alone during hard times. I believe music can heal this world and unite people. I want to be part of that change, one song at a time. Read more>>

Taryn Newton-Gill | Love Guide & Attachment Coach

Short version: My business helps people create secure, lasting love both within themselves and in relationship. Long version: I started my business, Truer Love, because I realized there was so much internal confusion around love. What is love? What does it mean to be attracted to someone? What’s a healthy way of expressing ourselves, and what’s not so healthy? We have tons of places to meet people these days in our global, interconnected world, but people are still struggling with love. What this says to me is that just having places to meet people, whether on the dating apps, at a speed dating event, or because your neighbor’s friend’s cousin set you up, is not enough. Read more>>

Gillian Driscoll | Digital Marketer + Social Media Strategist

Whether it’s a song that lifts your spirits or a story that inspires you, I seek out projects that leave a positive imprint. Supporting the creative and artistic community is a large passion of mine. I’ve worked with so many talented musicians and creators in helping them be heard on a larger scale through digital marketing, social media, and in-person opportunities. Read more>>

Clarissa Gastelum | Founder of New Palm Collection & Co-Owner of Limitless Studios

New Palm Collection is a fashion brand that gives back to foster kids in the Inland Empire and surrounding counties. Since the launch in 2017 New Palm has given back to over 1,000 foster kids. We have annual Christmas toy drives and have donated back to school items, clothes, toys and gifts to current and emancipated foster youth in need. We have brought the community together to hand-make over 300 blankets for foster youth and have hosted a Fostercare awareness dinner this June in celebration of foster care awareness month which, is every May. Our goal is to bring awareness to the needs of local foster youth and to connect foster youth to local organizations.Together with, local churches and organizations New Palm is meeting the needs of foster kids in our community. Read more>>

Malena Lloyd | Influencer & Business Owner of Disco Social Media

When it comes to social media, there’s a very fine line between toxic and healing…and social media CAN be healing! I believe that line is determined by those behind the platforms, and us as consumers. With my company, Disco Social, I do everything with intention. Whether you’re a brand or influencer, sometimes you can’t avoid playing the social media “game,” but innovation and authenticity is so important with what I do. I love working with clients who have passion for what they do and truly deserve to be seen. The digital space is saturated with big brands. Read more>>

Ebony Ford | CEO, Miracle Mamas

Miracle Mamas LLC is a diversity & inclusion firm that provides •guidance to hospitals and organizations seeking to making a greater impact within the maternal health crisis •mentoring to individuals impacted by premature birth, birth injuries, traumatic births as well as •resources to the families of the premature, disabled and medically fragile ensuring their physical, developmental, social and emotional needs are met & exceeded. Read more>>