We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Danielle Burgio | Jewelry Designer

I’m fascinated by the power of crystals and have found that in a world of chaos they can be a wonderful tool to help ground ourselves and raise our vibration. I’m very particular about the stones I choose. I also have a ritual that clears and charges them before they leave my hands. I see the world as energy and it’s always been important that I put out good vibes. And that really was the inspiration to start making high vibrational jewelry at SoulshineLA. I recently started incorporating copper because of it’s amazing qualities. Read more>>

Kym Nicole Oubre | Cosmetologist, Makeup Artist & Author

Your image and/or likeness is the first thing people see when you appear in any form; a photo, social media, television, in the flesh. Beautiful things can awaken our other senses because we tend to fixate on what we consider appealing. The way you look can shape the way you feel or believe and the what you believe usually influences what you give the world. I’m in the business of beauty; building confidence and esteem, making sure you always present your best visual self to the world. When you look good on the outside, you cant help but to feel good on the inside. Read more>>

Jacquie Jordan | Two-Time Emmy Nominated TV Producer, Three-Time Author & New York Times Bestselling Publisher

Applying the same philosophy across all commUnity services – what resources does one business have that they can share with another business owner? At TVGuestpert, where we work with the highest expression of a business owners messaging and then create and aggregate the media and marketing opportunities to get that refined message out into the world to audiences, followers, and customers that the business owner wouldn’t otherwise have. We get to all ask business owners what resources do you need and what resources can you share? Read more>>

Cindee Rood | Nonprofit Founder & Clean Water Activist

Formidable Joy is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Los Angeles. Our sole mission is to provide access to clean water in Malawi, Africa. Formidable Joy drills boreholes, repairs broken pumps, installs solar systems, manufactures tank stands, supplies water tanks, and distributes biosand filters all across Malawi, one the poorest countries in the world. Their circumstances may be poor, but the people of Malawi are rich in community, resilience, and joy! We have been very busy since we spoke with you two years ago. Back then we had completed 35 projects and provided 30,000 people with access to clean water. Read more>>

Newton Lee | Founder and President

Established in 2004, the Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships (IFERS) is an award-winning California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity organization dedicated to improving society by conducting scientific and social research. We believe in changing the world for the better through education, research, and scholarships. Our ultimate goal is to create a better world with lasting peace, prosperity, and universal rights for all. Read more>>

Kenneth Bank | Housing Developer

My business has been focused on the development of environment friendly and sustainable Affordable Housing for various populations who are in need. Housing is the single biggest cost to people living in the world today especially in large Urban areas such as Los Angeles, By creating and developing permanent supportive housing, low and moderate income housing, and housing for the homeless we are strengthening the communities which we develop in by providing a space where tenants can work close to where they live and contribute to the overall fabric of a city. Read more>>

Galina Richardson | Artist

As an artist, you always hope your art will make some kind of difference in this world. I think right now, when the world is overwhelmed with corona virus pandemic, creating art is more pertinent than ever. People are dying, people are suffering and people are scared. Art not just brings beauty and positivity, it gives us strength, it gives us hope, it reminds us of our humanity, importance of caring for each other. Just a week before California went on a lockdown, a local musician bought one of my paintings hanging at a wine bar downtown Ventura. Read more>>

Jude Abadi | Cinematographer & Camera Assistant

I always aim to work on film and TV projects that are equally inclusive above and below the line and on stories that reflect current issues, including their effects on various communities. While living in the Middle East, I dedicated a significant amount of time to working with refugees in Turkey and Lebanon. I filmed and photographed their lives, while holding various workshops for children with an NGO. Those photographs were exhibited and sold around the world, with 100% of profits going back directly to those children and their families. Read more>>

Joanna Gates | Life Artist, Expert – Educator & Coach

Aside from running sessions, classes and workshops as a teacher and Life Coach, I am an Advocate/Activist for Art & Education and have created a community outreach program. This outreach program is based on the principle interests of my business, designed to provide education about different ways to implement the use of Art ,as a process, into daily life and use it as a regular practice. Also, this educational outreach is meant to increase awareness about the benefits of using Art beyond a typical skill or trade and about how to use it as an exercise of Self-Expression. Read more>>

Gwynn Browne | Director

Our organization has provided a safe-haven for youth and the community to know that we are a place where they can come receive necessary resources for educational purposes, food insecurity needs, or for personal needs (a listening ear or direction to other resources that can better address their situations). We have also become a stable factor for outside communities to come and learn from us how we address the unique challenges of our community and be able to take their experiences back to their communities and have a different perspective in getting in touch with their individual communities. Read more>>