We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today.  Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Ginger Grant | Lover of the Healing Arts

Soul-hub is a tribe of spiritual people coming together in a spirit of non-judgment and support for women embarking on a journey of personal growth. We impact the community and the world at a heart level by creating an environment of love that invites transformation. We use the vehicles of drumming, music, song, dance, spiritual art, and healing workshops to aid in the journey of self-love, laughter, trust, and a daily practice for feeling good every day. Read more>>

Ricka Kelsch | Creator, Executive Director Dance & Dialogue

Dance and Dialogue is a program that was founded on the principles of equity and equality for all. We work with all demographics but particularly with those in the most at risk communities. We see that the breakdown in human connection is due to lack of cultural knowledge. We understand that our differences are our greatest strengths as it is our differences that bring so much color, culture and vibrancy to our communities through food, art and the sharing of traditions. Dance and Dialogue helps participants understand to not only accept others regardless if they live differently than they do but to embrace and celebrate those differences. We do this through the use of social emotional practices along with evidence based social skills to support better communication….and then we dance! Read more>>

Hannah Bernath | CEO, Founder & Bib Boss

From the beginning, I knew any business I started would be socially responsible and have a giving component. For the first year and a half we supported Girls Inc., an organization whose mission I really admire and resonate with. However, because most of our products relate to feeding and food insecurity is such a huge issue where we live in Brooklyn and across New York City that I decided to formally partner with City Harvest in the fall of 2019. Since then we have provided over 26,000 meals to kids in need across NYC though our 1 purchase = 1 meal program. Read more>>

Lashelle Ullie | LA Licensed Esthetician, Men’s Skin Health/Wellness Expert & Brow Groomer

Social Impact: How does your business help the community or the world? As an esthetician, I truly believe that when people look good and feel good, they really can do good in other aspects of their lives. I also believe in breaking down toxic masculinity, and one way I’ve been able to do that is through my skin care and grooming services. I am able to show men that self-care is self-respect, and that a good skin care routine isn’t just about vanity or being “feminine” — and there’s nothing wrong with embracing that aspect of themselves, either. I view what I do as part of a holistic hygiene and wellness regimen. We spend money on a good diet, the gym, and clothing — I help my clients see that things like facials and brow grooming aren’t just about “pampering,” and even so, they shouldn’t feel ashamed about treating themselves. Read more>>

Barbra Dillon | Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief

As both a comic book publisher and a geek culture website, Fanbase Press aims to give voice to the themes, ideals, and people that make geekdom so exceptional. By providing a safe space and a platform for individuals to share their stories through a variety of entertainment mediums, we hope to move our community forward and to share the stories that will resonate with and impact readers, viewers, and listeners around the globe. We truly believe that stories matter, as they allow us to examine the essentials of human existence, to understand ourselves better and to grow and/or heal, to pass on importance values, morals, knowledge, and lessons to the next generation, and to connect with one another through empathy and compassion. Read more>>

Nick Apostolides | Builder, Artist, Host & Actor

Seemingly all of my life I have gravitated towards connection. Connection with myself, my family, friends and even strangers alike. Interpersonal relationships account for an enormous source of my energy so it doesn’t surprise me that I aim to incorporate it into much of what I pursue as an adult – or it naturally finds its way in…. I began acting over a decade ago with the intention of positively affecting the way people thought about certain areas in their own lives. I was greatly moved by cinema growing up, and I wanted to serve as a vessel for a similar impact on others – to reach an audience I would likely never even meet. This evolved and the “plan” started to reveal itself. Fast forward 5-6 years when persistence presented me 2 opportunities within the industry that aligned perfectly with my path… Read more>>